Powerslam Wrestling Network Review: RiSE 6.5 -THROTTLE

In this edition of the Powerslam Wrestling Network Review, I take a look at RiSE Wrestling’s event RiSE 6.5 – Throttle. This event took place on February 12, 2017, in South Gate, California. This show was the second in a Madusa-themed set of shows. Madusa was also on commentary for this event. 

Dust vs Willow Nightingale 

The first match was Dust taking on Willow Nightingale. This was a nice opening contest, which saw the veteran Dust versus the newcomer in Willow. The woman with the big hair and the bigger smile gave Dust a run for her money. She also earned praise from Madusa. Dust though would not be denied, taking the win. Dust wins following a lung blower. 

“The Hot Mess” Laurel Van Ness vs Deonna Purrazzo

Our next match is also fun, with The Hot Mess taking on the Mistress of the Fujiwara Armbar, Deonna Purazzo. We start things off a little unorthodoxy, with some dancing from both ladies. While Deonna’s back was turned though, Laurel hit her from behind. Laurel managed to control most of this match, using her mind games of the Hot Mess character to keep Purazzo off her game. Madusa expressed admiration for both women, especially when learning of their Japanese wrestling exploits. Deonna gets the win out of nowhere with a schoolgirl roll-up. 

Kris Wolf vs. Mercedes Martinez 

This is a great match between two of today’s greatest women’s wrestlers. The Wolf, Kris Wolf, tears into the veteran Martinez. Martinez tries her best to keep her at bay. It ends up being quite the back and forth affair. However, Mercedes was not to be denied on this night in California. Mercedes gets the win with the Dragon Sleeper, forcing Kris to tap out. This is one match to look into watching for sure.  

SWA Undisputed Women’s Championship Match
Toni Storm (c) vs. Shotzi Blackheart

This is the main event of the evening, with Toni defending her SWA Unified Women’s Championship. Her opponent is none other than the ballsy badass, Shotzi Blackheart. For the match of the night designation, this takes the cake. Toni and Shotzi were very evenly matched and could’ve gone either way on many occasions. Madusa was highly impressed with Toni Two Belts and the Blackheart. In the end, Toni wins with a signature piledriver for the win. 

After the show concluded, we have several bonus matches that have been added in for our viewing pleasure. 

AWS Women’s Battle Royal
Last 2 Women
Standing face each other for a spot on the RiSE and AWS rosters! 

This match, co-promoted by RiSE and AWS, involved many women. They were: Savannah Evans, Aerial Monroe, Willow Nightingale, Lacey Lane, Pizza Cat, Jewells Malone, Penelope Ford, and a few other names that couldn’t be heard clearly in the introduction. The last two standing are Willow and Aerial. They then move onto the second phase of the match, in which whoever wins by pinfall or submission gains a spot! The larger Willow does give Aerial quite the challenge, however Big Swole was determined and had the crowd on her side. Aerial gets the win with a reverse STO and earns a permanent spot on the RiSE roster! 

SWA Undisputed Women’s Championship Match
Toni Storm (c) vs. Dust 

Another match to seek out to watch, as well as the final match in this video collection. This one is Toni Two Belts returning to defend against Dust. Dust is no stranger to gold, as she is a former Phoenix of RiSE Champion, but it would be a huge notch in her belt to knock off Toni Storm. Toni and Dust fought it out for ten solid minutes, with Dust having a few opportunities to win. However, Toni Storm is a huge challenge that few can best, especially with a title on the line. Toni picks up the win and retains her championship via piledriver. 

All in all, this was a fun show to enjoy on PowerSlam.TV. It ran just over an hour and certainly did not feel like it. You can watch this on Powerslam.TV or on RiSE’s streaming service, RiSE ASCENT. Until next time, this has been the Powerslam Wrestling Network Review. 

Photos / Powerslam.TV
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