NXT UK American Assessment for (6/12/19)

When Imperium – the trio of Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner, and WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter – formed, it didn’t take long for them to gain rivals. British Strong, comprised of Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne, took the fight to them without hesitation. Tonight, these two trios will square off in six-man tag team action. This, and more, on this week’s episode of NXT UK!

Match 1: Xia Brookside and Isla Dawn vs. Jinny and Jazzy Gabert

The match starts with Dawn and Jinny. They lock up, Dawn gaining the advantage early on. She wrenches back on Jinny’s hand before bringing back her entire arm. Dawn tags in Brookside, who executes a double ax handle from the middle turnbuckle. She follows up with a standing headlock, but Jinny reverses the hold. Brookside whips Jinny into the ropes and hits a dropkick. Gabert tags herself in and locks in a standing armbar on Brookside. Using the ropes, Brookside escapes the hold and goes for a hurricanrana, only for Gabert to stop her in her tracks. Gabert tosses Brookside across the ring.

Gabert tags in Jinny, who stomps away on Brookside in the corner. Gabert is tagged back in, and Brookside makes the hot tag to Dawn. The Scottish Superstar strikes away at Gabert but is ultimately stopped by her. Gabert plants Dawn with the Dominator before tagging in Jinny. The match ends with Jinny getting the pin, following Gabert’s finisher, for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Jinny and Jazzy Gabert

Following the match, the show cuts to a video package featuring Ligero. He mentions that he was born with his right eye closed, and he had surgery at the age of eight to correct it. This resulted in bullying in his youth, which led to him finding confidence in wrestling under a mask. He says that fans will remember him for the identity he will always have.

The show returns to an interview segment with Kenny Williams, who is asked about Noam Dar. Williams says that he isn’t surprised by Dar turning on Mark Andrews. Williams says that Dar has always been a cheater. He also says that he will face Kassius Ohno next week, and all he has to do is stay lucky.

Match 2: Joseph Connors vs. Ilja Dragunov

They lock up to begin the match but soon break apart in an aggressive fashion. Dragunov corners Connors, who takes advantage with his offense. He then shakes it off, however, and strikes back with a chop. Ilja follows up with a jumping senton before cranking Connors’ neck. Connors soon rolls out of the ring and bits Dragunov. In the ring, however, Dragunov hits Connors with a jumping kick. Dragunov goes for a running crossbody, but Connors ducks, causing the Russian superstar to hit the ropes. Connors corners Dragunov and unleashed a flurry of strikes. Connors goes for the pin following a clothesline, but Dragunov kicks out.

Connors slows Dragunov down with a seated submission. Dragunov escapes the hold and both men exchange elbows to the face. He then hits a single leg knee attack, causing Connors to escape into the corner. Ilja hits a running clothesline into the corner and goes for another, but Connors evades and hits a sunset flip bomb into the corner. Dragunov hits Connors off a springboard and hits a Death Valley bomb into the corner. Ilja follows up with an overhead suplex. Dragunov hits the Torpedo Moscow! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Afterward, the show cuts to Toni Storm being interviewed. She says that everyone wants her NXT UK Women’s Championship, but she enjoys the pressure that comes with being champion. She says that Kay Lee Ray wants her title and welcomes the opportunity. However, Storm says that the title will remain with her.

Next week, every NXT UK female superstar will compete in an NXT UK Women’s Championship number one contender battle royal!

Travis Banks, in an interview segment, says that he came into NXT UK with plenty of hype. Banks spoke highly of his experience at the Royal Albert Hall, as a Kiwi Superstar. However, his efforts fell short, as his shoulder was dislocated. He said that his injury helped him regain his focus and regain perspective. At NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, he was brutally attacked by Jordan Devlin, which caused him to miss the event. This ultimately led to the fatal four-way, which Banks won, for number one contendership for the UK Championship. Banks says that it will take more than a chop, powerbomb, or anything else Walter throws at him. While winning the championship would be great, it would be even better winning it from Walter.

The Hunt is shown backstage, snarling and growling backstage. They target Gallus, saying that, next week, the hunt is on.

Match 3: British Strong Style (Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne) vs. Imperium (Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner, and WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter)

The match begins with Dunne immediately going after Aichner with a series of strikes. Aichner fires back with strikes of his own, keeping the former UK Champion grounded. Dunne whips Aichner into the ropes and hits him with a big clothesline. Dunne tags in Bate, both British Strong Style members stomping at the arms of Aichner. Barthel is tagged in, but Dunne dropkicks him, as well as Aichner. Marcel chops Bate across the throat and stomps away at him in the corner. Barthel hits a snapmare, followed by a rake of the face with his feet. Bate brings Barthel to the mat with an arm drag and tags in Seven. The former tag team champions perform a double team move on Barthel. Seven is struck with an uppercut and stumbles into the opposing corner.

Walter is tagged in and the champion backs Seven into the corner. He goes for a chop, but Seven ducks and hits a chop of his own. Walter is unphased and corners Seven, who executes a series of strikes of his own. However, Walter is finally able to hit a chop, flooring Seven. Walter hits a scoop slam and goes for a pin, only for Seven to kick out.

Walter tags in Aichner, continuing the assault on Seven. Aichner hits a high angle back suplex on Seven and goes for the pin, 1… 2… Seven kicks out! Walter is tagged back in. Seven tries to get to his corner, but Walter drops him with a big boot. Seven hits a series of chops, but Walter drops him with a slam! Walter tags in Barthel, who hits a knee drop on Seven. He then targets the arm of Seven with a kick.

Aichner tags himself into the match. Seven tries to fight off his opponents but is overwhelmed by Aichner and Barthel. Seven finally reaches his corner and tags in Dunne, while Walter is tagged in from the other side! Dunne unleashes a slew of offense on Walter. However, Walter hits a chop across the back of Dunne, followed by a sleeper hold. Walter goes for a German suplex, but Dunne rolls through.

Walter hits a big overhead toss! Bate and Aichner are tagged into the match! The two men exchange strikes, but Bate hits a hurricanrana, followed by an uppercut in the corner. Bate hits a jumping uppercut from the middle turnbuckle and then an exploder suplex! He then catches Aichner with an airplane spin and does the same to Barthel. Tyler hits Walter with Bop and Bang! Bate fights off all three members of Imperium for a moment but is ultimately overwhelmed. Dunne breaks up a pin attempt. Aichner hits a backstabber on Bate and Barthel follows up with the double stomp! 1… 2… Bate kicks out!

Aichner tags in Barthel, both men taunting the weakened Bate. Nonetheless, Bate fights back in gutsy fashion before tagging in Seven. Dunne tags himself in. Seven hits a Seven Star Lariat! Dunne hits the Bitter End! Bate executes a corkscrew splash! 1… 2… Walter breaks up the pin! On the outside, Dunne sends Walter into the steel steps, but Walter backdrops him onto the apron. Suddenly, a masked figure dressed in black approaches the ring. During this, Seven inadvertently knocks the official out the ring. The figure enters the ring and reveals himself as… Alexander Wolfe! Wolfe hits a sit-out powerbomb on Bate! Barthel covers Bate for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Imperium

Following the match, the three members of Imperium stand tall in the ring. Wolfe soon enters the ring and joins the team, posing with them as the fourth member of Imperium! The show ends with this closing image.

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