NXT UK American Assessment for 7/17/19 (Ohno vs. Andrews)

This week’s show opens with Assistant to the NXT UK General Manager, Sid Scala, who hypes the events to come including the main event of Kassius Ohno against Mark Andrews.

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner vs. Tyson T-Bone and Saxon Huxley

The match begins with Aichner and T-Bone. Aichner drops T-Bone with a shoulder block. T-Bone clotheslines Aichner, but Aichner catches him with a power slam. Huxley is tagged in. Barthel tags himself in as the Imperium members double team their opponent. Barthel kicks Huxley and follows up with a big uppercut in the corner. Barthel follows up with a series of strikes on the grounded Huxley. Both men exchange tags as Huxley is kept in the corner. Double team maneuver and taunting from Barthel and Aichner follow.

Barthel cinches in a chinlock on Huxley as the crowd wills the latter to his feet. Huxley starts to fight back with uppercuts and follows up with a short-arm clothesline. Aichner is tagged in and he pulls T-Bone from his corner before he can be tagged in. Aichner lays him out with a knee against the steel steps! In the ring, Huxley tries to fight back against Barthel, but Aichner attacks him from behind. Barthel is tagged back in. The match ends with an uppercut-powerbomb from the members of Imperium for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner

Backstage, Travis Banks is interviewed regarding his match against Walter, where he failed to win the WWE United Kingdom Championship. Banks expresses his disappointment, but his journey continues. He says that this is just the beginning.

Xia Brookside vs. Jinny (w/Jazzy Gabert)

The match begins with jaw-jacking between the two opponents. Brookside goes for a quick rollup, but Jinny kicks out. Brookside hits a dropkick after. Jinny takes control of the wrist and transitions into a headlock. Brookside takes Jinny down and follows up with a running crossbody! 1… 2… Jinny kicks out! Jinny slaps Brookside across the face, sending her to her knees. Jinny charges toward the corner, but Brookside evades, hitting her opponent with the double knees. Brookside goes for a low dropkick, but Jinny evades. Outside of the ring, Brookside stares down Gabert. This allows Jinny to pull Brookside back in. With the official’s back turned, Gabert attacks Brookside before rolling her back in the ring.

Jinny follows up with a series of strikes on the fallen Brookside. Though Brookside tries to fight back, Jinny regains control, locking her in a stretch on the mat. Brookside slowly makes her way to the bottom rope. Jinny returns to raining down on Brookside with strikes. Jinny whips Brookside into the corner, who gets the feet up. Brookside hits a hurricanrana! During the match, Gabert catches Brookside’s foot with the official’s back turned. Jinny takes advantage by rolling up Brookside for the surprise 1-2-3!

Winner: Jinny

The show transitions to a backstage interview with the four members of Imperium regarding British Strong Style. Barthel says that all that’s left is Trent Seven. Alexander Wolfe reaffirms this. Walter says that, in their match next week, he will break Seven’s back, taking him out like he did Bate.

From commercial, the show cuts to a selfie promo by Kenny Williams, who addresses Noam Dar. They will face off next week!

After last’s week show, when Gallus defeated “Bomber” Dave Mastiff and The Hunt, Gallus was interviewed. Joe Coffey said that they tamed The Hunt, but that’s not good enough. Coffey proclaimed that he will do the same to Mastiff in one-on-one competition.

Back at the venue, NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm makes her way to the ring. Before she can speak, the crowd breaks into a singing “Toni Storm” chant. She says that she thought Kay Lee Ray was one of her best friends, dating back to her early days in wrestling. Now, she wonders what happens to Ray, whose attitude changed. Storm knows that Ray has a championship opportunity, and she’s ready but is sick of the mind games.

This brings out Ray, who declares that they have their match now. Ray, however, turns around and says it isn’t happening. She says that she is going to make Storm wait until August 21st, NXTT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. Until then, Ray says that she will make Storm’s life a living hell.

Scala is interviewed backstage regarding the previous announcement. Though Storm and Ray will have their match, other women’s competitors will be involved. Next week, NXT UK will have the brand’s first-ever six-woman tag team match, with Ray, Jinny, and Gabert challenging Storm, Brookside, and Piper Niven.

Kassius Ohno vs. Mark Andrews

Early on, Ohno uses his power to take control, bringing Andrews down with a snap mare. Ohno focuses on the neck, grounding Andrews. They rise back to their feet, Ohno continuing to apply pressure on Andrews’ neck. Andrews counters, using his agility. He follows up with two dropkicks and an arm drag takedown, sending Ohno out of the ring. Andrews goes for a suicide dive, but Ohno catches him in midair, slamming him into the exposed steel of the bottom turnbuckle!

Ohno rolls Andrews back into the ring and hits a leg drop. 1… 2… Andrews kicks out! Ohno keeps Andrews grounded, focusing on the chin. Ohno chokes Andrews over the top rope. In the corner, Ohno hits Andrews with a chop across the chest. Andrews starts to fight back, but Ohno regains control, choking him across the middle rope. Ohno goes back to submission maneuvers, applying pressure to the throat. Ohno drops Andrews over his knee. 1… 2… Andrews kicks out!

Kassius Ohno Mark Andrews
Photo / WWE

In the corner, Ohno kicks Andrews in the midsection and keeps him there. Andrews goes to the top rope, but Ohno pushes him off and to the outside! Ohno follows and hits Andrews with a straight shot to the face. Ohno taunts Andrews, telling him he doesn’t belong in the ring with him. Andrews hits Ohno with a trio of enziguris, causing him to fall back to the outside. Andrews hits Ohno with a hurricanrana takedown from the outside! Andrews goes to the top rope and hits another hurricanrana! 1… 2… Ohno kicks out! Standing moonsault from Andrews! 1… 2… Ohno powers out again! Ohno chops Andrews across the throat, causing him to step back into the corner. Ohno hits a forearm to the back! 1… 2… Andrews gets the shoulder up!

Ohno gets Andrews onto his shoulders. Andrews tries to fight back, but Ohno drops him face-first! 1… 2… Andrews kicks out again! Ohno chops Andrews’ chest, but the smaller wrestler is resilient, firing back with a flurry of strikes of his own! Ohno stops Andrews’ assault with a knee to the chin. Ohno goes for a neckbreaker, but Andrews counters with an inverted hurricanrana! 1… 2… Ohno kicks out! Andrews goes for a tornado DDT and transitions into Stundog Millionaire! Andrews hits the tornado DDT! 1… 2… Ohno kicks out once more! Andrews goes to the top rope for Fall to Pieces! Ohno catches Andrews with a suplex followed by a big boot. Ohno hoists Andrews up in a tombstone piledriver position, but Andrews rolls through for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Mark Andrews

Ohno remains in the ring, in disbelief, as Andrews celebrates up the ramp as this week’s show comes to a close.