#Preview: AAW Pro Presents Hell Hath No Fury

On Saturday, March 16th, AAW Pro emanates from the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. This event will prove to be quite exciting as it brings with it the debuts of Jake Atlas and one half of the Lynch Mob, Joey Lynch. Those that follow our coverage here of PCW ULTRA by our own Philip Jones are aware of Atlas’ growing popularity on the west coast and how he is continuing to make a name for himself. In the case of Lynch, he is no overnight success story, but rather is a talent that has been blazing a trail for himself over seventeen years. As of this writing, not many matches are being promoted publicly, but the beauty of attending an AAW Pro show is that often they will deliver to fans a number of matches that are even better than fans had imagined. Who will walk away as the winners and losers on this night? Here is the preview for AAW’s Hell Hath No Fury.

Photo / AAW Pro

This match came about virtually last minute. With the recent departure of Dragon Lee, Eddie Edwards returns to AAW Pro and in doing so faces independent sensation Fred Yehi. Yehi brings with him a wealth of experience competing in such promotions as EVOLVE and gaining notoriety in the process. For Edwards, his arrival brings about another opportunity to show just how his skillset and character has evolved. Will we get the diehard Eddie Edwards that fans had come to know and love or will we get the Double E that will through caution to the wind and embrace his inner dark side?

Whichever does appear they will be hard pressed to ensure they get the better of a man known as the resurrector of wrestling. Armed with a technical prowess second to none, Yehi will bring all his skill to this match and look to get the better of Edwards in the process. It is incredible in what essentially came about last minute could have all the makings of being the best match of the night.

Photo / AAW Pro

If there have ever been two women, competitors that are different in nearly every possible way, it would be these two. And beyond that, the stakes are high as well. Recent AEW signee Kylie Rae is contending for the AAW Pro Women’s Championship, and the match has the makings of something quite significant. Current champion Jessicka Havok will be a true test, and this match will determine who the most dominant women in the Midwest will be.

Havok’s tough as nails, frightening disposition will be in sharp contrast to the happy go lucky and pleasant Kylie Rae, but make no mistake this will be a true test. Fans that are not aware of Rae should not confuse her disposition for weakness; she will bring the fight to Havok at every single turn. At an event titled Hell Hath No Fury, one has to wonder if should the winner be the one scorned, what is the loser likely to do?

Photo / AAW Pro

This will be a grudge match as the pride and joy of Bucksnort, Tennessee faces the ‘Zombie Princess.’ Things have been heating up over the last few weeks as promotional videos have gone back and forth between the two. Warner has pointed out how Jacobs was bloodied after he beat him in the middle of the ring, and that his use of a spike acted like a wake-up call. Warner stood with a crimson mask addressing what he plans to do to the Zombie Princess at Hell Hath No Fury.

Jacobs fired back recently, responding that while Warner seemed to be trying to ‘educate’ him on the differences between a fight and a war, he, in fact, treats every fight like it is a war. Jacobs commented that Warner’s choices now are the mistakes he made 20 years ago, highlighting his experience in the ring. His final thoughts were that Warner could anticipate being massacred by him.

Photo / AAW Pro

Given this may be the biggest match of Jake Something’s career, he will do everything he can to ensure that he is prepared for this opportunity. A five-year pro and a graduate of the Ring of Honor Dojo, Something goes into battle to do more than just compete, he is there to become the AAW Pro Heavyweight champion. Over the past few months, Something joined forces with David Starr, Eddie Kingston, and Curt Stallion to create a faction they are calling WRSTLING.

In the promotion for this match, Something has stated that WRSTLING is reborn and that he is everything that Sami Callihan pretends to be. The biggest challenge for Callihan is that he faces the task of not only trying to beat Something but taking out WRSTLING as a whole. Stallion was a casualty in Callihan’s last encounter with a WRSTLING member. Will the same fate await Something, or will Callihan answer Something’s question…what’s his name?