Powerslam.TV Review : Sendai Girls 9-8-18

It’s been a while since I was able to sit down, relax and fire up the Powerslam TV Network! I decided to into Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling September 8th show from the Miyagino Ward Cultural Center. We have five matches on the card, with young lion Ami Sato competing in two matches back to back. There are also two big tag team contests I’m very excited about watching. Let’s get into the show!

The show opens with a gathering of stars in the ring, with almost every woman competing present. The ring announcer calls for a moment of silence in honor of Aliya’ and Ray. They had both passed away within days of each other, in the last part of August 2018. This was a tragic double-blow to the Joshi world, as both were still very young. The lights dimmed with a spotlight in the center of the ring for the moment of silence.

Meiko Satomura gives an opening statement, thanking everyone for coming out. She spoke highly of both Ray and Aliya’ and will clearly miss them both. Meiko encourages the fans and perhaps herself, to continue to fight on and let the spirit and love of Ailya’ and Ray live on.

Ami Sato vs. Mei Suruga

Our first match will be the first of Ami Sato’s for the night. She will be taking on Mei Suruga here. Mei is just 19 years old and has only just begun her wrestling career. You can also see her work for such promotions as Gatoh Move and Michinoku Pro. We’ve seen Sato pop up in my earlier Sendai Girls reviews, she’s a regular worker for them. And like Mei, she’s very young and early in her career.

The match started off with traditional grappling and the trading of submission attempts. Mei gained control about halfway through by twisting the arm of Sato and hitting a springboard arm drag. She’s much more outwardly energetic than her opponent Ami Sato. Sato was able to use her slight size advantage to her benefit though, getting the best of the young Suruga. She wore Saruga down and made her tap out to a Boston Crab.

Ami Sato vs. Manami

By defeating Mei Suruga, Ami Sato moved onto this second match. Here she faces Manami, who is just 14 years old. They started around the same time and faced off on the August 26th show which I reviewed previously. In that encounter, Sato was victorious. Here though, she’s at a disadvantage of having already wrestled a match. Manami wastes no time, battering Sato with many dropkicks. Sato tried repeatedly to fight back but was clearly weakened following her earlier victory. Manami was able to get the pinfall in just a hair under five minutes.

Mabutachi 2 Manjimanji (Mio Momono & Nyla Rose) vs. Meiko Satomura & KAORU

Next up in tag team action, we see the proprietor of Sendai Girls, Meiko Satomura. Meiko will be teaming with KAORU, a formidable team of veterans. Their opponents are younger and possibly bigger in terms of Mio and Nyla. This match starts off much faster than the two previous ones. Meiko gets the initial advantage over Mio. However, Mio uses some questionable tactics in order to get the edge on Satomura before tagging in Nyla Rose. Nyla and Mio work very effectively as a team, keeping KAORU and Meiko on the defensive. Despite their best efforts, Meiko and KAORU fell victim to the great teamwork of Mio and Nyla. A miscalculation led to Meiko laying out her own partner! Momono neutralized Meiko while Nyla worked on KAORU. Nyla Rose would pick up the pin following three powerbombs on KAORU. After the match, Meiko would cut a promo.

Meiko would seem to praise Nyla Rose and called her onto the apron. There they shook hands and bowed in mutual respect. She then would announce the establishment of a junior division for younger wrestlers like Manami. On October 15th, Sendai Girls will crown the first Junior Champion. Meiko also announced that a middle school girl from Osaka had tried out on August 23rd and passed. This girl will relocate to train with Sendai Girls following her finishing of middle school.

DASH Chisako vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto

In our next match, both women debuted in 2006. DASH Chisako has the advantage when it comes to speed, whereas Matsumoto has the advantage when it comes to power. DASH starts things off quickly, as she most often does, with a frenetic pace. She also does whatever it takes to try and keep Lady Godzilla from being to get any sustained momentum. Outside the ring, DASH’s regular partner KAORU joins her in double-teaming Matsumoto. After being dominated and double-teamed for most of the match, Hiroyo made a glorious comeback. She was able to overcome Chisako and KAORU. Lady Godzilla picked up the win!

Chihiro Hashimoto & Mika Iwata vs. Cassandra Miyagi & Hikaru Shida

It is time for the main event of this show! The Sendai Girls’ Champion, Hashimoto, will be teaming up with Mika Iwata. She would like Iwata to be her partner in her quest to being a double champion. Here they will face one half of the Sendai Girls’ Tag Team Champions, Cassandra Miyagi. Her partner is Hikaru Shida, a freelance wrestler. She works all over Japan, including for Ice Ribbon, OZ Academy, Pro Wrestling WAVE, Project Asuka and more. Unlike the last two matches, this one starts slowly with more grappling and wrestling holds. Miyagi and Hashimoto battle each other for dominance and seem evenly matched.

When Iwata and Shida are brought into the fray, the result is much the same. Both women jockey for position and the advantage. The intensity between both Cassandra and Shida would prove to be key in gaining the early advantage finally. Miyagi and Shida both delight in punishing Iwata, with broad sinister grins on their faces. The tide changes with Mika is finally able to make a tag to the champion, Hashimoto. Being more muscular than both Miyagi and Shida, she is able to quickly get in control of the match. This match is one to seek out as a great example of Joshi wrestling. It truly is unlike any wrestling seen in North America.

Both teams worked extremely well together and were consistently going for pins. Mika Iwata would prove to be luckiest though, as she rolled through a pin attempt to catch Cassandra Miyagi. Following this successful debut of their team, Mika and Hashimoto celebrated together. Chihiro got on the microphone and cut a promo. She again asks Mika to be her partner in her quest to be tag team champion. Iwata accepts! Cassandra Miyagi snatches the microphone away, clearly upset. She lays down the challenge to Iwata and Hashimoto, to face her and Heidi Katrina in Osaka. Iwata gladly accepts on behalf of her newfound team. This match will go down on the September 15th Sendai Girls’ show.

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