NXT Weekly Review for 05/27/20

This week’s edition of the black and gold brand sees a rivalry come to a head within the confines of a steel cage, along with the finals of the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament via a Triple Threat Match. Live from Full Sail University, this is the NXT Weekly Review for 05/27/20!

NXT Weekly Review for 05/27/20

Kushida vs. Drake Maverick vs. Jake Atlas – NXT Cruiserweight Title Tournament Group A Match:

This match is the first one in front of a live crowd since the COVID-19 pandemic. The welcome sounds of the gathered wrestlers’ yells and cheers is a very welcome soundtrack to the action of the performers.

The exchanges between all three athletes are lightning fast and can barely be registered before a new maneuver is executed. The controversy is afoot in the finish of the bout when Kushida has Atlas in the Cross-Arm Breaker, only for Maverick to get the pinfall on Atlas right as Atlas taps out. While Kushida thinks he has earned the victory, it is Maverick’s arm that is raised.

Winner and ADVANCING to the Finals: Drake Maverick  

Post-match, El Hijo del Fantasma comes down to shake Drake’s hand. Words are exchanged between the two as Tom Phillips informs us we are looking at the competitors in the finals of the Championship Tournament.

In Your House

An announcement is played where the audience is informed that Charlotte Flair will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against both Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley at NXT Takeover: In Your House. In addition, Shirai and Ripley will be in tag team action against Charlotte Flair and a partner of her choosing later that evening.

The Johnny Gargano Invitational is Underway

Mr. and Mrs. Wrestling; Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae make their way to the ring where Gargano belays the fact that the couples’ actions and message have been misconstrued in recent weeks. Gargano simply wants to give those backstage an opportunity in “THEIR” NXT, starting with the first competitor in the Johnny Gargano Invitational: Adrian Alanis.

NXT Weekly Review for 05/27/20

Adrian Alanis vs. Johnny Gargano

Adrian Alanis doesn’t do very well…

Gargano Escape for the submission victory.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Oh What a Lovely Dinner Party

Post-match, a video is shown of Keith Lee and Mia Yim mocking the recent dinner conversations between Gargano and LeRae. The whole things approaches “which one do I shoot” territory.

Special cameo appearance by Tegan Nox in the role of pizza delivery driver.

“So here’s a real toast. It’s not about ‘The Gargano Way’. It’s about making YOU pay.” – Mia Yim

NXT Weekly Review for 05/27/20

New Number One Contender to the Interim Cruiserweight Championship

Backstage, fired employee Drake Maverick is speaking to a gainfully employed interviewer about his earlier performance. Kushida enters and gives Drake his blessing to proceed to the finals despite the controversy. Maverick tells Kushida that he has first shot at the title when he wins it, despite not actually working for the company anymore.

Imperium Have Sensitive Feelings

In a video promo, Aichner and Barthel speak about being the reigning tag champs and will not tolerate mockery; particularly that of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

“Now we dictate the pace. Now we set the rules. Welcome…to Imperium.” – Marcel Barthel


Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai)

This match in the NXT Women’s division is a continuation of animosity building up from previous weeks between Blackheart and the Gonzalez/Kai alliance.

During the match, Dakota Kai attempts to distract Blackheart by hijacking her entrance tank, only to realize the armored vehicle isn’t impervious to kicks to the head when Tegan Nox enters and takes out her long-standing enemy. 

Things become even more crowded when Candice LeRae comes down to ringside to confront Nox for her involvement in the mockery of her household. While the ref deals with the drama at ringside, Kai and Gonzalez double-team Blackheart to allow Raquel the cheap victory.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

NXT Weekly Review for 05/27/20

Io Shirai & Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair & Chelsea Green

The Robert Stone Brand is elevated to royal status for a night as Green teams with The Queen to take on Charlotte’s ‘In Your House’ opponents.

Green proves her worth by taking the hit for Charlotte when Shirai launches herself at the pair via a Springboard, allowing Flair to use the ropes as leverage to get the pinfall.

Winner(s): Charlotte Flair & Chelsea Green

Keeping Up With The Gargano’s….Demands

Backstage, Johnny Gargano calls out Keith Lee for the North American Championship at ‘In Your House’. LeRae doesn’t want to wait until June 7th, and calls out Mia Yim for next week’s NXT!

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” – Candice LeRae

Zoom Zoom – Adam Cole and William Regal

Via video conferencing, Adam Cole is speaking to William Regal about the fact that The Undisputed Era deserves another shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships. The pair then switch gears to begin talking about Velveteen Dream and whether or not he’s deserving of another title shot. 

William Regal tells Cole it will most likely be Dream as the champion’s opponent at ‘In Your House’, which upsets Cole to no end. Regal pontificated on how both Cole and Dream crave the spotlight, which means that for ‘In Your House’, a location will be chosen that will give both men what they desire. Cole lays out the ultimatum that should Dream lose, he may never challenge for the NXT Title again. Regal agrees.

Leon Ruff vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This one is over as quickly as it begins. Fairytale Ending by Ciampa on Ruff for the victory; Ciampa never taking his eyes off of Scarlett who is at ringside.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Tick Tock

After the victory, Kross appears on the big screen to deliver a message to Ciampa.

I promise you, on June 7th, I’m going to make you feel something you’ve never felt in your life. Tick Tock. – Karrion Kross”

Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher

with Special Guest Referee: Kurt Angle

Oh it’s true! Recently fired Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is in the building to officiate this Cage Match between the former Tag Team partners.

Billed as a ‘Fight Pit’, this match is the closest thing to an MMA Match ever seen in the WWE (shout out to the Brawl For All). The only way to achieve victory is by a knockout (no response to the count of 10) or tap-out. 

Ultimately, Thatcher wins this via technical submission when he causes Riddle to pass out in a Rear Naked Choke. Though Riddle didn’t physically or verbally tap, the victory still goes to Thatcher.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

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