NXT UK American Assessment for (2/27/19)

This week’s episode of NXT UK comes to us from Phoenix, Arizona, and we will see a series of excellent matches! Not only will Kassius Ohno square off with Walter, but Grizzled Young Veterans, Zack Gibson and James Drake, will defend the NXT UK Tag Team Championship against Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan in the main event!

Match 1: Tyler Bate vs. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

The two competitors begin with chain wrestling, with both men attempting to get an advantage over the other. They lock up again, with Gallagher forcing Bates against the ropes. Gallagher takes down Bate to the mat and goes around to the back. Bate takes hold of Gallagher’s arm, bringing him down to the mat. Gallagher nails a headscissors, his legs around Bate’s neck to keep him grounded. Bate performs a headstand, escaping the hold, but Gallagher counters with another headscissors. Bate flips over and manages to escape the hold, much to the support of the NXT UK crowd.

Gallagher lures Bate into a leg submission, torqueing the ankle. Bate counters with a double wrist lock, flooring Gallagher in this technical bout. Bate grinds his elbow into Gallagher’s side before returning to the hand, bending the fingers. Gallagher counters with a double stomp to the knees, going back to the legs once more. Gallagher traps Bate with a bow and arrow lock. He continues to go after Bate’s legs, kicking at them. Bate counters with a wristlock, but Gallagher goes back around, targeting the thighs with kicks.

Bate fights back with a series of uppercuts, but Gallagher kicks him in the leg, sending him back down. Gallagher forces Bate against the ropes, but Bate counters with an airplane spin. Gallagher quickly counters with another submission. Bate is about to reach the rope, but Gallagher traps his arm, halting his progress. Finally, Bate uses his other arm to reach the rope. Gallagher and Bate exchange pin attempts, ultimately spinning around the ring to do so. After a series of one-counts, Bate surprises Gallagher with a roll-up, scoring the three-count and the victory!

Winner: Tyler Bate

Earlier this week, at the UK Performance Center, lead trainer Robbie Brookside led a training session. Outside of the ring, a brawl broke out between Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks. The trainers and talent separated the two talents, who have unfinished business.

We cut to a video package featuring Walter, showcasing his notable strikes and strength alike. We then shift to a video package showcasing Nina Samuels, one of the rising talents in the NXT UK women’s division.

From there, we cut to a selfie promo with Eddie Dennis, who said that he ruptured his pectoral muscle last year. He signed a contract with WWE later that year in May. He said that he will come back more vicious and vindictive than ever before. He also claimed that he will take down the NXT UK roster, one by one.

Match 2: Kassius Ohno vs. Walter

The match begins with a lock-up, Walter forcing Ohno against the ropes. They lock up again, in a test of strength, both men seemingly even in that regard. Walter, once again, pushes Ohno back against the ropes. Ohno traps Walter in a headlock, but Walter counters with a wristlock, flooring the veteran Superstar. Ohno returns to his feet and chops Walter across the chest a few times, the strikes having little impact. Ohno runs the ropes, but Walter takes him down with a shoulder block.

Walter hits Ohno with a big boot as he’s trapped in the ropes, sending him to the outside. Walter and Ohno begin exchanging strikes, but Walter gets the better of the exchange, hitting Ohno with a back drop against the ring apron. Inside the ring, Ohno stomps at Walter, who’s weakened on the outside of the ring. Back between the ropes, Ohno corners Walter, bringing him to a seated position with a series of forearms. Ohno cinches a three-quarters nelson, keeping Walter grounded. With “Walter” chants sounding throughout the venue, Walter escapes the hold, hitting Ohno with a massive scoop slam.

Ohno hits Walter with a stiff right hand, but Walter comes back at his opponent, the two powerhouses exchanging a series of strikes. Walter traps Ohno with a sleeper hold, but Ohno quickly grabs the rope. Walter hits Ohno with a chop across the back followed by a German suplex. As Ohno rises to his feet, Walter hits him with a big boot in the corner, followed by a seated splash. Walter covers Ohno, but he kicks out at two!

Walter hits Ohno with clubbing blows across the chest, but Ohno rolls over, pinning Walter for the two-count. Ohno comes back at Walter with a series of strikes, flooring him. Ohno goes to the top rope to hit a moonsault, but Walter moves out of the way, hitting a big dropkick. He then follows up with the powerbomb. Walter goes for the pin, 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Walter

We come back from commercial with a selfie promo from Ligero, who addressed Joseph Connors. Ligero said that the reason Connor lost was that he was so obsessed with the “shiny new toys” that he lost focus. Ligero expressed interest in facing Connor again; this match will occur next week!

Another bout that will take place next week will pit Devlin against Banks, both rivals squaring off in NXT UK’s first-ever falls count anywhere match!

Match 3: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

The match begins with Drake and Lorcan, the latter taking control of the former’s arm, keeping pressure on it. Lorcan hits a solid arm drag on Drake, tagging in Burch. Burch and Lorcan hit a double chop on Drake. In the middle of the ring, Burch takes Drake down to the mat. Drake makes the blind tag to Gibson, who stomps away on Burch. He then tags Drake back, both men hitting a double team splash on Burch. Drake goes for the cover, but Burch quickly kicks out.

Burch tags in Lorcan, who hits a series of chops on Drake. He then whips Drake into the corner. With the referee distracted by Gibson, Drake digs a thumb into Lorcan’s eye before tossing him out of the ring. Gibson and Drake double team Lorcan outside of the ring. Gibson throws Lorcan back into the ring, keeping him cornered with aggressive strikes, following up with a big clothesline. Gibson grounds Lorcan, shouting at him to give up. The NXT UK crowd starts to clap for Lorcan, who rises to his feet. The tag is made to Drake, who covers Lorcan, only receiving a two-count. Drake keeps Lorcan down with a nerve hold, followed up with a backbreaker. The tag is made to Gibson, who hits a back suplex. Gibson covers Lorcan twice, but the challenger kicks out at two!

Gibson tags in Drake again, who strikes Lorcan in the midsection. Drake cinches in a cobra clutch-like hold, but Lorcan fights against it. Gibson is tagged back in, but Lorcan evades his opponents, finally tagging in his partner. Off the hot tag, Burch hits a German suplex on Gibson and then on Drake. Burch hits Drake with a clothesline in the corner, followed up with a dropkick from the middle turnbuckle. Burch hits a powerbomb on Drake, going for the cover, but only receiving a two- count. With Gibson distracting the referee again, he is able to make the tag, both champions executing different types of offense on Burch. Gibson goes for the cover, 1… 2… Burch kicks out!

Gibson tags Drake back in, but Burch fends them off, tagging Lorcan back in. Lorcan hits a double blockbuster on the champions. The challengers then execute a doomsday device on Drake. Burch goes for the cover, but Lorcan is tossed on top by Gibson, stopping the count just before three. With Lorcan and Gibson now the legal men, Lorcan goes for a single leg crab on Drake. Gibson then locks in the Shankly Gates on Burch. With Lorcan and Gibson staring each other down, Gibson slaps Lorcan across the face, who returns fire with several slaps of his own. Lorcan hits a running uppercut on Drake. Lorcan follows up with a big senton out of the ring, colliding with the champions. Back in the ring, Lorcan and Burch hit a big DDT on Drake. Lorcan goes for the pin, 1… 2… Drake kicks out!

Lorcan tags Burch back in, both men looking for another tag team finisher. However, Gibson shoves Lorcan off the apron and to the outside. Drake goes for a pin attempt, Gibson keeping his partner’s legs on the ropes, but Burch kicks out! Gibson and Burch start to exchange strikes, but the champions hit Ticket to Mayhem! Gibson covers Burch for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans

Despite this week’s show being a three-match program, each match was unique in its own way and delivered to an eager crowd in Phoenix. Join us next week, as we cover more NXT UK action, including a falls count anywhere encounter between Devlin and Banks. Take care!