NXT UK Canadian Comprehension for 10/24/19 (Dar vs Seven)

This isn’t a typo or an error but rather a return of sorts. With Mark Blake continuing his assignment in Italy and researching which sunscreen is the most effective and how too many servings of lasagna is just too much! NXT UK Canadian Comprehension makes a return with the main event of Noam Dar against Trent Seven.

Imperium makes their way out to the top of the rampway much to the delight of those in attendance. They proceed to the ring to address the crowd. Marcel Bartel shares how they are the most dominant faction and introduces WALTER. WALTER says that no one compares with Imperium and their mat is sacred.

It was just then that Gallus interrupts them led by Joe Coffey. Joe laughs at WALTER who calls NXT UK ‘his kingdom’. Joe Coffey says that they are a harsh reminder of what is there. Mark Coffey refers to Walter as ‘Jolly Wally’ to which those in attendance repeat it. They said that NXT UK is their kingdom and that Imperium is just living in it. Wolfgang ends it by saying they are either Gallus or against us.

Xia Brookside at the NXT UK Performance Centre

Brookside shares how she is on an up after beating Nina Samuels. She shares that Kay Lee Ray cost her the opportunity at the NXT UK Women’s Championship and hopes that she will be around so that that will be the ultimate revenge.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Tom Phillps shares how it was Aston Smith who picked/asked Carter to be his tag partner after a challenge was made by Gibson and Drake. Drake and Carter start the match off with a collar and elbow tie-up in the ring.

Carter eventually gets the advantage and uses his strength to suplex Drake. Carter was then tagged into the match. Oliver Carter then hits a fireman’s carry into a neck breaker. After using James Drake’s prone body in the corner to aid him to backflip, he hits Gibson. The former tag champions regain the advantage. Drake then hits a backbreaker on Oliver Carter.

Then with the help of Zack Gibson, Smith hits a plancha over the top rope. After a forearm across the chin of Oliver Carter, the South African begins to make a comeback with the hot tag. Smith then takes the fight to both members of GYV.

Ashton Smith then hits a somersault plancha over the top rope onto both Drake and Gibson. Smith then hits a blue thunder bomb. He makes a cover but only for the count of two. Drake is then tagged in unbeknownst to Smith. Both members of Grizzled Young Veterans cut off the ring work together to hit the ticket to mayhem on Smith…1….2….3.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans

After the match, the winners beat down on the losers until the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, run to the ring to make the save.

Earlier Today

We get an interview with Tyler Bate who said that he will go with the flow and is looking forward to seeing A-Kid make his debut.

During the break

Gibson and Drake are stopped by Mark Coffey and Wolfgang to whom they said that the titles are coming back to them.

Ligero vs Travis Banks

The match was built up as though they both needed a victory coming out of this match. Banks and Ligero get the match going early on and attempt super quick pinfalls. Ligero eventually gets the advantage, but Banks begins to fight him off.

Ligero keeps his center of gravity low and he locks in a side headlock on Banks. Several pinning attempts are made by both men. Banks regains control temporarily. Ligero blocks Banks and ties in a pinning predicament.

Ligero is then caught until Banks hits a stiff shining wizard-like knee. Banks chops a seated Ligero repeatedly. Ligero seems to want more and has he comes back to his feet both men exchange strikes until Ligero takes out Banks with a kick. Banks then attempts another pinning attempt on one another. The pinfall attempts in this match are plenty with more than one backslide and both are counted down.

Winners: Draw

Both sets of shoulders are down and they equally seemed respectful of one another in defeat.

We see that two weeks ago, Jordan Devlin win his match, and Dave Mastiff comes to the ring. We then see last week how Devlin sucker-punched Mastiff, who then beat him down. Next week A-Kid makes his debut, and Dave Mastiff and Jordan Devlin go one on one with each other.

Noam Dar vs. Trent Seven

Dar comes out with Seven’s towel that has R.I.P written on it. As Seven attempts his entrance, Dar attacks him from behind. Dar beats on Seven and ties his hand to the ring post with the towel. He then dropkicks the prone Seven who is in such pain. Noam then comes charging in and Seven hits a Seven Nation Clothesline nearly taking off Dar’s head. Dar then hits a leg drop after a hip toss and follows up with a pinning attempt but only for a count of two.

Seven maintains control with a torture rack but attempted a burning hammer. He then hits a uranangi and Dar then hits a fisherman buster suplex. Dar continues to work on Seven with repeated boots to the head. He is then hip tossed into the ring ropes. Noam Dar then locks in an STF while working on the fingers ala Pete Dunn.

The referee begins to get counted out but makes it back in the ring by the count of seven. Dar attempts a Tyler Driver 97 but Seven regains control. Seven eventually hits a snapdragon suplex and then hits a tope suicido on Dar to the floor.

Trent then climbs the top turnbuckle and attempts a corkscrew moonsault but misses him. Seven then hits a fisherman driver but Dar kicks out. Dar and Seven are on the ring apron exchanging blows with one another with Seven hitting a staled DDT.

Trent hits a spinning back fist followed by a seven-star lariat.

He then makes a pinning attempt, but only for a count of two. While both on their knees both men exchange fists. Once back on their feet Seven clocks up his fist but misses it. Dar hits a double stomp and then a leglock and fights to the rope. Seven looks battered and beaten. Dar grabs the towel of Seven and then gets clocked with sidekick and a pinning attempt.

Seven jots a burning hammer after ripping at the fingers ala Pete Dunn and hitting a bop and bam ala Tyler Bate. Trent makes the pin for a count of 1….2…3.

Winner: Trent Seven

After the match we see replays of the exchange between both men and the wounded Seven climbs the ropes much to the delight of the UK faithful.