NXT Weekly for 10/7/20 | Review

This week’s show opens with a quick recap of the events from NXT Takeover 31 that saw Finn Balor retain his belt over Kyle O’Reilly; Priest stands tall over Johnny Gargano. Io Shirai was sky high over Candice LeRae. Santos Escobar held onto his Cruiserweight belt over Swerve Scott. Last, by not least, Kushida tapped out Velveteen Dream. This is NXT Weekly for 10/7/20.

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Tommaso Ciampa vs Kushida

Before the show even started, Tommaso Ciampa and Kushida had an altercation backstage, but that led right into the first match. This is the most aggressive Tommaso has been since his return to heeldom in NXT. Kushida riding high off his first-ever Takeover win, got out of the blocks slow. Ciampa took the match to the ground with a couple of different submissions and then a solid neck breaker, or as Beth Phoenix called it, gnarly offense. Ciampa continues to slow the pace with a chin lock.

Kushida finally started to mount a little offense. Still, Tommaso looked to continue his offensive prowess, but Kushida, with a handspring double heel, knocked Ciampa out of the ring before we hit the first commercial break. 1st thought here: Kushida needed to be booked a little stronger after a PPV win. There is plenty of time left in the match but having him come out and allowing Ciampa to mostly dominate is not the best of booking.

A Return To The Action

Back from the break, we see Ciampa teeing off on Kushida in the corner. Kushida fights back off the top rope, and Ciampa knocks him to the apron, and Ciampa was looking at the announce table. Kushida took advantage of Ciampa dreaming of putting him through the table, getting his kicks in, and reversing with a standing German suplex and into the armbar. Ciampa is finally on the defensive. Ciampa with a powerbomb and both men are down.

An exchange of right punches and kicks leads Ciampa with a fisherman’s suplex into two count pin attempts. Kushida looks to be in trouble here. Ciampa goes for the Fairy Tale Ending, and Kushida goes back to the arm he was working on earlier. Ciampa kicks Kushida off him, and Kushida fires back with a right. Now several stomps on Ciampa. The hoverboard lock is on, and Ciampa is struggling to get out. Here comes the Velveteen Dream, and this ends in a DQ. 2nd thought: Kushida gets shafted, and Ciampa is mad, but both are protected with the interference. Ciampa also looks like he is going after Dream.

Winner via Disqualification: Tommaso Ciampa

A quick snippet of the return former Women’s NXT Champ Ember Moon is shown.

Ember Moon is in the ring, ready to address the NXT faithful. She looks in amazing shape after that long layoff for the Achilles injury. Fourteen months off…but she is BACK! Ember’s Law: Basically, no one will walk over her and tell her what she is going to do…direct message to the main roster creative team. She follows up with Momma wants gold, which prompts Io Shirai’s music to hit, and she is marching to the ring.

Io is calling for the mic after a brief staredown. Next out is Rhea Ripley, and as she starts talking, Dakota Kai and Raquel attack Ripley which prompts Ember to help out Rhea. Regal has the mic and just set the main event. Kai and Gonzalez vs. Ripley and Moon.

Drake Maverick is strolling to the building, and he runs into Killian Dain. They still aren’t on the same page as a tag team. Drake just let Killian know they have a tag match tonight, and Dain still doesn’t look too happy with Maverick, and we head to the next commercial.

Io Shirai, getting interviewed backstage, asked why she didn’t help Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley? Io summed it up short and to the point, they aren’t her problem. He problem is defending the NXT Women’s belt.

Undisputed Era is back and Cole is proclaiming that Ridge Holland didn’t get the memo that they run NXT. Now Ridge Holland is on notice. O’Reilly was apologizing for not winning. Not sure where this is going, but two had face feels and the other two…not so much.

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Ever-Rise vs. Maverick and Dain

Dain and Maverick got new music, and Dain didn’t look too happy. This has a Team Hell No feel. This might be more comedic gold than anything—Dain with a hard target to Drake. Ever-Rise working well out of the gate and are working over Maverick. Maverick gets in a couple of kicks, and down goes Martel. Maverick winds up the arm and Maverick is looking for a tag, and Dain is alligator arming it allows Martel to take advantage of Drake.

Martel makes a mistake and goes after Dain with a cheap shot. Parker in and Dain breaks up the pin attempt. Martel is bad mouth Dain, and Dain drags Maverick to the corner and tags in. Dain is going to town. The Beast of Belfast is laying waste to both members of Ever-Rise. Maverick tags himself in as Dain was going to the middle rope. Parker from behind with the roll-up and Dain hits a pump kick. He picks up Maverick and powerbombs him onto Parker for the W. 3rd thought: Not sure why they need the comedy, but if it works, run with it. But in all honesty…it doesn’t fit on this show.

Winners: Drake Maverick and Killian Dain 

Maverick is dancing to the corny music in the ring. Dain lays him out again, follows that up by carrying Drake out of the ring.

Toni Storm promo. NXT is about to experience Toni Time! My two cents here, if you watch NXT UK, you know what Toni is capable of. But I completely see her being a heel here and tearing it up, and that is refreshing. The NXT women’s division is so deep and rich in talent; another superstar adds more depth to an already loaded talent pool.

The Gargano’s are going a segment complaining about having a bad Sunday, and they want rematches. Indy Hartwell sends Johnny and Candice a new TV. Candice is confused, and Johnny is more excited about getting a fire TV. If you are confused, you aren’t alone.

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Austin Theory vs. Leon Ruff

A battle of former Evolve talents—Ruff with a quick roll-up, almost upset Theory. Now Theory is trying to kill the newly signed Ruff. Ruff walked the ropes and got away from Theory, dropkick and nifty clothesline, and two count on Theory. Ruff working over the arm of Theory, he tried to climb the ropes, got cute, slipped, and Theory nails him with a Theory Cutter. Now Theory is taunting Adam Cole.

Winner: Austin Theory 

While jawing about being the future of NXT, Theory gets cut off, and the music hits and its Dexter Lumis, and he is stalking Theory. It looks like we are getting Theory vs. Lumis.

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Austin Theory vs. Dexter Lumis

Lumis floors Theory with a vicious sounding right. Now Lumis takes him corner to corner and is unloading. Theory trying to fight back, but Lumis reverses, Thesz Press and Lumis unloads on Theory. Now out of the ring, Lumis methodically stalks Austin. Back in the ring, Lumis scores with a bulldog for a two count, and we head to break.

Lumis continued to ground Theory during the picture in picture commercial. Theory finally gets a couple of lefts in, but Dexter used a knee to stop that and scoop slam, floored by the leg drop, gets another two count. Lumis with a shoulder squeeze nerve hold throws down Theory. This is all Lumis right now. As Theory is out of the ring yet again, and the ref starts a count.

Theory trips Lumis on the hard side of the apron and then tosses him into the steps and now back into the ring. Theory with a kick and punch lays out Lumis. Off the topes and a back elbow sends Lumis down again. Now a belly to back and two count, kick out by Dexter. Austin Theory with a chin lock and turns it into an armbar too.

Theory With A Fury

Theory with a clothesline and standing moonsault for another two count. Lumis struggling to get up, finally get to a knee, and Theory has done a solid job staying on Lumis and nails a suplex and another fall, but Austin still can’t get a three count. Theory doing some showboating again. Lumis is recovering and gets a quick uppercut on Theory and now a series of three and Theory with a snap mare and stomp on the chest, get another two count.

Theory again running his mouth, Lumis blocks the suplex, Theory with a float over off the ropes, and Lumis hits a nasty spinebuster on Austin. Lumis has a look in his eye that he wants to end this. A barrage of uppercuts and Lumis with a monkey flip out of the corner. Slingshot suplex and two count on Theory. Theory with a gut check, roll through dropkick, and Lumis is up like nothing hit him, and Theory is trying to run.

Lumis got him by the ankle. Side Effect on Theory and Lumis has the submission on, and Theory is out. The ref calls for the bell, and Theory loses again. Now Cameron Grimes hits the ring and hits the Cave In on Lumis. Message sent and received. 4th thought: This is just getting started with Grimes and Lumis, and it’s going to be a helluva ride.

Winner: Dexter Lumis via Submission

Backstage: Kai and Gonzalez say they are going to own Ripley. Dakota isn’t too happy with Moon returning to NXT and wants to send her to the back of the championship line. Lots of talking now, the heel team needs to back it up.

Grimes is going to the moon…making enemies never a good thing. He does carry himself like a redneck Mountie, and I mean that in the nicest of ways.

Recap of Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly. Not much to say; it was a solid back and forth match, very stiff. The only issue I had with it is, Balor should not be out mat wrestling O’Reilly. I also wish they had more of a build and storytelling. I think these two are just getting started and can up this game even more.

Ridge Holland pulling up at the arena in a Mercedes and he said last week he didn’t have one, this week he does and thank Adam Cole for that…interesting. Did someone pay to have Cole eliminated? Maybe a Fish and someone that is Strong? Maybe, both.

Priest getting interviewed backstage and puts the locker room on notice.

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Ridge Holland vs. Danny Burch

Beth and Vic bring up the fact that Holland got paid off. Barrett didn’t necessarily disagree. These two men are bruisers, and Burch is going to town on Holland right some massive rights. Holland trying to come back, but Burch with a middle rope dropkick. Holland right back up and stops a German suplex, but Burch finally scores with it and a big clothesline. Ridge powers up and breaks up the submission and runs over Burch. Holland, with Scoops and side slam, gets the W. 5th thought: Holland seems to have the rocket strapped to him. Noise has been brewing that Vince sees something in him.

Winner: Ridge Holland

Holland shows up Burch, who fights back only to get wrecked in the corner, and Lorcan hits the ring, and Holland dismantles Lorcan…but he is up and over the top rope as the refs check on Burch, and we have an all-out brawl going on. Holland turns Lorcan inside out with a clothesline. Wow, impressive. But Oney is getting up again. Over the rope crossbody and Lorcan is going to get his ass handed to him. Holland tried to catch him, and you can see the knee buckle, and it didn’t look good.

Now back to the Gargano’s house. Indy Hartwell sent a USB for the Gargano’s to watch. Candice is coming around. It seems like Indy wants to learn the Gargano way.

Thatch as Thatch can session. Speaking of peaks and valleys and striking when the opportunity presents itself. Thatcher is a solid mat wrestler, which is why NXT brought him in, but these promos of suffering and pain don’t come across great.

Now back to Holland and Lorcan after that Cross Body. Holland is being stretchered out. Wow, there is a big storyline killer.

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Xia Li

Shotzi has a Halloween tank, which is pretty wicked. Xia is smiling for now. But NXT has tipped their hat at the heel turn. Her outfit is getting darker and darker each outing. Shotzi comes out and throws a big dropkick, reverse sling blade, and Xia gets a couple right to stagger Blackheart. Knee and spin kick to the mid-section. Both women on the top rope and Shotzi plants Xia face fist. Senton Bomb and Blackheart picks up the quick victory.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart 

Shotzi is celebrating in the ring, and Boa comes out and hands Xia Li a sheet of paper. Xia rolls out of the ring as Shotzi keeps the party going.

Coming up next, Main Event Time!

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon & Rhea Ripley

Ripley hits the ring and is trash-talking with Kai and Gonzalez. I find this funny because Kai is hiding behind Raquel while doing it. Here comes Ember, same bad a** wrestler, new look. Seated senton on Kai and two count right off the bat. Snap suplex and Ember is telling Dakota to get up. Arm ringer and yank. Kai, with a handful of hair, takes Moon down. Tag into Gonzalez.

Moon tries to hurricanranna Gonzalez, didn’t work, but Moon does get some offense in. However, Raquel is too big, and Kai tags back in. Slap and Moon fights back. Off the ropes and Moon with a suicide dive onto Kai and then Ripley takes out Gonzalez with a rolling senton on the ground. Now Ripley’s leg, and she has Kai up; Kai wiggles out, and Gonzalez, with a blind tag and big boot from Gonzalez, sends Ripley crumbling to the mats on the floor.

Gonzalez is in complete control as she gets Ripley back in the ring for a pin attempt, but Ripley kicks out. Now a chin lock by Raquel on Rhea and Rhea attempts to escape but is floored again. Kai and Gonzalez with a fury of quick tags with Ripley trapped in the corner. Ripley goes down, and Gonzalez still can’t get the pin. Gut wrench into a standing backbreaker by Gonzalez on Ripley and Rhea is knee-deep in it right now.

NXT Weekly for 10/7/20
Ripley And Gonzalez Bring The Fight To One Another

Rhea, with a couple of elbows, gets out, but Gonzalez throws Ripley to her side of the ring. Ripley, with a quick shot, stuns Gonzalez, but not enough to make a hot tag. Kai in and tries to pin Ripley. Kick out. Now back to the slow down techniques. Ripley tosses Kai for a ride, and both women are down. Ripley tags in Ember, and she is a house of fire. She is hitting anyone and everyone. She launches Kai into Gonzalez and flatliner, and Moon is just going all in here. Gonzalez helps out Kai again, and now Moon has the tables turned. Kai with a kick and power slam and Moon kicks out at two.

Raquel picks up Ember, and she fights through, roundhouse rocks Gonzalez. Tag to Ripley, and she hits an electric chair on Kai. Gonzalez again saves Kai, KaiRopractor and Ripley kicks out at two. Sidekick and big right for Gonzalez. Tag to Moon big lariat and Gonzalez again saves Kai. Ripley takes out Raquel and Kai with a kick, and the big ladies are out of the ring. Moon with a powerbomb.

Ripley lifts up Gonzalez, and Kai kicks them over the announce table. She doesn’t see Moon on the top, and Moon hits the Eclipse! Last thought: We need Ripley vs. Gonzalez one on one and Moon and Kai one on one. Please give us more!

Winners: Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley

The final thought of the night: NXT was solid again. Moon’s return makes an already strong division even stronger. The one downer was the Holland injury. Don’t get me wrong here, we don’t know the extent of the injury, but if it is as bad as that looked, we won’t see who paid him and what the payoff is against Cole. Also, it looked like they were going toward Lorcan and Holland to further Holland’s dominance. That all gets put on hold.

I give this week a solid 7.5 out of 10 this week. NXT brings the action week in and week out, but they sometimes struggle to hold the storylines behind the action. Xia Li has a nice story building. Ripley and Gonzalez have something going, but they need to get to it, so the fans don’t get bored with teases. Grimes and Lumis could be super intriguing.

Until next week, let’s hope Ridge Holland isn’t too seriously injured. Stay safe.

Originally written by
Mark Maher