NXT UK American Assessment for 8/14/19 (Ohno vs. Dragunov)

In less than three weeks, NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff will take place with a show that features Kassisu Ohno vs. Ilja Dragunov. Before we get there, though, let’s dive deep into another episode of Wednesday’s NXT UK!

Mark Coffey (w/Wolfang) vs. Flash Morgan Webster (w/Mark Andrews)

Coffey hits a hip toss on Webster to start things off. From there, Webster goes for a crucifix pin before rolling through for a pin attempt. Coffey kicks out immediately and hoists up Webster, but the smaller talent evades. Coffey exits the ring, favoring the leg before Webster goes after him. This leads to Wolfgang and Andrews exchanging words, giving Coffey the opportunity to attack Webster from behind. Coffey rolls Webster back into the ring.

In the ring, Webster tries to fight back, but Coffey quickly regains control. He whips Webster into the corner and hits a backdrop, scoring a two-count. Coffey cinches in a seated chicken wing. Webster tries to fight back, but Coffey plants him in the center of the ring! 1… 2… Webster kicks out! Coffey goes back to the chicken wing, the crowd behind Webster. Slowly, Webster starts to fight back, kicking at the legs of his opponents. Coffey dumps Webster out of the ring before following after. Coffey rolls Webster back into the ring before taunting Andrews. This gives Webster the opportunity to hit a suicide dive before scoring a standing moonsault in the ring! 1… 2… Coffey kicks out!

Webster misses a jumping knee. Coffey hits an enziguri followed by a chokeslam! 1… 2… Webster kicks out! Webster goes to the top rope but is distracted by Wolfgang. Webster goes for a senton on Coffey, who evades. Andrews hits a rolling senton on Wolfgang! Coffey lays out Andrews on the outside! Back in the ring, Webster rolls up Coffey with the small package for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster

Following the match, the show cuts to an interview with NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm. Regarding Kay Lee Ray, Storm’s demeanor changes to a more forlorn one. Nonetheless, she says she’ll be ready for Ray before exiting the scene.

Moments ago, Jordan Devlin was being interviewed. Suddenly, the camera cut to a brawl between Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven, with officials having to break them up.

Kenny Williams vs. Travis Banks

Before the match officially begins, Noam Dar makes his entrance before joining Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness at commentary. The bell rings and Williams and Banks lock up. Banks takes Williams into a headlock before being shot into the ropes. Banks executes a backslide followed by a schoolboy. Williams goes for a Boston crab, but Banks escapes, the crowd chanting “Kiwi Buzzsaw” in support of the latter. Williams hits a running back elbow on Banks before going for a bulldog. Banks evades and hits a running knee strike! 1… 2… Williams kicks out!

Banks starts to pepper Williams with a series of low kicks. Banks hits a back kick before kicking Williams in the chest. Williams starts to shift momentum with a jawbreaker followed by a quick roll-up. Williams goes for a baseball slide on Banks, but Banks evades, successfully hitting a suicide dive on his own! In the ring, Banks goes to the top rope and hits the double stomp! 1… 2… Williams kicks out! Williams reverses a suplex attempt by Banks into a roll-up, which he kicks out of. Williams starts to build momentum in this contest. They exchange strikes and kicks, with Williams getting the better of the exchange. Williams follows up with a flying back elbow followed by a dive to the outside!

Back in the ring, Williams hits another flying back elbow! 1… 2… Banks kicks out! Banks hits Slice of Heaven followed by the Kiwi Crusher! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Travis Banks

Following the match, Banks and Williams show respect. Dar starts to taunt Banks from the announce desk. This prompts Banks to challenge Dar; this seems to be the beginning of a new feud.

Nina Samuels vs. Isla Dawn

The match begins with a lockup, with Samuels taking control of the wrist early on. Dawn reverses the hold, bringing Samuels to the mat. Soon, Samuels regains control, cinching in a straitjacket hold. Soon, Dawn regains control, going for a schoolgirl! 1… 2… Samuels kicks out! Back in the corner, Samuels picks up offense, getting a near fall on Dawn. Drop toe hold from Samuels on Dawn, followed by a chinlock. Samuels transitions into a front face lock before throwing Dawn into the corner. Dawn hits a back suplex! Dawn starts to lay in a series of strikes before going for a butterfly suplex! Samuels escapes, but Dawn drops her with an uppercut! 1… 2… Samuels kicks out!

Dawn kicks Samuels before going for a bridging German suplex! 1… 2… Samuels kicks out! Dawn goes for another German suplex, but Samuels latches onto the rope. As the referee separates them, Samuels hits a big forearm before executing the Nina-Goroshi! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Nina Samuels

Last week, “Bomber” Dave Mastiff and Joe Coffey squared off in a hard-hitting match. This level of violence resulted in them being counted out. It’s announced that they will have a rematch at NXT TakeOver: Cardiff, under Last Man Standing rules!

From commercial, the show cuts to a training montage with Walter, which shows him working with rookies, showcasing a drill sergeant-like demeanor. He even takes advantage of one of the rookies, demanding that he call himself Tyler Bate as he punishes him.

Next week, The Hunt will square off with Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner of Imperium!

Kassius Ohno vs. Ilja Dragunov

The match begins with a lockup, Dragunov playing the role of aggressor. Ohno catches Dragunov with a side headlock, but Dragunov counters with a nelson lock. Ohno catches Dragunov, but the latter is able to escape, going for a near fall. Dragunov returns to the neck, but Ohno knees him to release the hold. Dragunov doesn’t stagger following a stiff stroke from Ohno and goes for a big senton! Dragunov cranks the neck of Ohno in the corner before the official separates them. Ohno hits a low knee on Dragunov before whipping him into the ring post from the apron. Ohno hits a big boot on Dragunov!

Ohno cranks at the arm of Dragunov, who slowly rises to his feet. Dragunov pushes his opponent off and goes for a series of strikes. He charges at Ohno, who whips him into the ropes with full force. The official checks on Dragunov, who is hit with a big leg drop! Ohno goes for the cover, but Dragunov kicks out! Ohno takes control of the wrist, with Dragunov fighting back with chops and forearms. Ohno hits a running big boot on Dragunov before following up by planting the arm! 1… 2… Dragunov kicks out! Ohno traps Dragunov in a hammerlock suplex-like hold. Ohno hits Dragunov with several forearms, but Dragunov catches Ohno with a suplex!

Both opponents rise to their feet, Ohno in control of Dragunov’s wrist. Dragunov chops and strikes at Ohno before ripping him to the mat! Dragunov hits two clotheslines in the corner, two clotheslines in the center of the ring before Ohno catches him. Ohno goes for a roaring elbow, but Dragunov hits a lariat! 1… 2… Ohno kicks out! In the center of the ring, Dragunov attempts a piledriver, but Ohno counters by stomping on his hand. Ohno hoists Dragunov before dropping him to the mat. 1… 2… Dragunov kicks out! Ohno goes for another elbow, but Dragunov hits a striking combination! Dragunov powers Ohno up with a German suplex! With Ohno on the outside, Dragunov hits a suicide dive!

Back in the ring, Dragunov goes to the top rope, hitting a kick to Ohno’s wrist! 1… 2… Ohno kicks out! Dragunov goes back to the top, but Ohno catches him in the act. Dragunov, from the top, goes for a sunset flip and follows up with a powerbomb! Ohno, once again, kicks out at two! Dragunov returns to the rope, but Ohno shoves him off and to the outside! Ohno follows and tosses Dragunov into the ring posts before rolling him back into the ring! Roaring elbow to the back of Dragunov! Ohno pins Dragunov for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Kassius Ohno

Ohno Dragunov
Photo / NXT UK

Ohno, who just served Dragunov his first loss in NXT UK, stands tall at the stage as this week’s show comes to a close.