Smackdown Synopsis for 6/5/20

Last week’s show was a whirlwind of action. We are only nine days away from Backlash and tonight’s show will most likely whet our appetites for the second PPV after Wrestlemania. This is the WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 6/5/20.

Tonight, MC M.I.Z. and Johnny Drip-Drip will attempt to torment  Universal champion Braun Strowman. The colorful pair is of course slated to challenge the Monster Among Men for his title at the Backlash show. Remember that Braun lost his I-C title to Sami Zayn in a one on three handicap match at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

We are curious to see if any light will be shed on the Elias-Jeff Hardy incident of last week. Refreshing your memory, on last week’s show, Elias was struck by a vehicle and carried off on a stretcher. The car in question was Jeff Hardy’s rental economy car. The Charismatic Enigma while not at the scene was taken to a precinct for questioning.

There seemed to be an issue of impaired driving.No evidence of the said crime was found. Hardy was released from custody and made it back to the Performance Center just in time to throw Sheamus off his game and cost him a shot at the I-C championship final. His Uber driver knew the area well and benefitted from a series of well-synchronized traffic lights.

Given Hardy’s innocence, while conveniently forgetting the notion of leaving the scene of an accident, it looks like a very well-plotted setup. We might see Logan and Brisco tackle their toughest case since the untimely passing of racehorse Mr.Wickets. Hopefully, the detectives won’t be put off by being called fella.

Jeff Hardy Addresses Last Week

Jeff Hardy leads off the show in-ring. He looks back at last week’s events and stated that they almost dragged him back to a dark place he promised he would never return to. Then, at the police station, things became clearer when witnesses claimed that the driver of the vehicle that struck Elias was a man with red hair and a red beard.

Speaking of which, Sheamus appeared on the scene offering up a different point of view. He implored Hardy to “Be a man and admit to what you did”.Adding “You’re not a man, you’re a junkie.”

Hardy unable to stand anymore berating charged Sheamus outside the ring. The reward of his efforts, a Brogue Kick, and being thrown into the plexiglass no fewer than four times. Later on, in the show, we were informed that this feud will be settled at Backlash.

The Woman’s tag team title is also on the line tonight. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss will face stiff competition from Bayley and her good pal Sasha Banks. While fissures have been teased within the latter pair, the quest for gold can be a very unifying force. That will in fact be our main-event.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/5/20
Otis vs Baron Corbin

Otis has a great sense of humor and loves a good rib, or maybe a rack of ribs. He is backstage with his “Peach” and absconds with King Corbin’s crown. The two will square off next.

Corbin is livid and takes his frustration out on Otis early on. The King hit a Spinebuster for a two count before peppering Otis with a series of stiff kicks and body blows. Otis then benefitted from an adrenaline rush and tossed Corbin around the ring before attempting a Caterpillar. Corbin, ruthless yet fast on his feet fled the ring. He reclaimed his crown, struck Otis with a steel chair, and was promptly disqualified.

Our MITB winner though was impervious to pain. Climbing back into the squared circle he was at last able to execute his Caterpillar move with an elbow drop for good measure. A D.Q. win and the last word for the big man.

Winner: Otis

Off to the parking lot we go. The Miz and Morrison have found themselves a surveillance van to stock Braun Strowman. Their intentions are to make his life a living hell. As they stated, “Angry monsters make mistakes.”

When the champion arrives and attempts to drink his protein shake, he finds that it has been tampered with and fizzes and bubbles like a grade 7 science project.

Backstage, Shorty G who has become relevant again is being interviewed but is taunted by Mojo Rawley before being ganged up upon by Nakamura and Cesaro. The mandatory short jokes on the agenda as one would expect. Luckily, G was rescued by the New Day. That, of course, setting up a six-man tag match for later on.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/5/20
Sonya Deville vs Lacey Evans

After last week’s double count-out, it was rematch time for Sonya Deville and Lacey Evans. The latter, on a bit of a cold streak and in need of a win. Nice work from Evans out of the gate. A pair of Deep Arm Drags take Deville out of her game.

Shortly thereafter, Deville took to pounding the ex-marine while resorting to her now-legendary trash talking. Then, the official was accidentally clipped and called for help. A replacement referee appeared immediately and the match continued.

Evans hit a top rope Moonsault on Deville for a count of two. Deville would then counter with a running knee for a two count of her own. Suddenly, Mandy Rose appeared on the makeshift Titantron calling out Deville stating that she’s not a fighter but a failure. Momentary distraction leading to an Autumn apple crisp like Woman’s Right which qualified Ms. Evans for the winner’s share of the purse. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville still have some unfinished business.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Kayla Braxton is interviewing Braun Strowman who still is in fine spirits. Braxton is drenched in green slime. The Miz and Morrison blowing their coup reminiscent of “You Can’t Do That On Television.”Thank heavens that there are plenty of reputable dry cleaners in Orlando.

Renée Young decked out in white is in the ring to moderate a meeting of Daniel Bryan and A.J.Styles. The Butcher and the Blade might have branched out into fashion consultation.

The pair who will meet next week in the I-C title bout respectfully disagree and hold opposite philosophies. Bryan deems Styles a coward for opting for, actually insisting on a spot in the tournament final match. Styles, on the other hand, claims that Bryan was foolish to risk his spot and owed his victory to Jeff Hardy.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/5/20
AJ Styles vs. Drew Gulak

Bryan would have none of that claiming that he will be a fighting champion and will defend his title on a weekly basis. Styles countered by saying that those aren’t opportunities but handouts. On that note, he offered a handout to Drew Gulak. Not a wise move on the part of Styles.

A supposed soft toss tune-up match was not in the cards at all. Styles took to brawling tactics early on to avoid a couple of near submission predicaments. Gulak impressed us with a Michonuko Driver and a Northern Lights Suplex but was unable to do better than a two count.

Nothing like raking your opponent’s eyes to turn things around. Gulak found that out the hard way. Styles seized control and were about to put his foe away with a Styles Clash. The move though was neutralized and converted into a Roll-Up. Gulak with an upset of epic proportions. Styles with a huge loss of momentum heading into next week.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Many Smackdown Superstars excel in other sports as well. John Morrison and the Miz showed off their softball and golf skills respectively by smashing the windshield of Braun Strowman’s vintage Buick with a bat and a club. This is when a prank turns into playing with fire.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/5/20
Mojo Rawley, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs The New Day and Shorty G

Six-man tag action was to follow. Mojo Rawley joining forces with Nakamura and Cesaro to confront Shorty G and the New Day. Fluid tag team action in this encounter. We saw eight tags in the bout’s opening minute or two. Kofi Kingston would tweak his left knee on a Suicide Dive to Cesaro and then get obliterated by Mojo Rawley.

Kingston was able to tag in Gable who pulled off a Moonsault but only for a count of two. Things continued in Shorty G’s favor when he slapped an Ankle Lock upon his opponent only to see it broken up by Nakamura’s interference. Mojo Rawley then Pancaked G. but once again, we had a two count.

Big E. would benefit from a blind tag who would, in turn, do thusly to Kofi Kingston. Kingston executed a perfect cross body dive to procure the victory for his threesome.

Winners: The New Day and Shorty G

It’s a beautiful night for a temper induced feat of strength. Back to the parking lot we go. Braun Strowman knowing that his opponents at Backlash have perpetrated a series of misdeeds tonight angrily seeks out the Miz and Morrison. In no time “These Hands” would flip their surveillance van on its side. Tonight’s last laugh goes to the champion. The mistake, in fact, was in angering the Monster. Play silly games, win silly prizes.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/5/20
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

The main event would see Bayley and Sasha Banks attempt to become two time Women’s tag team champions. Moments of tension between the two best friends have been teased for months. Let’s see how cohesive and successful they can be.

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss defend their belts with great skill and determination. They seized control as soon as the match got underway. Nikki Cross is an energetic wrecking machine having her way with Bayley. Once Sasha Banks is tagged in, the allure of the match changes. Cross is thrown out of the ring and subsequently hit with a Meteora.

The challengers are now double teaming Cross and maintain their control. Close but no cigar, a Backslide on Nikki Cross by the Boss only good enough for the two count.

The day seemed saved when Alexa Bliss was tagged in. She wasted no time in attempting a Twisted Bliss which was followed up by a Belly to Belly Suplex as well as a Sunset Bomb. Once again, two counts would ensue.

A near meltdown would follow between the challengers. Sasha Banks was in control and had Cross in a Banks Statement. While perhaps a second or two away from a victory via submission, Bayley would inexplicably tag herself in. A few seconds of tension which we thought would finally lead to that anticipated break up. Not at all in store for tonight!

Moments later, with Alexa Bliss outside the ring, Sasha Banks would take out Nikki Cross with a Crucifix like move. New tag team champions and a stronger than ever bond. Banks and Bayley were jubilant as Smackdown left the air. The role model has herself a whole lot of championship gold.

Winners: AND NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks