RAW Rebound for 5/11/20

Monday Night Raw opens with a video montage of the results of last night’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Smackdown’s Otis and Raw’s Asuka won the men’s and women’s briefcases respectively. And we’ll close out the show with an Orton & Edge face off in the middle of the ring! All this and more in the RAW Rebound edition for 5/11/20.

Raw Women’s Champion “The Man” Becky Lynch came out with the Women’s Money In The Bank briefcase. She told the WWE Universe that she had to go away for a while. Asuka came out screaming at her for stealing the briefcase. Becky opened it and showed Asuka that the Raw Women’s title was in it. Becky then tells her that last night’s match wasn’t for the briefcase, it was for the championship, and Asuka is the new Raw Women’s Champion.  Asuka did her dance around the ring.

Becky was crying and laughing at the same time. The Man told Asuka to go be a warrior because she’s about to go be a mommy. Becky Lynch is pregnant and has relinquished her title! She and Asuka embraced while Asuka congratulated Becky and chanted her name. 

Backstage, Charley attempted to interview Becky Lynch. Rey Mysterio, Nattie, The Street Profits, Bianca Belair, Ricochet, Dana Brooke, Cedric Alexander, and R-Truth all come out to offer their congratulations.

Bobby Lashley took on Humberto Carrillo in the first match of the evening, a No Holds Barred match. Before the match began, they showed a video clip of Bobby Lashley beating Carrillo down and getting disqualified. Lashley had the early advantage until he went outside and grabbed a chair. Humberto nailed a dropkick into the chair on the outside, knocking the All-Mighty down. It was a short-lived advantage and Lashley regained the momentum. He missed his signature spear but ended up making Humberto Carrillo submit with a Full Nelson submission. 

Charley interviewed the new Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. The new champ spoke in Japanese and was very exuberant. Kairi Sane showed up to celebrate with her.

Zelina Vega and her stable of United States Champion Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory are shown backstage arguing before commercial a commercial break. After the break, Angel Garza and Tozawa are already mixing it up in their contest. The rest of Vega’s faction was down to ringside. Tozawa was no pushover but Garza went on to pick up the win with the Wing Clipper. While he had the Wing Clipper locked in, he appeared to shoot a glare at Austin Theory.

All four members are in the ring and once again appear to be arguing when WWE Champion Drew McIntyre showed up. He entered the ring and removed his belt as if to challenge all them. Andrade and Angel Garza shove Austin Theory into a Claymore before laughing at Theory’s misfortune. Angel Garza ate a Claymore as well before Drew confronted Andrade and challenged him to a champion versus champion match. 

RAW Rebound for 5/11/20
Drew McIntyre vs Andrade

Drew began the match with the upper hand. Andrade crawled under the ring after being tossed outside. As Drew lifted the ring apron, Andrade yanked his arm and starting to gain some momentum. He worked the arm over pretty good, but it wasn’t enough. A Claymore finally ended the threat and gave Drew McIntyre the victory. Backstage, Drew announced that next week on Raw, he would be participating in a Brand Invitational match against Smackdown’s King Corbin. 

Backstage MVP was talking to Lashley. He told Lashley that since they were both in WWE together, that Lashley has been in the same place. He asked about the last time Bobby received a title match, which got Lashley thinking. MVP saw Lana and told her that he would be Bobby’s way out if he was looking for one. Lana screamed. 

RAW Rebound for 5/11/20
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs The IIconics

Monday Night Raw was treated with a Moment of Bliss featuring the Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss. The two congratulated Becky on her pregnancy but were then interrupted by former Women’s Tag Team Champions, The IIconics. Bliss mocked the two saying that their big return thunder was stolen by Becky Lynch’s announcement. The IIconics challenged Bliss and Cross to a non-title match. The former champions more than likely secured a future title match against the champions after challenging and defeating them. The IIconics celebrated their victory going up the ramp while Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss clutched their championships in the middle of the ring. 

Backstage with Charley, Rey Mysterio talked about last night’s money in the bank match. After being thrown fro the roof by Corbin, Rey was lucky to be alive. He says there was a lower-tiered roof beneath and he only suffered some minor bruising. He and Aleister Black would team up later to face Seth Rollins and Murphy. Seth interrupts the interview but doesn’t say anything. Rey congratulated him on becoming a father, but Seth was still silent with a blank look on his face. Rollins ultimately just walked off. 

RAW Rebound for 5/11/20
R-Truth joined Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs Brendan Vink, Shane Thorne, and MVP.

As the action began to intensify on the outside of the ring, R-Truth used a set of fake bucked teeth to transform into ‘Pretty Ricky’ and steal a surprise victory from MVP, who wasn’t happy about it at all. Before Truth, Ricochet, and Cedric could celebrate, Bobby Lashley hit the ring and with the help of MVP, decimated R-Truth before walking away together. 

Charley interviewed Jinder Mahal, who said that his battle back to the top will be a hero’s journey.

Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black took on Seth Rollins and Murphy in a tag team bout that was really more like a two-on-one handicap match. Seth Rollins looked disheveled. He stood on the ring apron just staring into space with a blank look on his face. He refused to tag in, leaving Murphy to fend for himself against two top-flight superstars. In one sequence, Mysterio missed Murphy but connected with Seth, knocking him off the apron. As Rey went for his 619 on Murphy, Rollins caught his legs, yanked him outside, and swung him into the barricade.

The referee called for the bell and a disqualification. 

From there, he proceeded to attack Rey by ripping his mask and shoving his eye into the corner of the steel ring steps, causing a severe injury. The paramedics came down and assisted Rey, taking off his mask and covering his face with a towel while blood leaked from his eye. After a commercial, the medics are tending to Rey Mysterio when Seth barges in demanding to see Rey and explain his actions. Aleister Black would have none of it as he stepped in to cut Seth off. Murphy stepped up and the two began brawling while Rey Mysterio left the room. 

On the RAW Rebound for 5/11/20 edition we saw The Street Profits took on the Viking Raiders in a basketball game. The Street Profits won 74-2. 

Shayna Baszler made some disparaging remarks about Becky Lynch leaving due to being pregnant and Nattie showed up to chide her for it. The Queen of Spades told Nattie that the Hart Dynasty ends with her. In the ring, as the two went at it, Shayna tried the arm breaking stomp but Nattie moved out of the way, only to fall victim to a vicious knee to the face. Shayna picked up the victory and Nattie kicked the ropes in frustration.

Charley interviewed Smackdown’s King Corbin, who said that Drew McIntyre should thank him for taking him under his wing and allowing him to learn for a year on Raw. He promised to beat the WWE Champion next week.

The Orton & Edge face off

This is their first meeting since their WrestleMania encounter. Edge said he didn’t know what was next. Orton came out next and gave Edge his props by saying that “The better man won.” He exited the ring and started up the ramp before turning around and coming back. He went on to say that of the two, Edge was the better man, but he is the better wrestler. He claimed that two gimmick matches (Royal Rumble & No Holds Barred) doesn’t mean Edge is the better wrestler and he challenged him to a wrestling match at No Way Out. 

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