NXT Weekly for 11/29/22 (Six-Woman Tag Team Battle )

Welcome to the NXT Weekly for 11/29/22 review. We kick things off in the ring with limited commercial interruption.

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NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Roxanne Perez v. Indi Hartwell

The build for this match has been pretty good over the past couple of weeks. Vic Joseph pointed out that both ladies trained under Booker T, who said he was proud of both of them. The match was really exciting, with lots of believable near falls back and forth from both. Perez would pick up the win after Pop Rox.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Both ladies looked great in the ring in a solid effort. Perez has such a bright future, and Hartwell is a solid performer. Both can do well on the main roster.

Andre Chase and Duke Hudson were talking backstage about the accidental kick last week with Thea Hail. Hudson said he had a petition from the student body to get Chase into the Iron Survivor Challenge match. Grayson Waller came up to stir up trouble, and Hudson was going to take care of him for Chase.

NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Dijak v. Dante Chen

The former Dominik Dijakovic returned to the NXT ring and obliterated Chen for the squash victory.

Winner: Dijak

After the match, Dijak spoke about bringing his justice to NXT. Let’s hope this can be a nice reboot for him. Dijak has the look and talent, just needs a chance.

JD McDonagh was talking to Diamond Mine about Indus Sher is and The Creeds made him leave.

Up next was the Men’s Iron Challenge Match Discussion with the Hall of Fame Panel. I really liked how they presented this. It felt a lot like it was their real feelings about the NXT superstars. This discussion was about the men’s match.

The names that were brought up were Carmelo Hayes, Tony D’Angelo, JD McDonagh, Joe Gacy, Von Wagner, Axiom, and Grayson Waller. All would be fine choices, and several good points were brought up by the panel. Alundra Blayze called McDonagh old school. X-Pac said Waller was so full of himself that he could actually win this challenge.

X-Pac also called Hayes a heat magnet. HBK thanked everyone for their opinions and asked that they write down their five choices for the men’s match.

NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Grayson Waller v. Duke Hudson

This was a decent match, again showing Hudson trying to prove himself to Andre Chase and Chase U. Hudson made a mistake that cost him yet another match.

Winner: Grayson Waller

Javier Bernal is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage, and he tries to hawk some merchandise. Axiom walked up and said that since he is cleared to compete now, he’ll be more than happy to face Bernal in the ring tonight.

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NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Fallon Henley v. Kiana James

This was a solid outing for the ladies. Both of them seem to be progressing well in the NXT system and get a little better each time they are in the ring. The match was pretty even back and forth before James picked up the win with her 401K finisher.

Winner: Kiana James

Edris Enofe and Odyssey Jones were trying to cheer up Malik Blade backstage after Von Wanger ripped up his father’s sweater last week. Blade was ready for payback on Wagner tonight.

The Women’s Iron Challenge Match Discussion with the Hall of Fame Panel is up next. This was presented the same way as the men’s was earlier. The names mentioned were Roxanne Perez, Zoey Stark, Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade, Fallon Henley, Kiana James, and Alba Fyre.

Alundra Blayze, X-Pac, and Molly Holly were all so impressed with how talented Perez was for as young as she is. Road Dogg asked HBK why Hunter hasn’t called him to send Stark up. I agree with that. Blayze did mention the throwing of the title in the trash spot Jade did while they showed Blayze’s spot from WCW Nitro. That was pretty funny. HBK asked each of them for their list of five competitors.

Carter and Chance did their entrance for the six-woman tag. As Lyons is doing her entrance, Zoey Stark takes Lyons’s knee out. She is helped to the back while Toxic Attraction look on, making fun of her.

After Lyra Valkyria tells us she is coming to NXT, Electra Lopez says she’s ready to take on Indi Hartwell.

NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Axiom v. Javier Bernal

Axiom matches up so well against anyone. He’s very talented, and it showed here. He can do both aerial and technical moves. He’s good at selling to make his opponents look really good as well. The match was an exciting back-and-forth bout, with Axiom picking up the win.

Winner: Axiom

Nikkita Lyons was cleared by the trainer to compete in the tag match tonight and Pretty Deadly is going to have story time next week on NXT.

There was a different style face-to-face between Bron Breakker and Apollo Crews. This took place in a diner while Crews was getting ready to eat. Both guys showed confidence going into their NXT Title match at Deadline. Breakker left Crews to eat his meal. It was well done and definitely something different. I liked it.

NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Julius Creed v. JD McDonagh

The match was really competitive, and Creed looked great in another singles showing. He has promise as both a singles and tag star. Indus Sher eventually showed up to observe. Creed and McDonagh battled back and forth until McDonagh gets a chair. He swings at Creed but Sanga pushed him out of the way and took the chair shot instead. McDonagh apologized and ran away. Sanga told Creed he did it to keep them in top shape.

Winner by DQ: Julius Creed

Alba Fyre had a video package talking about how Ilsa Dawn cost her the NXT Women’s Championship.

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks meet up with Dijak in the parking lot. D’Angelo thanked Dijak for softening up Wes Lee for his in-ring return next week. D’Angelo is going after Lee’s North American Championship, is Dijak understood? Dijak said something like that but I don’t think it’s what D’Angelo wanted.

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NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Von Wagner v. Malik Blade

Blade was out for revenge against Wagner but didn’t really get it. Wagner didn’t quite wipe Blade out, but Blade did get some shots in before falling to the big man.

Winner: Von Wanger

After the match, Wagner beat Blade up some more, leading to Enofe and Jones to run out for the save. Jones and Wagner should square off in the coming weeks.

HBK announces the Iron Challenge participants. The men’s side has; Carmelo Hayes, JD McDonagh, Grayson Waller, and Joe Gacy. The fifth man will be determined by a triple-threat match between Von Wagner, Axiom, and Andre Chase.

The women’s side is; Zoey Stark, Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, and Kiana James. The fifth woman will be determined by a triple threat match between Wendy Choo, Fallon Henley, and Indi Hartwell.

NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
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NXT Weekly for 11/29/22
Kayden Carter, Katana Chance, and Nikkita Lyons vs. Toxic Attraction

The main event starts off with all six women fighting in the ring. Once it settled down, the tag match was pretty good. The main story was Lyons injured knee and if that would play into the finish. Toxic Attraction would keep focusing on Lyons’s knee when she was tagged in the match and eventually beat her when it gave out.

Winners: Toxic Attraction

This week had really good action all around. None of the matches felt out of place, and the Deadline build was good. Next week, we have the two wildcard matches for the final spot in the men’s and women’s Iron Challenge Match.

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