Powerslam Review OTT Wrestling A Haven for Monsters (6/2/18)

In my latest Powerslam TV review, I chose to view Over the Top (OTT) Wrestling’s A Haven for Monsters from June. This will be my first exposure to OTT and I can’t wait to get started. Powerslam.TV is available for just $5.99 a month and gives you access to over 3,000 hours of content! More is being uploaded constantly from the best of the best in indie wrestling.

The show starts with a backstage interview with David Starr and Jordan Devlin. It is announced by Tony Kelly and Jamie Humperdink that the special guest commissioner is Trent Seven. Seven makes his entrance into the Tivoli Theater to Vince McMahon’s music, No Chance in Hell. In true Vince fashion, after receiving full control for the night, he fires Kelly and Humperdink. Trent then re-instates Don Marnell and Aonghus McAnally for the night.

Powerslam Review

Team White Wolf (A-Kid & Adam Chase) vs. More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

This match is just a straight-up European strong style. It also showcases two young teams that are tag team specialists. What for the most part was a traditional tag team contest, descended into tornado style about halfway through. The pace was frenetic the entire time and the match came to an end with Kearney forcing A-Kid to tap out to a half Boston crab.

Angel Cruz calls out Trent Seven, he was upset about being left off the show. Trent brings out Angel’s opponents and former partner, The Fabulous Nicky. The two friends initially didn’t want to wrestle each other however Trent said he would raise the stakes. He rang up Paul (HHH) on his phone and was able to promise a trip to WrestleMania (Axxess).

Angel Cruz vs. The Fabulous Nicky

Following this promise, the match finally got underway. Various stipulations were thrown out by Trent, only for him to change his mind when Angel was close to winning. These included a first blood match, bra and panties, steel cage and a Royal Rumble. Angel Cruz would finally get the win after hitting a brainbuster. This was a fun moment to change the pace following the opener.

Damien Corvin vs. Sean Guinness

Corvin of the team Kings of the North is out first, with his partner in tow. As Guinness made his way out, the commentary team pointed out that this was a rematch three years in the making. The strong pace that began in the first match continued though. Both Corvin and Guinness were pulling out big and exciting moves. Following a count-out situation where Guinness was laid out for a while, Corvin then slowed the place down.

Somehow in the fray, Guinness got a cut opened up on his back. The sight of his own blood seemed to fuel Sean, who rallied back and hit a huge dive. Both men traded a series of near falls, they had to be wondering what would keep the other down. Eventually, Sean Guinness got the win with a bridging roll-up. This match is the one you should look up and go out of your way to see.

Powerslam Review

B. Cool vs. Dan Barry

This is Dan Barry’s OTT debut! Prior to the match, Barry got on the mic. He offered to B Cool that they forget the match and go get drunk. B. Cool was down, saying no one wanted to see a Dan Barry match. Well, Barry shot back saying no one wanted to see the “Marty Jannetty” of that tag team. It was on then. What started as a fun moment did turn into a fun match. Detective Dan Barry captured the hearts of the OTT fans. He didn’t, however, capture the victory. This time anyway. B. Cool got the win following a brainbuster.

Powerslam Review

OTT 6 Man Tag Championship Match
The Rapture (Charlie Sterling, Sha Samuels, & Zack Gibson) (c) vs. Team OTT (Mark Haskins, Pete Dunne, and a Mystery Partner)

After Haskins and Dunne came out, Zack Gibson had some choice words about Team OTT having no Irish wrestlers. Cue the mystery partner, the Session Moth Martina coming out a la Pete Dunne. Her partners were none too thrilled with this, but at least the teams are even now. Martina tried very hard to fit in with her teammates, but neither would have any of it. She didn’t do particularly well, but bless her she tried. Haskins and Dunne threw her to the Rapture wolves, allowing her to be pummeled for several minutes.

Eventually, though, Dunne did tag in and give her respite. Eventually, Team OTT did get running on all cylinders. Martina even hit a very impressive tornado DDT. After some Team OTT miscommunication, Martina was pinned following an assisted piledriver. We did get a feel-good moment, with Team OTT all doing Pete Dunne’s signature pose. This was ruined, however, by Haskins laying Martina out with a forearm.

OTT Gender Neutral Championship Match
LJ Cleary (c) vs. Tyler Bate vs. Kris Wolf

Prior to the match starting the referee, Foxy, appears visibly tired. Cue our special guest commissioner, Trent Seven in stripes. Trent will referee this contest! Both men attempted to keep Kris Wolf out of the action for a bit, but the Wolf would not be denied. This was a fun match where Trent would always find a way to stop counting at 2 when Cleary would go for the pin. Eventually, a well-rested Foxy would return and count the pin as Cleary rolled Kris up. LJ Cleary is still your OTT Gender Neutral Champion.

Powerslam Review

David Starr & Judas Devlin vs. WALTER and Low-Ki

Devlin and Starr would start off with a super cute entrance together, but once the bell rang all the fun was gone. It was all business. Both Starr and Devlin were evenly matched with Low-Ki as far as size and skill. However, no one was a match for WALTER. This was a strong style masterclass by WALTER, where the other three put on some technical wonders. This is another match to go out of your way to find, as I lack the proper words to describe the encounter that went down. In the end, WALTER was too much for the OTT World Heavyweight Champion Devlin. WALTER picked up the win for his team. After the match, Mark Haskins came out teasing he would be cashing in his briefcase. It was just a tease though. David Starr continues his losing streak against WALTER here.

Overall, this was a very fun show. It felt like no time had passed at all, even though the show is just over three hours long. OTT is a unique promotion and a new favorite in my book. You can check out A Haven for Monsters, as well as many other OTT shows on Powerslam.TV, just like I did.

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