NXT UK American Assessment for (7/10/19)

On last week’s edition of NXT UK, the American Assessment covered the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match between titleholders Grizzled Young Veterans and challengers Moustache Mountain. As the match continued, the four-man faction known as Imperium stormed the ring. After laying out Trent Seven, they handcuffed him to the turnbuckle as he was forced to watch the physical dismantling of Tyler Bate. The United Kingdom Champion, Walter, capped off the attack with a series of vicious powerbombs. On this week’s episode of NXT UK, Seven speaks out.

Match 1: Ilja Dragunov vs. Ashton Smith

The match begins with Smith cinching in a headlock. Smith hits a shoulder block and a strike to the face, but the unphased Dragunov fights back with strikes of his own. Smith hits a shoulder tackle. Dragunov comes back with a running crossbody! Dragunov hits a chop followed by a senton. Smith catches his opponent’s leg and stomps away on the body part. Smith continues to ear down the leg, though Dragunov attempts to fight back. Dragunov hits a big Gotch-style powerbomb! Dragunov follows up with running tackles and a knee to the face. Smith escapes the clutches of Dragunov and hits a fisherman suplex! Smith covers Dragunov, but only gets a one-count.

In the corner, Dragunov fires back with an enziguri. Constantine Special from Dragunov! Torpedo Moskau follows and Dragunov scores the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Tonight, “Bomber” Dave Mastiff and The Hunt team up to take on Gallus in a six-man tag team match.

Two months ago, Jazzy Gabert made her NXT UK debut, laying out Xia Brookside and making a statement in the process. A few weeks later, Gabert was eliminated from the women’s battle royal before Jinny followed. Two weeks ago, Jinny and Gabert returned to distract Brookside during her match with Killer Kelly. Nonetheless, Brookside was able to score the victory.

In a backstage interview, Brookside says that the source of her problems is Jinny, who hides behind bigger people. Next week, Brookside gets a singles match against Jinny and will prove that The Fashionista is nothing but a coward.

Following commercial, Nina Samuels is seen at Download Festival, talking to random attendees before quickly becoming fed up with the environment.

Match 2: Candy Floss vs. Toni Storm

Floss and Storm shake hands in a show of respect. They lock up, exchanging holds to begin the match proper. Storm takes Floss down to the mat with a headlock. Floss reverses with a headscissors. Storm escapes the hold and extends a hand to Floss to help her to her feet. They lock up again, with Floss executing a headlock. Floss and Storm drop down to the mat in a show of comedic antics, but they quickly refocus.

Floss rolls up Storm for the one count. Floss focuses on the wrist while Storm attempts to roll through. Storm finally escapes and drops Floss with a strike to the face. Storm goes for the cover, but Floss kicks out. Storm executes a series of uppercuts, but Floss evades the last with a backslide, the champion kicking out. Floss goes back to the wrist and arm, bending back Storm’s fingers. Storm drops Floss with a kick. 1… 2… Floss kicks out! Floss rolls up Storm, who quickly kicks out. Inside cradle by Floss, 1… 2… Storm kicks out! Floss executes a series of strikes, but Storm returns fire with a running clothesline! 1… 2… Floss kicks out!

The match ends with Storm dropping Floss with Storm Zero for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match, Kay Lee Ray attacks Floss on the stage! Ray stands over the fallen Floss as she stares down Storm, who quickly rushes to the aid of her opponent. Ray escapes to the backstage area.

After the match, a video plays of Ligero, who says that he hasn’t had the best of luck with wins. He must reawaken his drive. He says that his mask gives him confidence. Ligero declares that there is hope for change and he will turn things around.

Seven makes his way to the ring to address what happened last week. He says that Bate has been hospitalized and injured. Nonetheless, Seven is still here and has been from the start. Seven says that Imperium declared the mat was sacred, but the truth is that the mat belonged to everyone. It is a ploy, according to Seven, for Imperium to change the rules, which resulted in Bate being incapacitated. Seven says that he is coming for Walter. This will be for Pete Dunne, Bate, and the Trent Seven Army! Seven doesn’t care about the title; he wants a fight!

After the commercial, Mark Andrews cuts a promo focusing on Kassius Ohno, who previously claimed that Andrews doesn’t belong in NXT. Andrews looks to prove Ohno, who he considered a hero, wrong. Next week, Andrews and Ohno square off in singles competition!

Match 3: The Hunt (Wild Boar and Primate) and “Bomber” Dave Mastiff vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey, Wolfgang, and Joe Coffey)

The final match of this week’s edition of NXT UK begins with all six Superstars in the ring, throwing lefts and right. Gallus is eventually brought to the outside while Mastiff and The Hunt stand tall in the ring. Gallus takes this opportunity to regroup. Mark and Wild Boar are the legal men to begin. Wild Boar tags in Primate and they execute a double team move. Primate assumes offense, but Mark takes control, chopping his opponent to the mat. Wolfgang is tagged in and he stomps away on the fallen Primate before forcing him into the corner. Wolfgang whips Primate into the opposite corner, causing him to drop to the mat. Wolfgang tags in Joe, who executes a series of body shots on Primate. Joe keeps Primate grounded with a submission. Primate starts to fight back, but Joe reassumes control with shoulder blocks.

Mark is tagged back in and continues the onslaught on Primate. He fights back, dropping Mark with a clothesline. Wild Boar is tagged in and hits a senton, followed by a shoulder tackle into the corner, on Mark. After hitting a big chokeslam, Mark tags in Wolfgang, who goes for a quick cover. Wild Boar manages to kick out. Wolfgang hits a running drop on Wild Boar before going for the cover, 1… 2… Wild Boar kicks out! Joe is tagged in as he hits body shots on Wild Boar before ramming him into the corner. Wild Boar tries to fight back, but Joe executes a spinebuster. Joe clutches in a bearhug on Wild Boar. After escaping the hold, Wild Boar tries to get to his corner, only for Joe to stop him in his tracks. Wolfgang is tagged back in. Afterward, Mark is tagged in. Joe tags into the match shortly after. Wild Boar goes for a running crossbody, but Joe catches him with a powerslam! 1… 2… Wild Boar kicks out!

Joe taunts Wild Boar and locks in another bearhug. Wild boar attempts to fight back, only for Joe to toss him back onto the mat. Joe hits Primate with a back elbow to knock him off the apron. Mark is tagged back in and stops Wild Boar’s attempt to tag in Mastiff, hitting Wild Boar with an elbow drop. Mark taunts Mastiff, which gives Wild Boar the opportunity to suplex him. Wild Boar finally tags in Mastiff! “Bomber” cleans house off the hot tag, capitalized by a German suplex on Mark. Joe is tagged back in but is quickly dropped by Mastiff. Mastiff goes for a cover, but Wolfgang breaks up the attempt. Mastiff starts to clean house on his own to the ovation of the crowd! Joe escapes a German suplex attempt by Mastiff before hitting him with a powerslam! Joe lays out The Hunt.

Mastiff hits Mark with a German suplex. The “Bomber” avoids Joe’s All the Best for the Bells attempt. Mastiff hits the Coffey brothers with a running cannonball, but Joe escapes, Mark taking the brunt of the attack. The Hunt hit stereo suicide dives on Gallus! In the ring, The Hunt go for stereo headbutts as well. In this chaos, Joe hits Wild Boar with an uppercut followed by All the Best for the Bells! 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Gallus

This week’s edition of NXT UK ends with Gallus standing tall before fading to black.