NXT UK American Assessment for (6/19/19)

Last week on NXT UK television, British Strong Style and Imperium squared off in six-man tag team action. The match ended when a hooded figure, revealed to be Alexander Wolfe, entered the ring and attacked an already weakened Tyler Bate. This allowed Marcel Barthel to pick up the victory for his team. Following the match, Wolfe stood alongside Imperium, aligning himself with the group in question. How will this new union shape the landscape of NXT UK?

This week’s episode of NXT UK takes place from the Download Festival in Derby, England. Also noteworthy is the absence of Nigel McGuinness, this week, who will be replaced by 205 Live commentator Aiden English. The former NXT Tag Team Champion will call tonight’s show alongside Vic Joseph. In the main event, multiple Superstars will compete in the NXT UK Women’s Championship number one contender battle royal.

Match 1: Kenny Williams vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno takes control of Williams early on, working various holds on the younger Superstar’s arm. Williams assumes a headlock, but Ohno takes control once again, bringing Williams to the mat. William leaps up and executes a legscissors, to which Ohno immediately goes for the ropes, breaking the hold. Ohno goes back to the arm. Williams escapes the hold and goes for Ohno’s leg. Williams cinches in a headlock and uses the ropes to flip over his opponent. Williams attempts a sunset flip, but Ohno stops himself. Ohno traps Williams in the ropes and stomps on his head. Ohno continues the attack before Williams finally escapes from the ropes.

Ohno brings Williams to the corner and chops him across the chest. Ohno goes for the pin, but Williams kicks out at two. Ohno executes a surfboard stretch. Ohno lifts Williams up and hits a roll-through known as the kamikaze crash. Ohno follows up with a senton, but Williams gets both knees up. Williams follows up with a series of strikes on the larger Ohno, who quickly takes control again with a chop. Ohno runs the ropes, but Williams counters with a roll-up! 1… 2…. Ohno kicks out! Ohno escapes to the outside, to which Williams responds with a baseball slide! Ohno follows up with a suicide dive!

Williams rolls Ohno back into the ring and goes to the top rope. Williams hits a diving back elbow! 1… 2… Ohno kicks out! Williams unloads with strikes and goes for the ropes, but Ohno catches him with a rolling elbow! 1… 2…. 3!

Winner: Kassius Ohno

As Ohno makes his way up the ramp, Imperium makes their entrance. Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner, and WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter advance toward the ring while wearing matching tracksuits. Barthel takes the mic as the crowd jeers and chants negatively. He makes it clear that they are not in NXT UK to entertain the fans. Instead, they stand on the “sacred” mat to restore the honor of their sport.

Aichner takes the mic as the crowd breaks into “we want wrestling” chants. He says that their numbers have increased, and their unit is now complete. Additional chants from the crowd follow. Aichner says that their values will be respected and obeyed. “We want Pete Dunne” and “Bruiserweight” chants follow.

With a mic in his hand, Wolfe says that he saw the opportunity to join Imperium and that it felt right. “Sanity” chants follow. Wolfe says that the group treats professional wrestling with respect. NXT UK, to him, is not a playground and that they will protect the legacy of the sport.

Finally, Walter grabs the mic and draws attention to Travis Banks, who has a UK Championship opportunity. However, Walter reaffirms that things will be done as Imperium sees fit. He says that the title match will take place next week. Walter says that while Banks is viewed as a brave, young man, he is a fool for thinking he has a chance of defeating him.

This brings out Travis Banks, who has a mic in hand. He says that he has no problem with the match taking place next week, and that he has waited for the opportunity. Banks tells Walter to bring everything he has.

Two weeks ago, The Hunt won their tag team match. However, their victory was short-lived, as Gallus attacked them on the stage, leaving them laying. Up next, The Hunt will face Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus in tag team action.

Following the break, a video plays of Noam Dar being interviewed regarding his lack of professional conduct in the ring. Dar says that he just came back from an injury. He then draws his attention to Williams, who previously lost to Ohno. Dar offers to take Williams under his wing, to which Williams declines. Dar says that Williams can be a good support act and start being “lucky” for a change.

Match 2: The Hunt (Wild Boar and Primate) vs. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey

The match begins with Primate and Coffey, both talents slugging it out. Not long after, Wild Boar and Wolfgang enter the fray. Coffey and Wolfgang are thrown out of the by The Hunt, who hit stereo suicide dives on their opponents! Primate and Coffey roll back into the ring, where they continue to exchange strikes. Primate is tagged by Wild Boar, who fits one senton after another. Coffey takes advantage with a punch between the eyes and a full nelson slam. Wolfgang is tagged in and resumes the attack on Wild Boar. Wolfgang cranks the neck of his opponent. Wolfgang tags in Coffey, who continues the attack. Coffey goes for the cover, but Wild Boar kicks out.

Coffey tags in Wolfgang once again. Wolfgang cinches in a full nelson on Wild Boar. Slowly, Wild Boar rises to his feet and backs Wolfgang into the corner. Coffey tags himself in and continues to isolate their opponent from his corner. Wolfgang applies a standing full nelson and forces Wild Boar back into the corner. Coffey and Wolfgang continue to exchange tags. Finally, Wild Boar escapes and tags in Primate, who quickly goes after the legal man in Wolfgang. Primate hits Wolfgang with a corner in the clothesline followed by a big overhead toss!

Primate hits a back body drop on Wolfgang. Primate charges, but Wolfgang evades, sending the wild man into the ropes. Coffey throws Wild Boar into the steel steps. In the ring, Coffey and Wolfgang execute their double finisher on Primate! Coffey pins Primate for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Wolfgang and Mark Coffey

Joe Coffey joins his Gallus partners in celebration in the ring. However, they draw their attention to the weakened Wild Boar. Joe floors Wild Boar with All the Best for the Bells and go after Primate after. This brings out “Bomber” Dave Mastiff, who was attacked by Gallus in the past. Mastiff enters the ring, but Gallus backs off, leaving the ring. Mastiff stands tall as the trio make their way back up the ramp.

Backstage, Moustache Mountain are interviewed regarding their NXT UK Tag Team Championship match, against Grizzled Younger Veterans, to take place in two weeks. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate say that their hands have been full in NXT UK, especially with Imperium. Nonetheless, their goal is to win the NXT UK Tag Team Championship and prove that Moustache Mountain is the best.

Match 3: NXT UK Women’s Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal

The match begins with everyone focusing on different opponents, Jazzy Gabert standing alone in the ring. Suddenly, a slew of competitors gang up on Gabert, who floors them one after another. Gabert eliminates Riho first and Kanji second, despite a valiant effort from the latter. Gabert focuses on Candy Floss next before dropping her with a Dominator. Jinny eliminates Candy Floss third. Kay Lee Ray is tossed out between the top and middle rope, so she’s still in the match.

In the ring, Gabert floors Xia Brookside with a clothesline. Jinny goes after Brookside, who kicks her away. Piper Niven lifts up Gabert and sets her on the apron. Brookside hits Gabert with a running dropkick to the legs; Gabert is eliminated fourth! This leaves Jinny alone in the ring as the other competitors eye her down. They take turns throwing strikes at Jinny. Brookside and Isla Dawn attempt to eliminate Jinny, but Gabert saves and brings her back into the ring. Officials demand that Gabert exit to the back. However, Brookside is successfully able to eliminate Jinny fifth!

Nina Samuels attempts to eliminate Niven, who is able to save herself. Rhea Ripley eliminates Killer Kelly sixth! Brookside and Dawn focus on Ripley in an attempt to eliminate her. Ripley eliminates Dawn seventh! Niven eliminates Samuels eighth! In the middle of the ring, Ripley and Niven exchange strikes, their heated rivalry on display. Niven hits Ripley with a cannonball in the corner. Niven attempts to go to the top, but Ripley stops her. They start to fight on the apron. Brookside hits Ripley with a dropkick! Ripley falls, but grabs Niven by the hair, both women hitting the floor! Brookside stands alone in the ring!

Suddenly, Ray leaps back into the ring and Brookside slowly turns to face her. Ray hits Brookside with a clothesline before dumping her over the top rope!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Ray stands tall, with an NXT UK Women’s Championship match in her future, as this week’s show goes off the air.