NXT Weekly for 11/15/22 (NXT Championship Match)

Welcome to the NXT Weekly for 11/15/22. Live from the CWC in Orlando, FL; here we go!

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NXT Weekly for 11/15/22
Bron Breakker vs. Von Wangner
(NXT Championship Match)

The show kicks off in the ring for the NXT Championship match between Bron Breakker and Von Wagner. The match gets going, and it is hard-hitting. This hoss fight has lots of big shots thrown by both men. It was a really good back-and-forth match. Wagner looked quite impressive in the ring and may have a bright future ahead of him. But, on this night, Breakker retains the title in a hard-fought match with a sudden spear off the ropes.

Winner – Bron Breakker (still NXT Champion)

After the match, JD McDonagh congratulates Breakker on his win and says that they aren’t quite finished yet. McDonagh is good, but I think it is time for Breakker to move on.

A little later, Apollo Crews talks to Breakker in the locker room and tells Breakker that he is coming for his title. This could be a really good match once they face off.

Zoey Stark is up next to explain her actions last week, turning heel on Nikkita Lyons after their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship loss. Stark talks about battling back from injury to earn a title match when she gets tossed into the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament instead and gets injured again. Stark says that she fought to get back from that while Lyons just poses on a beach. She’s the workhorse and is going to be a force to reckon with.

It was a really good promo to get the Stark heel turnover. I think she’ll do well as a heel. I’ve always enjoyed her work, so I’ll see what she can do with this.

Duke Hudson is backstage with Andre Chase, talking about last week’s match before Thea Hail enters the office. Hudson leaves, and Hail appears to be getting the hots for Hudson. She’s gotten over Bodhi Hayward rather quickly.

NXT Weekly for 11/15/22
Ariel Dominguez and George Cannon vs. Indus Sher (Sanga and Veer Mahaan)

It doesn’t really matter what the names of these two new recruits are. Indus Sher just demolishes them.

Winners – Indus Sher

After the match, Indus Sher says they are coming for The Creed Brothers. The Creeds say they are ready for Indus Sher and then getting back the tag team titles.

Wendy Choo talks about her opponent for next week, Cora Jade. She’s ready for Jade and plans on giving her two black eyes.

NXT Weekly for 11/15/22
Apollo Crews vs. JD McDonagh

This is another hard-hitting back-and-forth affair. McDonagh is always impressive. Crews seems to have found something coming back to NXT. There are some really impressive sequences in the match and it is definitely worth a watch. Crews picks up the surprising win here with a high-impact slam on McDonagh.

Winner – Apollo Crews

After the match, Breakker comes out to acknowledge Crews from the aisleway. Crews has certainly found something coming back to NXT, and it’s made him entertaining again. I can’t wait to see his match with Breakker, likely at Deadline.

Mandy Rose is backstage and says she’s ready for Alba Fyre tonight and will be the last woman standing.

Javier Bernal talks backstage about wanting to prove himself against the best NXT has to offer. Bernal wants to face Axiom (injured), Ilja Dragunov (injured), and Gallus (suspended) to show his true potential, but they are just holding him back.

Booker T is in the ring for the NXT North American Championship contract signing between Carmelo Hayes and champion Wes Lee. Both men explain nicely what the titles means to them before signing the contract. Trick Williams talks some trash and gets in Lee’s face. Booker shuts that down quickly to end it. That match is on for next week. I expect Lee to retain.

Dominik Dijakovic return vignette plays. He’s another that could use a reset in NXT.

Odyssey Jones, Edris Enofe, and Malik Blade are talking backstage about the significance of Enofe’s sweater vest. He says that is represents his father, and that gives us a reason for a future feud.

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NXT Weekly for 11/15/22
Briggs and Jenson vs. The Dyad (Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler)

The rest of Schism is out with the Dyad, along with Fallon Henley for Briggs and Jenson. I know that the Dyad are just rebranded Grizzled Young Veterans, but those are some interesting new names for them. The match was your standard tag team match before Kiana James gets in Henley’s face. They fight, and Jenson catches James so Briggs can get double-teamed by Dyad and pinned.

Winners – The Dyad

After the match, Henley was questioning why Jenson was more worried about James than Briggs. I really hope they don’t split them up. I like them better as a team than individually. I think they’d get lost in the shuffle as solo acts.

HBK Shawn Michaels appears to announce the new Iron Survivor Challenge match for NXT Deadline. There will be one match for the men and one for the women. The winner will become the #1 contender for their NXT Championship. The rules are as follows:

  • There will be five competitors in the match with a 25-minute time limit.
  • Two will start, and then one more will join every five minutes until all are in the match.
  • Whoever has the most “wins” when time expires, will be declared the winner of the match.
  • Wins can come by pinfall, submission, or disqualification.
  • Whomever scores a win will be awarded one point.
  • If you lose the fall, you will lose one point and have to serve a 90-second penalty in a penalty box.

This sounds like a different take on the Championship Scramble matches they used to have. It sounds interesting, and I can’t wait to see how they pull it off. I always like the Championship Scramble matches.

NXT Weekly for 11/16/22
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NXT Weekly for 11/15/22
Indi Hartwell vs. Tatum Paxley

This match was not all that bad. Hartwell is growing as a competitor, and I could see her main roster bound soon, if they want to continue the In-Dex story on Raw. I think Paxley is handicapped by the nose injury and having to wear the facemask in the ring. Let’s see what she can do once the mask comes off. Anyway, this is yet another solid win for Hartwell.

Winner – Indi Hartwell

After the match, Roxanne Perez talks to Hartwell about her match, and Hartwell is focused on getting into the Iron Survival Challenge match.

NXT Today for 11/15/22
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NXT Weekly for 11/15/22
Alba Fyre vs. Mandy Rose
(NXT Women’s Championship Last Woman Standing Match)

The match started off with them trading shots. Fyre locks in a half crab on Rose’s knee using a wrench after blocking a knee shot from Rose with a chair. Rose screams in pain as we rolled into the PIP break. Rose makes it out of the ring during the break and proceeds to no sell the knee attack, running around like nothing happen for about 8 minutes or so before it dongs on her she should have been selling the knee.

By this point, the match had fallen apart. Fyre gets Rose down on the announce table to set up the knockout blow when Isla Dawn randomly shows up and spits mist in Fyre’s eyes, causing her to fall off the ladder she was on and through the announce table. Rose makes it back to her feet to win the match.

Winner – Mandy Rose (still NXT Women’s Champion)

So, I’m left asking, what was the point of taking out Toxic Attraction if Rose just has to dominate her opponent in the end? The act is getting old and tired like The Bloodline did. Only problem is there is no female equivalent to Sami Zayn on the NXT roster to save the act. The match was not that good, with an even not-so-good finish.

Overall, the show was pretty good. Some new faces got some time in the spotlight to show what they can do in the ring. Breakker, Crews, Hartwell, and The Dyad all had solid matches. The last woman standing match is best forgotten about.

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