NXT UK American Assessment for (3/27/19)

WrestleMania weekend is going to be a big one for the NXT UK brand. At NXT TakeOver: New York, United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne will defend the title against the dominant Walter. Will the Bruiserweight continue his impressive title reign, or will the hard-hitting chop enthusiast make a name for himself?

Jordan Devlin vs. Dan Moloney

The match begins with Devlin sharply chopping Moloney across the chest. Devlin follows up with an arm drag, bringing his opponent into the corner. Devlin hits a second chop, following up with a third. Moloney regains control, returning fire with chops of his own. Devlin executes an ura nage, followed by a standing moonsault, but it’s only good for a two-count. Devlin whips Moloney on the ropes and hits a back elbow to his jaw. Jordan locks in a modified cobra clutch to keep Moloney grounded. Moloney breaks free with a knee lift, followed by two clotheslines. Moloney executes a back drop on Devlin, who escapes to the outside. Devlin guillotines Moloney and follows up with a springboard cutter into the ring. 1… 2… Moloney kicks out!

Devlin hits a big headbutt on Moloney but maintains control of his opponent’s right hand. Devlin follows up with a high-angle backdrop driver! Devlin goes for the cover, 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Later in the show. Mark Andrews will square off against new NXT UK signee Noam Dar!

Back in the arena, Kassius Ohno makes his way to the ring. Ohno says that NXT UK management told him to make an apology. The crowd in attendance is having none of it. Ohno brings out his phone and begins to recite his “apology,” speaking in regard to Ashton Smith, who he laid out in their encounter. He sends his “thoughts and prayers” to Smith’s family. Ohno finally cuts off his phony apology, saying that he couldn’t help himself, saying how gratifying it was to take away his opponent’s consciousness over and over. He chose to come to NXT UK because the brand, in his words, chose him.

Ohno says that he noticed one kid trying to be the hero, Travis Banks. Ohno says he didn’t travel halfway across the world to bother with Banks, and if the Kiwi Buzzsaw was across the ring from him, he would become busted and broken to bits.

We cut to a video package hyping Dave Mastiff, showcasing his strength in not only professional wrestling but athletics in general. In two weeks, NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm will defend her title against Jinny. This brings us to another video package, showcasing the challenger in question. Jinny was recently in India, representing NXT UK. She says that she is better than Storm, and that she, as India’s hero, will ultimately take the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Xia Brookside vs. Rhea Ripley

Starting off, Ripley shows a clear dismissiveness toward Brookside. Ripley takes control of Brookside’s wrist. Brookside follows up with a jumping standing headlock, but Ripley regains control of her opponent’s arm and shoulder. Brookside leaps up for a headscissors attempt, but Ripley drops her to the mat. Ripley goes for the cover, but Brookside kicks out at two. Ripley sends Brookside into the corner and executes several shoulderblocks. She follows up with a stalling suplex, floating into the cover. Once again, Brookside kicks out at two.

Brookside traps Ripley with an inside cradle, with Ripley kicking out at two. The two of them meet with a dropkick attempt, but Ripley gets the better of it. She grounds Brookside with a stretch, but the blue-haired wrestler fights out of it. She hits two dropkicks, but is trapped by Ripley, scrambling to the ropes. Brookside hits a running bulldog! She then follows up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Brookside executes the double knees to the back of Ripley, sending her into the corner. Brookside climbs to the top, but Ripley cuts her off at the pass. Ripley goes for a superplex, but Brookside counters, hitting a low dropkick in the tree of woe position.

With Ripley on the outside, Brookside goes back to the top. She comes off with a flying cross body on Ripley to the outside! Brookside rolls Ripley back into the ring, going to the middle rope. Middle knees to the midsection from Brookside! 1… 2… Ripley kicks out! Brookside evades a big boot attempt. Ripley overpowers her opponent, sending her into the corner. She then follows up with the Riptide! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Following the match, Ripley grabs the microphone. She proclaims that when anyone steps in the ring with her, they get ripped apart.  She addresses the rest of the NXT UK women’s division, telling them she is the most dominant woman. This brings out a newcomer to NXT UK: Piper Niven! The leather jacket-wearing Niven enters the ring, Ripley quickly leaving. Niven grabs the microphone and declares, “The most dominant woman in NXT UK? Not anymore!”

Backstage, Isla Dawn is interviewed in regard to Niven’s debut. She says that she is excited to see a fellow Scotswoman join the roster. This brings out Kay Lee Ray, who said that just because they’re all from the same country, they aren’t going to be friends. She follows up by saying that Dawn may be the next opponent she beats.

After the commercial break, we are treated to a video package showcasing Walter, detailing his work in outside promotions like xWx and PROGRESS. Various NXT UK talents and officials are also interviewed in regard to Walter’s strength and dominance. We cut to an interview with Trent Seven, who expresses displeasure in regard to Joe Coffey referring to him as deadweight. He says that while he’s a group player, not only in Moustache Mountain but British Strong Style, he will be waiting for Coffey in singles action.

We cut to an interview with Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel, who express disgust with Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams. They say that their popularity is due to the fans, who they were displeased with. They make it clear that there is nothing funny about professional wrestling, and that they are set to change NXT UK. If it means going through, in their mind, a comedy tag team, it will be done.

Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar

To start off, Andrews corners Dar. During their second lockup, Dar takes control of Andrew’s arm, taunting him after. They exchange attacks, but are able to evade one another in fast-paced fashion. Andrews grounds Dar, keeping control of the arm. Dar whips Andrews into the ropes, but Andrews follows up with a 619 to the midsection. Dar kicks at Andrews’ shin and dropkicks him out of the ring. The former 205 Live talent rushes to the outside to continue the attack, rolling Andrews back into the ring.

Andrews begins to fight back, but Dar crotches him on the top rope. Dar goes for the cover, 1… 2… Andrews kicks out! As the match goes on, Dar focuses on the left leg, which Andrews appears to favor. Andrews comes back with a series of strikes. Andrews slides underneath an attack by Dar, coming back up with an enziguri to floor his opponent. Andrews rolls through and follows up with a double stomp to Dar’s chest. Dar rolls out of the ring, but Andrews follows up with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Andrews hits a standing corkscrew moonsault! 1… 2… Dar kicks out!

Dar goes back to the left leg, going for an ankle lock. Andrews pushes off, sending his opponent out of the ring. Andrews hits a moonsault to the outside on Dar! Andrews makes his way to the apron, but Dar quickly dropkicks him in the legs, sending him back to the outside mat. Dar sends Andrews into the steel steps. Andrews rolls back into the ring, with Dar slowly following. Andrews rolls up Dar, but it’s only good for a two-count. Dar executes a grapevine ankle lock, going back to the leg. Andrews claws to the bottom rope and finally grasps it.

With Dar down, Andrews tries to climb to the top rope, but cannot due to his injured knee. Instead, Andrews goes for a seated springboard moonsault! 1… 2… Dar kicks out! The two men start to exchange strikes, but Dar goes back to the knee. Andrews goes for a backslide, 1… 2… Dar kicks out! Dar hits a clubbing blow to Andrews’ back. Andrews hits a surprise Stun Dog Millionaire! 1… 2… Dar kicks out once again! The match suddenly comes to a halt as both men lay on the mat, unable to continue. The official throws up the X, the crowd rising to their feet to show respect for both men. Upon review of the tape, it appears that Dar injured his knee following an inverted hurricanrana attempt by Andrews, where the former’s knee buckled. Dar and Andrews are ultimately carried out on gurneys, both competitors throwing up double thumbs up.

Result: No Contest

It’s announced that, next week, Isla Dawn with square off with Kay Lee Ray in singles action. On that same show, Trent Seven and Joe Coffey will square off.

Back to the ring, NXT General Manager Johnny Saint and assistant Sid Scala prepare for the contract signing. This will make the NXT TakeOver: New York match pitting Walter against UK Champion Pete Dunne official. Walter is introduced first to a positive reception from the NXT UK crowd. Dunne, the near 700-day UK Champion, comes out next and is greeted positively by the fans as well. Walter and Dunne stare each other down in silence before taking their seats.

Scala says that this upcoming match will be the most important in NXT UK. Walter pushes the mic aside and signs his name on the contract in front of him. He then pushes it toward Dunne, who takes the mic. Dunne says that Walter doesn’t have to say anything, since it’s not just the WWE Universe that wants this match, but so does he. Loud “Bruiseweight” chants follow. Dunne says that, at TakeOver: New York, Walter will know that NXT UK belongs to the Bruiserweight, and that the UK Champion will always be his. Dunne then signs his name on the contract. Walter grabs the mic, addressing him as “Peter,” telling him that he could put him through the table in the ring. Walter tells Dunne that his time is up and that, at TakeOver: New York, the reign of the Bruiserweight will end.

The show ends with Walter and Dunne staring each other down as we fade to black.