NXT UK American Assessment for 9/11/19 (Grizzled Young Veterans vs Andrews/Webster)

Following their successful title victory at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, the team of Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster will defend their newly won NXT UK Tag Team Championship against former champions, Grizzled Young Veterans. All this, and more, on this week’s episode of NXT UK!

The show opens with Imperium, being lead by WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter, making their way to the ring. “Tyler Bate” chants emit from the NXT UK fans in attendance. Marcel Barthel begins to speak, saying that Imperium’s arrival in NXT UK was necessary. Others will learn to accept their rules, teachings, and way of life. Alexander Wolfe speaks next, saying Imperium will protect the honor of the mat and professional wrestling. “British Strong Style” chants follow. Wolfe says that those who reject Imperium will experience pain and suffering. Walter takes the mic from Wolfe, saying that he disposed of Tyler Bate at TakeOver: Cardiff. To him, there is no one left to step up to them. This is the era of Imperium.

This brings us to the first match of the night!

Match 1: Danny Jones and Harry Green vs. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

Before the match even begins, Aichner and Barthel attack their opponents. Following the bell, Barthel continues the attack on Jones in the corner. Barthel nails a suplex followed by a penalty kick before posing over his fallen opponent. Aichner makes the tag before continuing the attack on Jones. Aicher toys with Jones before nailing two backbreakers. He then slams Jones into the corner, Green tagging himself in, albeit reluctantly.

Aichner starts to attack Green as well before tagging in Barthel. Green starts to fight back, but it’s short-lived, as the Imperium members catch him with tandem offense. Barthel grabs the fallen Jones and tosses him across the middle rope, leaving him open to a dual attack as well. The match ends with a European Bomb by Aichner and Barthel for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

Following the match, Walter slaps Jones across the face. Wolfe holds a weakened Jones in place as Walter nails him with a clothesline. All four members of Imperium pose in the ring to the jeers of the audience.

Last week, Sid Scala served as a last-minute replacement for Jack Gallagher, who was scheduled to wrestle Kassius Ohno. Though Scala was valiant, Ohno scored the victory. Earlier this week, in an interview, Scala considered Ohno underhanded in his victory. Nonetheless, Scala said that Johnny Saint suggested a rematch. Ohno thinks that he’s the greatest British wrestler on the planet, but next week, Scala will face him in a British Rounds Match. Scala reaffirmed that he will be ready.

Later tonight, Noam Dar will hold a press conference.

Match 2: Jordan Devlin vs. Ashton Smith

The two men exchange holds to begin the match, with Devlin slapping Smith across the face. Smith returns fire with a series of clotheslines of his own. Devlin goes for a sunset flip, but Smith counters, hitting a big dropkick. Smith executes a body drop. From the apron, Devlin rakes the eye of Smith before continuing the attack in the ring. Smith tries to fight back, but Devlin hits an uranage. Smith starts to fight back again, hitting a high knee in the corner followed by a running kick. Smith executes a big Death Valley Driver, but it’s only good for two. Devlin goes for a crossbody, but Smith catches him with a stalling suplex! 1… 2… Devlin kicks out!

Devlin counters another move by Smith, allowing him to hit a leaping cutter from the apron! 1… 2… Smith kicks out! Devlin goes to the top rope, but Smith stops him. Devlin tries for a moonsault, but Smith catches him with a superkick! Devlin then catches a running Smith with a Spanish Fly! Devlin ends the match with his Devlin Side for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Following the match, Radzi Chinyanganya was scheduled to interview Toni Storm, who isn’t present. This brings out Nina Samuels, who believes that the spotlight should be on her. She believes that the future of the NXT UK women’s division is the Nina Samuels Show.

From commercial, a video package plays detailing the British Rounds Match. Six 3-minute rounds will take place, with 30 seconds for breaks in between. To win, one must score two pinfalls, two submissions, one knockout, or be ahead on falls by the end of the final round.

Match 3: Shax vs. Tegan Nox

Nox goes for a handshake, but Shax responds with a slap. Nox hits a superkick followed by a fallaway slam. Nox then nails the Shining Wizard for the quick 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Tegan Nox

Following the quick victory, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray makes her entrance. Though Ray became the champion at TakeOver: Cardiff, everyone was talking about Nox. Ray that if Nox gets in the way of her spotlight, she’ll do to her what she did to Storm. Nox takes the mic, challenging Ray to a fight anytime, anywhere. Ray makes her exit as Nox stands strong in the ring.

The show cuts to Dar’s press reference following his victory over Travis Banks at TakeOver: Cardiff. Dar says that it’s time for him to mature, which leads him to announce that he is simply the best. Dar opens the floor to questions. Dar confirms that he held the conference to talk about how great he was. However, Dar takes umbrage to the triple threat tag team match being the best match at TakeOver: Cardiff. The camera cuts to Trent Seven, who is standing by the side and talking on his phone. On the phone, Seven tells Drake Maverick to take Dar back. This leads to an annoyed Dar leaving the conference room.

A small video package plays featuring clips from the Last Man Standing match between Joe Coffey and “Bomber” Dave Mastiff at TakeOver: Cardiff, which Coffey won. They are yet to be cleared to return.

Match 4: Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster (c) (NXT UK Tag Team Championship)

The match begins with Gibson of the Grizzled Young Veterans and Andrews, the latter taking advantage early on with Webster awaiting on the apron. Gibson makes the tag to Drake, who goes for a scoop slam. However, Andrews counters with a series of arm drags. Webster makes the tag as the champions’ attack Drake with a tandem offense. Andrews tags himself back in as the champions continue to work together to attack Drake. Gibson makes the blind tag and lays out Andrews with a clothesline before knocking Webster off the apron. Gibson keeps Andrews on the mat with a series of strikes. Gibson tags in Drake, who nails an enziguri followed by tandem offense from the former champions. Drake pins Andrews, who kicks out at two.

Drake mouths off to Webster before tagging in Gibson. They attack Andrews on the outside before bringing him back in the ring. Gibson focuses on the shoulder of Andrews, tossing him overhead. Gibson tags in Drake as the attack on Andrews continues. Drake keeps Andrews seated with a submission. Andrews hits the Stun Dog Millionaire out of nowhere before tagging in Webster in pursuit of the Grizzled Young Veterans. Off the hot tag, Webster attacks the challengers, capped off by a suicide dive on Gibson and a double underhook facebuster on Drake! Webster makes the tag to Andrews. Andrews soon tags Webster back before Drake rushes the ring.

Webster tosses Drake into the corner, but Gibson takes advantage with a double chop to the throat. Drake is tagged in and Grizzled Young Veterans hit the Doomsday Device on Webster! 1… 2… Andrews breaks up the pin! With Gibson and Andrews laid out on the outside, Webster and Drake fight in the ring. Andrews hits an inverted hurricanrana off the top rope on Drake! 1… 2… Drake kicks out! Drake tags in Gibson, who continues the attack on Andrews’ shoulder. Gibson cinches in the Shankly Gates as Webster goes up to the top, hitting a big senton splash on his opponent!

Andrews tags in Webster, who hits a big moonsault from the middle rope! Webster goes for a DDT, but Gibson catches him for a double team maneuver. However, Andrews drags Gibson to the outside as Webster gets a close pinfall attempt. Gibson makes the bling tag as he and Webster exchange roll-up attempts. Gibson slaps Webster across the face, but the champion starts to fight back. Drake makes the blind tag, avoiding a corner dropkick from Webster. The match ends with Drake inadvertently hitting Gibson with a superkick, leading to Andrews hitting Fall to Pieces for the 1… 2… 3 on the Grizzled Young Veterans alongside Webster!

Winners: Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

Andrews and Webster celebrate in the ring as this week’s episode comes to a close as they celebrate the win over the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Grizzled Young Veterans Webster Andrews
Photo / NXT UK