NXT UK American Assessment for 8/7/19 (Coffey vs Mastiff)

On this week’s episode of NXT UK, one feud comes to a head as “Bomber” Dave Mastiff squares off with Joe Coffey! This and more on this week’s episode!

Noam Dar vs. Ashton Smith

The match begins with a lock-up, Smith cornering Dar. From there, Dar floors Smith with an armbar, manipulating the hand and arm. Dar floors Smith with a shoulder tackle and runs the ropes, only to be hit with a dropkick by Smith! 1… 2… Dar kicks out! Dar whips Smith into the corner, but Smith counters. Smith goes to the top rope, but Dar indicates he has an eye injury. Dar takes advantage by dumping Smith to the outside and hitting a baseball slide. Dar taunts in the ring before making his way outside, rolling Smith back in.

Dar goes for a pinfall attempt, but Smith kicks out at two. Dar goes for another pin, but once again, Smith powers out. Smith goes for an enziguri, but Dar counters into an ankle lock. Smith reverses the hold and hits Dar with a big clothesline! Smith hits Dar with a pump kick and follows up with a running knee in the corner! Smith goes for a double underhook, but Dar kicks his opponent in the leg. Dar goes for another cover, but Smith just barely kicks out before three.

Dar sets up for the Nova Roller, but Smith is down. Dar goes to Smith, but he rolls up the Scottish Supernova for a near fall! Smith goes for a big leg lariat, but Dar evades, following up with the Nova Roller for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Noam Dar

After the match, Dar is interviewed in the ring. Dar boasts about the lucrative NXT UK contract he was offered, which comes with many benefits, including being the star player in every big game. Dar declares he will be at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff before making his exit. Who will his opponent be?

Earlier this week, Tyler Bate was interviewed regarding his match at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. He says that Trent Seven isn’t medically cleared but Bate is. He addresses Walter, saying he won’t let him disrespect the title any longer. Bate will become the first two-time WWE United Kingdom Champion.

Following the commercial, NXT UK Tag Team Champions Grizzled Young Veterans make their way to the ring. Zack Gibson takes the mic, saying that Gallus is petitioning for a title match. While Gallus has been on an impressive streak, they have been beating lowly opponents, while he and James Drake have been defending their titles against the best in the world.

This brings out Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus. Coffey, with a mic in hand, says that they haven’t been asking, but rather taking their championship match at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. This brings out Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, who make their way to the ring. Andrews says that they are two of the best teams in the world, but they shouldn’t get carried away. Andrews tells them that Cardiff won’t be without him and Webster.

Gibson asks Andrews and Webster why they deserve a title match since Gallus has been winning matches. Webster says that they’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long and that they can beat Gallus and Grizzled Young Veterans. Gibson says that they’ve already punched their ticket to Cardiff, but Gallus and the team of Andrews and Webster haven’t. NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint is the one that makes the matches. Gibson tells Andrews and Webster to earn their spot. Until then, the titles will stay “grizzled.”

Following a video package hyping NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, along with takes from various NXT UK stars, the show cuts to a backstage interview with Travis Banks. He says that Saint told Banks to earn his opportunity like everyone else. Andrews and Webster come out of Saint’s office, echoing Banks’ sentiment. While Andrews has been on a roll, Webster has recently been cleared. They have one goal in mind: to perform at Cardiff. If they can prove themselves over the next couple of weeks, they will receive that opportunity.

Jinny and Jazzy Gabert vs. Xia Brookside and Piper Niven

The match starts with Jinny and Brookside as the legal participants. Brookside immediately hits a dropkick and whips Jinny into the corner. Brookside tags in Niven, who hits a body splash in the corner. The tag is made to Brookside again, as she hits a kick to the back of Jinny. Brookside whips Jinny into the corner, but she reverses with a hurricanrana into her corner. Jinny hits a stiff forearm on Brookside, covering her for the near fall. Jinny tags in Gabert, who begins the onslaught on the smaller Brookside. Gabert taunts Niven before hitting a big scoop slam on Brookside. The tag is made to Jinny, who hits a series of forearms to the back of Brookside. Jinny whips Brookside into the corner, but the blue-haired star fights back, rolling through to make the tag to Niven!

Off the hot tag, Niven goes to town on Jinny, following up with a scoop slam. Jinny goes for another hurricanrana, but Niven hits her with a corner powerbomb! Gabert is tagged in and the two powerhouses start to exchange strikes. Niven hits a seated cross body on Gabert! 1… 2… Gabert kicks out! Brookside is tagged in and they hit a double team maneuver on Gabert for the near fall. Brookside attempts to whip Gabert into the corner, but she counters with a sidewalk slam! Gabert drags Brookside to her corner, with Jinny making the tag.

As the match continues, Rhea Ripley makes her way down the ramp. This catches the attention of Niven as the two rivals start to brawl on the ramp. This fight spills to the back as Brookside is left on her own. Jinny hits a big kick to Brookside’s head, but only got a near fall! Brookside hits the double knees and realizes that Niven is no longer in her corner. Nonetheless, Brookside insists that the match continue. Jinny and Brookside start to fire shots at one another, Brookside getting the better of the exchange with a bulldog. Brookside hits a hurricanrana after. Broken Wings to the back of Jinny! 1… 2… Jinny kicks out!

Jinny escapes Brookside’s hold, Gabert making the tag. Nonetheless, Brookside continues to fight on, hitting a cross body on her opponents. Gabert soon takes advantage, however, hitting the Dominator on Brookside for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Jinny and Jazzy Gabert

After the match, the show cuts to a video package hyping the NXT UK Women’s Championship match, at TakeOver: Cardiff, between challenger Kay Lee Ray and titleholder Toni Storm.

Following the commercial, the show cuts to Kassius Ohno interrupting an interview with Ilja Dragunov, who glares at Ohno, causing him to back out of the room. Next week, Ohno and Dragunov square off in the main event! Also taking place next week is a singles match between Webster and Mark Coffey!

Joe Coffey vs. “Bomber” Dave Mastiff

The match begins with both competitors exchanging shoulder tackles in a test of strength. They follow up by exchanging blows. Mastiff sidesteps a clothesline and hits a big hip toss! Coffey charges into the corner, but Mastiff is able to catch him for a German suplex. Coffey counters, but Mastiff goes for the German suplex again. This time, Mastiff hits the maneuver, Coffey ripping off the middle turnbuckle in the process. Coffey tackles Mastiff into the corner, the exposed steel colliding with the latter’s midsection. Coffey quickly takes advantage. The official asks Mastiff if he wishes to continue, which he does.

In the corner, Coffey plants several lefts and rights on Mastiff, whipping him into the corner to target the lower back. Coffey continues to focus on the body part in question, hitting a big backbreaker! Coffey wrenches the arm of the weakened Mastiff, who attempts a power slam, only to buckle due to the damage done on the back. Nonetheless, weakness and all, Mastiff finally hits a big scoop slam! Mastiff hits Coffey with a series of fists and plants him with a German suplex! Mastiff follows up with a back body crop. As Mastiff attempts to recover, Coffey rolls to the outside.

Coffey Mastiff
Photo / YouTube

Mastiff follows Coffey to the outside, targeting the damaged ears of his opponent. Back in the ring, Mastiff hits a series of back elbows to Coffey’s ear as it continues to bleed. Coffey goes for a crossbody, but his altered equilibrium causes him to stagger. Mastiff takes advantage of his weakness, only receiving a two-count. Mastiff hits Coffey with a clothesline as he’s on the apron before following. Coffey tackles Mastiff on the apron, causing the latter to hit the ring post back first! As they continue to brawl on the outside, the official has no choice but to count them out.

Winner: N/A

Following the match, officials check on Coffey and Mastiff. Mastiff taunts Coffey, saying he still wants to fight, as Gallus helps Coffey up the ramp. The crowd chants “let them fight” as the show comes to a close.