NXT UK American Assessment for 6/26/19 (WALTER vs. Banks)

The show begins with Travis Banks preparing for his upcoming WWE United Kingdom Championship match against Walter. While he realizes that he’s the underdog in this match, Banks is prepared. Tonight’s main event, as well as preceding matches, will take place this week from the Download Festival!

Match 1: Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Connors

Both men lock up to begin, with Connors bringing Andrews down to the mat while manipulating the wrist. Andrews rises to his feet and rolls through, bringing Connors down with a quick pin attempt. Andrews follows up with an arm drag, focusing on the arm afterward. Connors whips Andrews into the corner. Andrews goes for a low kick, but Connors counters with a low snapmare. Connors hits a neckbreaker before going for the pin, 1.. 2… Andrews kicks out!

Andrews brings Connors into the corner and hits a back elbow. He then follows Andrews into the other corner and grounds him with a lariat. 1… 2… Andrews kicks out! Connors stomps away on Andrews, who tries to fight back. Connors hits a knee to the midsection and follows up with a suplex. Connors floats over for the pin, but Andrews kicks out once again.  From the outside, Connors attacks Andrews, grinding his face against the ring apron. Back in the ring, Andrews tries to regain momentum with a series of strikes. Andrews slides under a clothesline and follows up with an enziguri. Andrews hits a northern lights suplex and goes for a standing moonsault, but Connors evades. Connors slides out of the ring, but Andrews hits a dive to the outside! In the ring, Andrews hits a standing moonsault! 1… 2… Connors kicks out!

Connors hits a buckle bomb on Andrews and follows up with an inverted slam! 1… 2… Andrews kicks out! Connors goes for a DDT, but Andrews rolls through with a cradle! 1… 2… Connors kicks out! Andrews hits Stun Dog Millionaire and finishes with Falls to Pieces! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Mark Andrews

Backstage, Walter, supported by his Imperium teammates, is seen preparing for his match against Banks. The show cuts to a segment with The Hunt, who are confronted by “Bomber” Dave Mastiff. Mastiff hypes The Hunt, who are ready to take the fight to Gallus.

After the commercial, Grizzled Young Veterans, dressed in suits, make their entrance. Zack Gibson takes umbrage with Jason Saint forcing them to complete at the Download Festival. He insults the crowd as well. He also says that he hasn’t heard any music from this festival, but rather noise and nonsense. Gibson, along with James Drake, does not want to be at the festival any longer than necessary. They will defend the NXT UK Tag Team Championship against Moustache Mountain, but until then, they will relax at their nice hotel room. Grizzled Young Veterans make their exit.

A video package plays featuring the budding rivalry of Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven. Nivens, who regards Ripley as a bully, claims that the former NXT UK Women’s Champion will get a taste of her own medicine. Next week, they will square off in singles action!

In two weeks, per the order of Saint, the trio of Gallus will take on The Hunt and Mastiff in a six-man tag team match!

Match 2: Killer Kelly vs. Xia Brookside

The match begins with Brookside throws a series of forearms at Kelly. However, Kelly starts to take advantage with strikes of her own. Brookside hits a headscissors takedown before following up with a dropkick. Kelly catches Brookside with a bridging German suplex, but the blue-haired Superstar kicks out at two and a half. Kelly wrenches back on Brookside’s wrist. Kelly cinches in a modified abdominal stretch, pulling the arm back. Kelly then pulls back on the eyelids of Brookside. Kelly follows up with a series of punches at the fallen Brookside.

Brookside starts to take advantage with a facebuster. As the match continues, Jinny and Jazzy Gabert stand at the stage, observing Brookside in particular. This distracts Brookside, which allows Kelly to capitalize with a strike from behind. Kelly rolls up Brookside, who kicks out at two. Brookside catches Kelly with a flash pin for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Xia Brookside

The show cuts to an interview with NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm, who’s asked about her upcoming title match with Kay Lee Ray. Storm says that Ray isn’t ready to make a date for her title match, which makes Storm believe that Ray’s all talk. Nonetheless, Storm is always ready, and she will be back in action in two weeks.

Match 3: Noam Dar vs. Ligero

Prior to the match, Dar taunts Ligero, using his entrance jacket as a bullfighter’s cape. The match begins with Dar forcing Ligero into the corner before playing with the horns of his mask. This causes Ligero to pursue Dar, who slides out of the ring. Back in the ring, Dar brings Ligero into a headlock. Dar continues to toy with Ligero, winding up the masked Superstar in the process. Dar goes back to the headlock, continuing to pull at Ligero’s horns. Ligero finally starts to gain offense, taking Dar down with a dropkick. 1… 2… Dar kicks out!

As the match continues, Kenny Williams makes his way to the ring with a steel chair in hand. Dar resumes control of the match, kicking Ligero off the middle turnbuckle. Dar hits Ligero with an uppercut before going for the pin, only for the latter to kick out at two. Dar finally takes notice of Williams before going back to Ligero. The masked Superstar hits a big clothesline on Dar and follows up with a seated kick! 1… 2… Dar kicks out once again!

Ligero goes for a springboard technique, but Dar evades. Dar cinches in an ankle lock, though Ligero escaped. Dar hits a fisherman buster! 1… 2… Ligero kicks out! Dar prepares for the Nova Roller, but it’s Ligero’s turn to evade. Ligero follows up with a series of strikes in a show of momentum, much to the approval of the NXT UK crowd. Dar kicks the back of the legs of Ligero before going to the top rope. Dar goes for a top rope maneuver, but Ligero rolls out of the way, causing Dar to seemingly land awkwardly. Dar falls to the mat, but while the referee’s back is turned, he motions to Williams to hand him the chair.

Williams goes to present Dar with the chair but pulls it back. Ligero surprises Dar with a roll-through pin for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Ligero

As Ligero celebrates, an irate Dar is left in the ring while Williams makes his way up the ramp. Following the match, a video recap of Banks confronting Walter last week plays. It’s also announced that Grizzled Young Veterans will defend the NXT UK Tag Team Championship against Moustache Mountain next week!

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Match 4: Travis Banks vs. Walter (c) (WWE United Kingdom Championship)

Banks begins by going after Walter’s legs with a kick. Walter responds with a headlock, taking down Banks to the mat. The two men continue to circle one another. Banks is cornered by Walter, who goes for a chop. However, Banks responds with a series of kicks. Banks evades a German suplex, but Walter props his opponent on the top turnbuckle, hitting a chop and pressing his knees against his chest. This causes Banks to roll to the outside while Walter waits for his opponent inside of the ring. Banks makes it to the ring at the count of 6.

In the ring, Walter resumes the onslaught with a series of strikes. Banks tries to fight back, but Walter floors him with a big boot to the face. Walter hits a big uppercut on Banks before focusing on the hand, stomping and bending it to his liking. Banks tried to kick at Walter’s side, but the larger Superstar overpowers him, stomping him across the throat. Walter goes for the cover, but Banks kicks out at two. Walter taunts the fallen Banks, nudging him with his foot. Nonetheless, Banks continues to fight, using his kicks to keep the UK Champion at bay. Finally, a solid kick is able to bring Walter down to the mat!

Banks strikes Walter with a series of chops and a solid forearm. Banks follows up with a dropkick to the knee and a shining wizard after. Banks dropkicks Walter into the corner. Walter goes for a dropkick of his own, but Banks evades! With Walter on the mat, Banks ascends to the top rope! Banks hits the double stomp! 1… 2… Walter kicks out! Walter catches Banks’ attempt at a high-flying maneuver and locks in the Boston crab. Banks pulls himself to the bottom rope. With Banks propped against the ropes, on the ring apron, Walter strikes him across the chest several times.

Walter tosses Banks into the corner and goes for a boot, but Banks avoids the move and hits Slice of Heaven! Walter rolls over to the ring apron. Banks traps Walter between the ropes and fires off with a series of kicks. Banks follows up with a running dropkick, sending Walter to the floor. Banks executes a suicide dive on Walter to the outside! Banks rolls Walter back into the ring, but as Banks gets to the apron, Walter hits a running big boot! On the outside, Walter hits a ring apron powerbomb on Banks! In the ring, Walter hits a second powerbomb for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Walter

Walter celebrates in the ring, the UK Championship in the air, as this week’s show comes to a close.