NXT Weekly for 1/17/23 (New Year’s Evil Fallout Show)

Welcome to NXT Weekly for 1/17/23, live from the CWC in Orlando. We open the show with a recap of last week’s New Year’s Evil show. It was a really good show and worth the watch if you missed it. We head to the ring for our opening bout.

NXT Weekly for 1/17/23
Carmelo Hayes and Trick Wills vs. Apollo Crews and Axiom

We get a really good match for our opener. They got a decent amount of time to tell a nice little story. Axiom is so impressive in the ring. Crews and Axiom worked well together and could be an interesting addition to any of the three tag divisions. Crews gets his win back and pins Hayes with a unique pin.

Winners – Apollo Crews and Axiom

I don’t think this feud is over quite yet. Perhaps we will see another singles match between Crews and Hayes or we could still keep it as a tag.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are talking on that bridge again. Tony D wants to reward Stacks for his loyalty as of late and makes him the underboss. It’s some story progression. I wonder if it leads to another family member or two?

Tiffany Stratton was complaining to McKenzie Mitchell about Indi Hartwell taking over her private dressing room. We get the video to show what happened and that should set up a match between the two next week. Yep, there’s confirmation later in the show.

We get a recap of the old Royal Rumble double elimination finish to last week’s NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal, which Toxic Attraction won. Speaking of, here they come. Now that Mandy Rose is gone, they barely get any reaction anymore. They try to pull off the old LayCool, and we’re gonna do it together spiel.

Lyra Valkyria saves us from them and said she would have beaten both of them had Cora Jade not interfered. Toxic Attraction attacks her so Roxanne Perez can make the save. Teddy Long calls in and books the tag match for our main event.

Ivy Nile is backstage trying to kick The Creed Brothers into taking Indus Sher more seriously, given the recent addition of Jinder Mahal to the team.

NXT Weekly for 1/17/23
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NXT Weekly for 1/17/23
Sol Ruca vs. Alba Fyre

This should be a really good match. Ruca has been very impressive in the ring lately. Wait, that’s it? Ruca hit her Sol Snatcher finisher for the win in a couple of minutes.

Winner – Sol Ruca

The Sol Snatcher finisher is uber impressive. I just wish we had gotten a proper match here.

Dijak wants Wes Lee’s North American Championship. I’m sure that’ll take place at Vengeance Day.

We have a sitdown interview with Grayson Waller. Waller talked about what happened during his New Year’s Evil NXT title match with the ring malfunctions. Waller talked about the Steel Cage rematch at Vengeance Day and this time he’ll take the title. Waller is really good in these promo situations, but he’s not going to win the title.

Alba Fyre was backstage holding a ref down with her bat when Kayden Carter and Katana Chance talked some reason into her. Fyre challenges them to a handicap match for the tag titles next week. It looks like Fyre is undergoing another character change or getting bumped to the main roster.

NXT Weekly for 1/17/23
Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) vs. Briggs and Jenson with Fallon Henley

The hard-hitting Gallus is back, and Briggs and Jenson were the welcoming committee. This was a hard-hitting fight. Both teams seemed to mesh well, and this was a fun tag match. Jenson gets taken out on a concrete floor spot to leave Briggs by himself. Kiana James comes out to help tend to Jenson to further that angle. Briggs can’t hold on by himself, and Gallus takes him out.

Winner – Gallus

NXT Weekly for 1/17/23
Valentina Feroz v. Thea Hail with Duke Hudson and Andre Chase

It’s the battle of NXT jobbers and Hail comes out on top in a quick match after the appearance of Elektra Lopez. Lopez tried to help Feroz, who didn’t want the help and got pinned.

Winner – Thea Hail

Vic Joseph and Booker T appear on screen so Joseph can announce the passing of Jay Briscoe. That was a really classy move and such a sad set of circumstances.

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The New Day come out for a promo in the ring. Pretty Deadly and Gallus eventually show up, and all three teams fight to set up the triple threat NXT Tag Team Championship match at Vengeance Day. I think New Day will keep the tag titles here.

Bron Breakker gets his sitdown promo time to talk about New Year’s Evil and Vengeance Day. Breakker is ready to defend his title. I think he’ll keep it.

NXT Weekly for 1/17/23
Javier Bernal vs. Tyler Bate

Bate is back and needs someone to beat, so here’s Bernal. The first Tyler Driver looked a little rough but Bernal appeared to be okay afterward.

Winner – Tyler Bate

We get some backstage spots to move along some of the night’s stories to get to next week, and it’s main event time.

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NXT Weekly for 1/17/23
Toxic Attraction vs. Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez

So many things wrong here. Toxic Attraction did not get a televised entrance (you know what that means). It’s just after 10 pm, so there’s not really any real-time left. The match was okay, with a real throwaway feeling to it. They worked really hard, but it just couldn’t really get into that next gear.

Cora Jade did the predictable run in to fight with Valkyria up the aisleway to the back, leaving Perez on her own. There’s the miscommunication spot and Pop Rocks for Perez to overcome the odds to pick up the win for her team.

Winners – Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez

If this is any indication of the triple threat match at Vengeance Day, then we are in trouble. Toxic Attraction cannot figure out if they are going to do a breakup angle, which would be stupid because the main roster is desperate for tag teams, or going to do a more annoying LayCool rehash. I just hope this isn’t Perez’s Liv Morgan botched SummerSlam title match finish match. Morgan has not recovered from that, and I don’t think that Perez would either.

The show wasn’t too bad this week. It progressed things towards Vengeance Day while keeping some weekly stories moving along. The two men’s tag matches are worth a look.

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