#Preview: AAW Pro Presents The Final Stand

On Saturday, January 26th, AAW Pro Wrestling presents the Final Stand. This event is sure to be memorable as some notable events are taking place. What will help make it memorable is that it features the final independent appearances for both Trevor Lee and ACH? At the time of this writing, there is no listed match for Lee yet. Will he be booked in a one-on-one match? Or could he be inserted into a match already scheduled to take place this evening?

Another announced appearance is that of Maxwell Jacob Friedman. What part will he play this evening? He is a recent addition to the AEW roster, so could this be a case where the one born with a silver spoon in his mouth will lure talent away from AAW Pro? Regardless of what he will be doing, he is certain to create a stir with his appearance. Here is our preview for AAW Pro’s The Final Stand.

AAW Pro Heritage Championship

DJZ vs Myron Reed

Photo / AAWrestling.com

The most recent announced matchup is for the AAW Pro Heritage championship. DJZ’s profile and popularity have been rising all over North America, including in AAW Pro, and this match will likely be exactly what both he and Reed need. With a championship on the line, fans can be assured that all involved will be pushed to the limit.

Like DJZ, Myron Reed is rising in popularity and is clearly motivated to be the best. While winners and losers matter, it is also important to find out who has the biggest connection to the audience. Will it be DJZ that holds the AAW Pro Heritage championship in the immediate future, or will Reed carry it through 2019?

ACH vs. AR Fox

Photo / AAWrestling.com

In what has already been announced as ACH’s final match on the independent scene, he battles a man that is no stranger. AR Fox and ACH have faced each other before, but this will be their final stand. ACH and Fox have chemistry and it shows each time they face each other. They are also both gifted high flyers, so fans can anticipate a thrilling bout.

The match finish won’t likely matter, what will matter is just how far these men will push each other, especially considering it is their last match (at least for the foreseeable future). Where will this rank among all of the battles they have had with each other?

Jessicka Havok vs Kimber Lee

Photo / AAWrestling.com

Both of these women can go! There don’t pull any punches and are veterans of the ring. And when the opportunity for them to face each other presented itself, questions arose as to who will get the better of the other. Fans are familiar with these two women who have competed in two of the biggest promotions in the world, with Lee having previously been with WWE’s NXT promotion and Havok once being a part of Impact Wrestling.

Both women are now back on the independent circuit, and fans can anticipate them hitting one another with all that they have. One of the most interesting things to consider is, are these two women considered potential contenders for an AAW Pro Women’s championship? While the answer to this question remains in limbo, what isn’t in limbo is this insane matchup between these two, tremendous talents.

Lucha Bros vs. LAX

Photo / AAWrestling.com

When talent is familiar with one another, the result can only be a positive reaction for all involved. As soon as Rey Feniz, Penta El Zero M, Santana and Ortiz were announced to be facing one another, fans knew right away that they were going to be treated to a match that showcased two of the hottest teams in the business.

Both teams are former champions, so they know what it takes to be successful and come through when it matters the most. This matchup involves four men that are all an important part of Impact Wrestling, but on this night are taking one Final Stand. Will it indeed be one team’s final stand as a unit or their final stand in AAW Pro? Regardless, these men will once again create moments that fans won’t soon forget.

Rey Horus vs Trey Miguel

Photo / AAWrestling.com

If there is one match on this card that screams, blink you will miss it, it is this one. Both Horus and Miguel will doubtless pull out all the stops and present fans with a new and exciting experience. One half of the tag team The Rascalz, Miguel is known for doing things his way and by doing so creating a stir in the ring.

Fans can anticipate that these two will push each other to the limit, providing those watching a whole new level of excitement. Both men have been all over the independent circuit and will strive to prove which of them is the better man. During the Final Stand, it will be interesting to see whether the hybrid style of luchador Horus will better the run and gun offense of Miguel. Whose final stand will it ultimately be?