NXT UK American Assessment for (5/29/19)

Last week, the highly anticipated rematch between Pete Dunne and WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter ended in shocking fashion. As Dunne looked to be on the cusp of victory, the duo of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel interfered, assisting Walter in retaining his championship. Walter, along with Aicher and Barthel, stood tall over the fallen Dunne. What is the meaning of this alliance? How will it impact NXT UK as we know it?

This week’s show opens with the trio of Walter, Aichner, and Barthel, with the three men coming out to the former’s theme. Barthel takes the microphone, though the boos from the NXT UK crowd stop him from speaking several times. “Bruiserweight” chants follow. Barthel finally speaks, saying that they are here to lead everyone to a better NXT UK, to raise their flag, and restore the honor and professionalism of the sport. According to Barthel, they hold true power. He passes the microphone to Aichner, who says that Dunne can only get NXT UK so far and that British Strong Style has expired. They couldn’t lead the brand in the right direction and that the responsibility lies in their hands.

Finally, Walter takes the microphone, who says that the mat under their feet is sacred. From this day forward, they will be known as Imperium. As he speaks, Dunne makes his way to the stage, ring gear and all. Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, collectively known as Moustache Mountain, soon join him. British Strong Style makes their way to the ring and starts to brawl with Imperium. During the melee, a cameraman is knocked down, interfering with the feed. This brings the show to its first ad break.

Backstage, Sid Scala is interviewed regarding the brawl. Scala says that, in two weeks, Imperium will face British Strong Style in six-man tag team action.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang vs. Carlos Romo and A-Kid

Wolfgang immediately charges and attacks Romo from behind, clubbing away at him. Wolfgang tags in Coffey, who continues the onslaught. He tosses Romo from one corner to the next. Coffey follows up with a corner uppercut. Romo avoids another strike and goes for a roll-up, but Coffey kicks out at one. A-Kid is tagged in and executes several palm thrusts. However, Coffey catches him with a chokeslam. Wolfgang is tagged and keeps A-Kid in the corner. Coffey is tagged in once again and keeps A-Kid grounded with a submission. Coffey transitions into a full nelson, spinning the smaller opponent around. Coffey finally slams him to the match. A-Kid avoids a knee strike and tags in Romo, but he is quickly brought down with a chop.

The match ends with Wolfgang and Coffey executing a powerslam/enziguri combination on A-Kid for the 1… 2…. 3!

Winners: Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

Following the match, Xia Brookside is interviewed backstage regarding Jazzy Gabert’s attack on her. Brookside says that Jinny isn’t big enough to take her on, so she brought in Gabert to do her dirty work. Isla Dawn interrupts the interview and says that she and Brookside made magic in singles competition but suggests forming a tag team. The two women’s wrestlers leave the scene to talk in private.

Joseph Connor cuts a promo addressing Ilja Dragunov, issuing a challenge to the dominant NXT UK newcomer.

Next week, the fatal four-way match to determine the number one contender for the WWE United Kingdom Championship will take place. The match in question will feature Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, Dave Mastiff, and Travis Banks squaring off for a future championship opportunity.

Kassius Ohno vs. Jack Gallagher

The two combatants circle the ring. Ohno takes Gallagher’s arm and brings him to the mat, wrenching on the wrist. Gallagher performs a headstand escape followed by a headlock. They separate, but Gallagher catches Ohno around the back. Ohno twists the ankle of Gallagher. The 205 Live star rolls through in order to escape. Gallagher quickly goes to the lower body, which causes Ohno to back way into the corner.

Ohno returns his focus to Gallagher’s ankle before transitioning to the arm, wrenching it back. Gallagher escapes by executing a headscissors, keeping the bigger Ohno grounded. Ohno manages to escape as well and performs a nip up, taunting Gallagher after. Gallagher takes Ohno back down to the mat, but Ohno reverses with a slight single leg Boston crab. Ohno locks in a full nelson. Gallagher escapes by focusing on his opponent’s fingers and hand. Ohno flips Gallagher onto his back.

Ohno brings Gallagher back to the mat by both wrists, going for a few pin attempts, which are broken out of. Gallagher uses his legs to escape. Gallagher rushes into the corner and performs his signature handstand on the top turnbuckle. Ohno runs the ropes and stops when Gallagher drops down and assumes a technical position. Ohno elects to stomp away on his smaller opponent and follows up with a fist to the face. Ohno goes for the cover, 1… 2… Gallagher grabs the bottom rope!

Ohno starts to focus on the legs and it’s at this point that Gallagher’s bloody nose becomes noticeable. Gallagher floors Ohno with a series of mounted punches, showing a more aggressive side of his own. Ohno kicks Gallagher down to the mat and goes for the cover, 1… 2… Gallagher gets the shoulder up! Ohno goes for the rolling elbow, but Gallagher counters with a headbutt to the wrist! Gallagher dropkicks the wrist and fires away with several body shots. Gallagher rolls through with an armbar takedown and transitions to the injured arm with a triangle hold. Ohno starts to fight and lifts Gallagher, who fights back with a headbutt. Ohno counters with a senton.

The two combatants, clearly exhausted, start to exchange strikes. Ohno hits a rolling forearm! 1… 2… Gallagher gets the leg on the rope… 3! The referee didn’t notice! Ohno pushes Gallagher’s leg off the rope, taking the tainted victory.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

Following the match, Piper Niven is interviewed regarding Rhea Ripley. Niven says that she came to NXT UK not to talk, but to fight. If Ripley wants to fight, Niven will be waiting.

Nina Samuels vs. Toni Storm (c) (NXT UK Women’s Championship)

The match, accented by a pro-Storm crowd, begins with both competitors feeling each other out. Storm soon backs Samuels into the corner. Storm goes for a snapmare, but Samuels rolls through with a cartwheel. Samuels cinches in a headlock, which Storm escapes from. Storm kicks Samuels out of the ring and performs a cartwheel of her own. Storm hits a low dropkick on Samuels. 1… 2… Samuels kicks out! Storm hits three uppercuts and goes for another cover, but Samuels kicks out. Storm unleashes upon Samuels in the corner, but Samuels takes control. Samuels traps Storm in the ropes and hits a dropkick to the back. 1… 2… Storm kicks out!

Samuels locks in an armbar and whips Storm down to the mat by her hair. Samuels slaps Storm in the corner and uses her foot to choke her against it. Samuels follows up with a snapmare and goes for the pin, but Storm kicks out at two. Storm comes back with forearms in the corner, but Samuels resumes control with a drop toe hold, sending the champion into the corner. Storm goes for a German suplex in the corner, but Samuels escapes the attempt. However, Storm is able to execute the suplex the second time around. Storm goes for Storm Zero, but Samuels counters. Storm locks in a modified STF, though Samuels manages to make it to the bottom rope.

On the ring apron, Storm goes for Storm Zero. However, Samuels escapes and hits a corkscrew splash over the ropes! 1… 2… Storm kicks out! Samuels lifts Storm onto her shoulders, but the champion escapes, hitting a headbutt! Samuels remains in the match. Storm hits a bridging German suplex! 1… 2… Samuels kicks out! Samuels goes for an inside cradle, but Storm kicks out. Samuels hits a double underhook backbreaker before going for the pin. 1… 2… Storm powers out!

Samuels makes her way to the top rope, but Storm catches her at the pass. Samuels pushes her off and hits a missile dropkick! 1… 2… Storm gets the shoulder up again! Storm hits Samuels with another headbutt and hits two underhook suplexes followed by Storm Zero! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Toni Storm

The show concludes with Storm standing tall, NXT UK Women’s Championship in the air, as the leader of the NXT UK women’s division.