#Preview: AAW Pro Presents Destination Milwaukee

On Friday, July 12th, AAW Pro presents Destination Milwaukee. The event is sure to bring in some new fans as the promotion travels out of Illinois and into the Wisconsin territory. While it isn’t a huge trek it does signify a new opportunity to aid the company in their growth of the company outside the friendly confines of their home of Chicago. With several matches on the card, a number of championship implications appear to be at stake throughout the night. Will the draw retain his AAW Pro Heavyweight championship? He is stepping across the ring from the massive Jacob Fatu. Will Jessicka Havok and Taya Valkyrie continue where they left off against each other at Slammiversary?

Will championship match implications emerge from the others on the card? These questions and more about the undercard are quite intriguing as fans prepare themselves for Destination Milwaukee from Turner Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Stallion Air Wolf
Photo / AAW Pro

Curt Stallion vs. Air Wolf

This match appears to be one of the more exciting ones of the night as the Lone Star takes on 19 year-old, Air Wolf. As a trainee of the Academy School of Professional Wrestling, Wolf has been groomed under the likes of the Daivari brothers, Molly Holly, and Ken Anderson. This time he needs to put his training to the test against arguably one of the most underrated talents to come out of the Southern U.S in Curt Stallion. As a former protégé of Michael Elgin, Stallion has put his five years of experience to good use. He has been building up his name and value up along the east coast as a regular for AAW Pro.

This time however he will face someone with blistering speed and likely his biggest challenge to date. The biggest question is will Stallion be able to withstand the onslaught that follows Wolf in this matchup as both are looking to tear the house down.

Briggs Alexander
Photo / AAW Pro

Josh Briggs vs. Josh Alexander

A bad marketing campaign would call this the battle of the Josh’s and yet a more credible one would call it simply the hardest hitting match of the night. When the Walking Weapon and the man that doesn’t like you step across the ring from one another fans are sure to get a badass contest that will put everyone on notice. Alexander is one-half of the current IMPACT Wrestling tag team champions alongside Ethan Page in The North while Briggs is a budding superstar in the EVOLVE promotion.

In both instances, these two men are going to bring something very special here as they slug it out with one another. Briggs likely has the height advantage, but the sheer intensity brought to the match is equal by both. Which Josh will walk away with bragging rights and which one will ponder if they will challenge for the AAW Pro Heavyweight championship?

Destination Milwaukee
Photo / AAW Pro

John Morrison vs. Juventud Guerrera

In what could be considered a match pitting to former WWE stars against one another, Morrison and Guerrera look to show the kids on the card how it is done. Morrison is coming off a solid contest at IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary with Guerrera being a regular on the indie circuit all over the United States. This time around these two come together to show one another just what they are call capable of doing in and out of the ring. With neither man as a contender for the AAW Pro Heavyweight championship going into this match, it will be interesting to see if their performance will heighten their worth coming out of the contest.

We have seen the likes of many a man and women step up to Sami Callihan only to see defeat in the end. This could be the match that in fact does push either of them in contention for the championship.

Photo / AAW Pro

Besties in the World vs. Ace Austin and Clayton Gainz

One of these teams have a longstanding history together and one of them does not. In searching on the history between Gainz and Austin’s teamwork, the result would be it is scarce. The two men have faced one another in multi-man matches or one-on-one such as a best of seven series for Rockstar Pro Wrestling. For Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, these two men know each other like the back of their hands. Fitchett and Vega have been a team with each other for the better part of eight years. These two combine humor and technique and it’s that familiarity that likely won’t bode well for Austin and Gainz.

There is something about the Austin/Gainz tandem that doesn’t seem like something fans should trust that it will be a longstanding relationship between the two men. The Besties in the World could easily be considered a threat for the AAW Pro tag team championships after this matchup after Destination Milwaukee.

Destination Milwaukee
Photo / AAW Pro

Lucha Bros vs. Fiyah Fox

Two teams with similar styles are going to lock horns and demonstrate just how they can fly in the ring. Fenix and Penta El Zero M have been relatively quiet lately. This weekend, however, will prove to be anything, but that for them. The Bros will be at Fight for the Fallen on the 13th, but they will be looking to make a statement with a win over Dante Fox and Myron Reed. The longtime duo will look to spoil the Lucha Bros night in AAW Pro. If Reed and Fox do this it wouldn’t be the first time Fenix and Penta have been spoiled and had defeat taken from the jaws of victory before at an AAW Pro event.

Fans will recall it was the Young Bucks who once showed up and spoiled the brother’s championship matchup against LAX costing them the titles in the first place. Will SCU make an appearance in this matchup and do the same for the Lucha Bros at Destination Milwaukee?

Destination Milwaukee
Photo / AAW Pro

AAW Women’s Championship Match

Jessicka Havok vs. Taya Valkyrie

Two men that have a history with one another will now contend for Havok’s AAW Pro Women’s championship. Valkyrie and Havok recently went to war with one another at IMPACT Wrestling’s Monster Ball only this time it was Valkyrie that walked away as the winner retaining her Knockout’s Championship. This, however, is AAW Pro and this is Havok’s home which distinctly puts her at the champions’ advantage in this match up. How will Havok fair when she is in the role of hunter rather than hunted at Destination Milwaukee?

The rules here aren’t in the realm of anything-goes which likely falls into the realm where Havok can retain as a disqualification or a count-out would protect her and help her to retain her championship. Is there still animosity between the two women after they went to war at Slammiversary? Only time will tell if there is still a bit of anger between the two.

Destination Milwaukee
Photo / AAW Pro

AAW Pro Heavyweight Championship

Sami Callihan vs. Fatu

This match is one where fans should seriously be concerned about the well-being of the draw. If his recent MLW Heavyweight championship win is any indication than Jacob Fatu looks to prove his dominance. Despite coming off one of the most groundbreaking matches at IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary, Callihan is in store for arguably the toughest, strongest, most agile competitor today. Fatu went through ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor as though he was virtually nothing. Callihan defeated Tessa Blanchard but ultimately respected her performance.

So when these two men who came off such monumental matches are set to face each other who is the one that walks away as the winner? As AAW Pro happens to be the house that Sami Callihan calls home, it would be quite a statement if it is Fatu that is the one to dethrone Callihan as champion. The Draw is in tough in this match up with this Samoan mercenary at Destination Milwaukee.