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The Epic Street Fight Between Triple H and Cactus Jack

Triple H and Cactus Jack – The Epic Street Fight Between Them

On January 23rd, 2000, the epic street fight between Triple H and Cactus Jack took place at the Royal Rumble. In 1997 Hunter Hearst...
Ric Flair Undisputed WWF Champion

Ric Flair Undisputed WWF Champion – ‘With a Tear in My Eye’

On January 19th, 1992, the WWF Championship was on the line in the most unlikely of scenarios as Ric Flair Undisputed WWF Champion. As...
Vaughn Vertigo

Vaughn Vertigo discusses early training, support from his contemporaries and more

Vaughn Vertigo has been carving and making a name for himself since the age of 17 all over the world. This multi-faceted talent shared...
zack sabre jr

Zack Sabre Jr | The Best Technical Wrestler In The World Today

Technical wrestling is a style of wrestling that requires dedication to learning the art of wrestling holds. As said by a technical master in...
WWE Sunday Night RetroView with Marc Madison

Armageddon 1999 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

& On December 12th, 1999, the WWE presented Armageddon 1999. In a feud that had been raging between Triple H and Vince McMahon, we...
Herb Abrams

Herb Abrams: The Ill Fated Odyssey of the UWF | Circus Minimus

Herb Abrams. The year is 1990, and if we are examining the landscape of professional wrestling in North America. Bob Dylan sang a quarter-century...
TJPW 10th Anniversary Show

TJPW 10th Anniversary Show Review

On December 1st, 2013, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling held its official debut in front of a capacity crowd in Kitazawa Town Hall. There were...
Darren Drozdov

Darren Drozdov – Growing Up and Throwing Up In Droz’ World

The main reason why wrestlers hate having their profession called “fake” is because the risks are real. One mistake can end a career. Such...
The Rock and The Game Triple H

The Rock and Triple H | The Culmination of Their Career Defining Rivalry

Earlier in their career, The Rock & The Game Triple H would battle one another in a quest to find out who would be...
Sonny Kiss

Sonny Kiss – The Concrete Rose Strikes Hard and Strikes Fast

Professional wrestling is commonly regarded as a form of athleticism where machismo is the name of the game. In an industry where athletes constantly...