#Preview: AAW Pro Presents Lucha City Limits

AAW Wrestling will be presenting Lucha City Limits live on February 8th from Austin, TX. If you can’t make it out to the AFS Cinema, it will also be streaming live on the Highspots Wrestling Network. While there are only currently six matches announced, they are HUGE! In addition to an AAW Pro Tag Team Championship match, you have a dog collar match and so much more. Also scheduled to appear even though matches have not been announced are Barrett Brown, Kody Lane, Ricky Starks, Ryan Davidson, Fuego del Sol and The Besties in the World.

AAW Pro Tag Team Championship Match

Photo / AAW Pro Wrestling

Fiyah Fox vs Lucha Bros

The current AAW Pro tag team champions in Myron Reed and Dante Fox were awaiting the winners of Lucha Bros and LAX from the recent Final Stand event. Penta El Zero M and Fenix were both victorious setting up this matchup. What is important to note is that this match pits brothers against a team that has been together competing successfully for some time. There is something to be said about brothers that are working together especially when the stakes are high here in this matchup. Reed and Fox know what is at stake here and won’t relent in their quest to retain the championships. Fans should anticipate a match that will really move quickly unless we get an instance where someone is willing to slow down the pace of the match to help their cause. These two teams will certainly ensure fans are on their feet throughout the match.

Photo / AAW Pro Wrestling

Sami Callihan vs. Curt Stallion

While it may be a non-title match but that doesn’t mean it won’t have title match implications. Fans will recall how Stallion joined the faction WRSTLING when as part of a group that beat down the champion, Callihan. What will be interesting to see is whether their paths crossing here will eventually lead to a championship match for the Lone Star. With experience being the biggest difference between them fans could easily anticipate the more cagy Callihan as having the advantage. However, will other WRSTLING members such as David Starr play a role in this contest? That could be another factor as well. It won’t be out of the realm of possibility of having Stallion get the victory in this match and potentially setting up a future championship match for him as well. Fans should anticipate a hotly contested match up with a great deal of animosity between the two.

Photo / AAW Pro Wrestling

MJF vs Andy Dalton 

Andy Dalton was successful at AAW’s last show in Austin, Austin 10:12. He was able to best five other wrestlers who are also competing at Lucha City Limits in Barrett Brown, Kody Lane, Fuego Del Sol, J Serious and Ryan Davidson. Dalton is regular on the Texas/Mid-South independent scene. He’s going to give Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) a challenge, no matter what the cocky 22-year-old will say. AEW may be his newest home and the talk of the wrestling world, but AAW has been hit or miss for MJF. MJF triumphed over Fred Yehi last month and in the six-way scramble at the Windy City Classic. He also has a few major losses to bigger stars such as Sami Callihan and LA Park. This could be put up or shut up for MJF, and a huge opportunity for Andy Dalton!

Photo / AAW Pro Wrestling

The Rascalz vs LAX

We have two hugely popular and talented tag teams set to clash here. Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz set the world on fire in 2018 and joined the IMPACT Wrestling roster. LAX also has been with IMPACT for several years and hold a historical record for tag team title reigns there. Both teams have been regulars in AAW, turning in stellar performances. When these two tremendous duos face off, great things are bound to happen.

Photo / AAW Pro Wrestling

Paco vs. J Serious

J Serious debuted at AAW’s last jaunt in Austin. He was not successful in his debut, but he has been successful on the Texas independent scene. A veteran of over ten years, he’s a regular for promotions such as Inspire Pro and ACW. J Serious has also been known as JC Res and Jojo Bravo. Paco has been with AAW for a couple of years now. He’s also fresh off a rivalry with Stephen Wolf. Outside of AAW, you can catch Paco at Glory Pro Wrestling and Proving Ground Pro. This match is a unique opportunity to turn some heads and gain some momentum in 2019.

Photo / AAW Pro Wrestling

Dog Collar Chain Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs Jessicka Havok

When a gimmick is a feature in a match, fans can tend to lose the quality of the match. This isn’t the case here as this intergender match will not only include the violence that comes with a dog collar match but the sheer showmanship and skills that both Jacobs and Havok will bring to it. These two are no strangers with one another having crossed paths in other promotions as well.

The Death Machine will bring with her a whole new level of violence that may, in fact, be a little too much for the Zombie Princess to withstand. If anything it is Havok that may be able to trudge through Jacobs if the opportunity presents itself. This will likely be a case where Jacobs will attempt to do everything he can to best position himself to win only to find out that despite his best efforts Jessicka Havok will have none of that. It’s a match all fans should eagerly anticipate watching.