NXT UK American Assessment 4/17/19 (Gibson/Drake vs Jordan/Williams)

We leap across the Atlantic Ocean, as this week’s episode of NXT UK takes place in Brooklyn, New York. Despite the unique scenery, we are in store for action that fans have come to expect from the brand. Tonight, Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan team up to take on Grizzled Young Veterans. We will also hear from former United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne, who lost the championship to Walter at TakeOver: New York.

Match 1:
The Coffey Brothers vs. Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo

We start with Mark Coffey overpowering Mendoza, keeping him in his team’s corner. Joe Coffey tags in and throws a series of uppercuts. He goes for a back suplex, but Mendoza escapes and tags in Carrillo. Carrillo hits a handspring back elbow and follows up with a moonsault. Joe moves out of the way and tackles Carrillo into the corner. Joe repeatedly sends Carrillo into the corner and follows up with a backbreaker. Mark is tagged in, attacks Carrillo, and tags his brother back in. Joe keeps Carrillo grounded with a full nelson. Carrillo starts to will himself back into the match, but Joe cuts him off with a butterfly swing followed by a suplex. 1… 2… Carrillo kicks out!

Mark is tagged back in and the Coffey Brothers go for a double team. Carrillo evades and tags in Mendoza, who executes a series of fast-paced strikes on Mark. Mendoza executes a springboard dropkick on Mark and dropkicks Joe off the apron. Mendoza and Carrillo hit stereo suicide dives on the Coffey brothers. Carrillo goes for the pin on Mark, who kicks out at two! Carrillo hits a moonsault on Mark and Mendoza follows up with a 450 splash! 1… 2… Joe breaks up the pin!

Mendoza tries to roll up Mark, but Joe is able to attack him from the outside. Joe hits All the Best for the Bells on Mendoza! Joe goes for the pin, 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Coffey Brothers

We cut to a backstage interview with Kassius Ohno, who speaks about his mixed success. He says that a broken clock is right twice a day. Ohno stepped foot in NXT UK to show people the authentic UK wrestling style, and doesn’t think highly of other UK talents, specifically mentioning Ligero. Ohno says that while Ligero wrestled several matches, he believes in quality over quantity. They will meet in singles action next week!

Returning from commercial break, we watch a recap of Walter’s win over Dunne at TakeOver: New York, becoming the United Kingdom Champion. We hear from various talent and personnel regarding the match in question. The video ends with Walter confronting Jordan Devlin before silently walking away.

Match 2:
Kona Reeves vs. “Bomber” Dave Mastiff

The match begins with Reeves powering Mastiff into the corner before taunting his heavier opponent. They lock up, with Mastiff shoving Reeves into the ropes. Mastiff hits a shoulder block on Reeves, who staggers into the corner. Reeves attempts to hit a German suplex, but Mastiff overpowers him. Mastiff hits a back body drop on Reeves and hits a series of elbows on the side of the jaw. Mastiff goes for a running cannonball in the corner, but Reeves rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring, Reeves hits a big knee on Mastiff, who kicks out at two.

Reeves keeps Mastiff grounded with a stretch, the crowd attempting to will the latter back into the match. Mastiff escapes the hold and hits Reeves with a running cross-body. Mastiff hits a clothesline to the back of Reeves before following up with a German suplex. Mastiff hits a giant dropkick and successfully executes the running cannonball in the corner. Mastiff covers Reeves for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: “Bomber” Dave Mastiff

We cut to a backstage interview with Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, who hype their match with Moustache Mountain next week. Andrews says that he and Webster are looking to make their way to the top and become the first-ever Welsh champions in WWE history.

Mastiff is being interviewed after his match, only to be interrupted by Wolfgang, disgusted by the idea of Mastiff being a “strongman.” This confrontation quickly escalates to the point where NXT UK personnel must keep them separated.

Match 3:
Kacy Catanzaro vs. Rhea Ripley

Catanzaro uses her quickness to her advantage early on, evading Ripley’s strikes. Catanzaro pulls off an athletic headscissors from the apron into the ring. Ripley quickly takes control by beating her down in the ring and sending her into the corner. The former NXT UK Women’s Champion maintains an aggressive demeanor throughout the match. Ripley hits a big stalling suplex before going for the cover. Catanzaro kicks out at two, much to Ripley’s surprise. Ripley wrenches Catanzaro’s arm, but the former gymnast escapes. Catanzaro goes to the middle rope for a crossbody, but Ripley catches her. Catanzaro is able to roll through with a pin attempt, but Ripley quickly kicks out.

Ripley catches Catanzaro in the corner and executes the Riptide! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After the match, Ripley continues to beat down Catanzaro, executing a standing submission by her legs. She releases the hold, leaving Catanzaro in the ring to gather her bearings.

After the commercial, Ripley taunts Catanzaro backstage. Piper Niven steps forward, which causes Ripley to scowl and back away out of the frame.

We follow up with an interview with Jinny from earlier in the day. At a loss for words, regarding her loss to NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm, she simply walks away.

Match 4:
Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) vs. Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan

Prior to the match, Gibson grabs a microphone, hyping himself and Drake as the very first, history-making NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Gibson says that no matter where they are, they are the best tag team anywhere and that their titles will soon be recognized as the most important in WWE. They demanded that their opponents be from the NXT UK roster and that a non-title match between them in the United States is the closest that Jordan and Williams will come to championship gold.

After Williams and Jordan make their entrance, the match begins, Jordan and Gibson as the legal competitors. They lock up and Gibson brings Jordan to the mat, wrenching his fingers and wrist. Gibson maintains wrist control before Jordan escapes, hitting a dropkick on the taller opponent. Gibson tags in Drake. Jordan executes a monkey flip on Drake before tagging in Williams. Williams whips Drake into the ropes, but Gibson quickly pulls his opponent out of the ring to regroup.

Back in the ring, Williams and Gibson are the legal men. Williams attempts to roll up Gibson, who quickly kicks out. Williams hits a springboard back elbow on Gibson and follows up with a forearm into the corner. Gibson cinches in a side headlock before tagging in Drake, who’s met with a tandem offense by the champions. Jordan is knocked off the apron as well. Drake hits a running back elbow on Williams, sending him out of the ring, before tagging in Gibson. Once again, they double team Williams.

Gibson rolls Williams back into the ring and hits a short-arm clothesline. Gibson covers Williams, who kicks out at two. Gibson keeps Williams grounded with a submission and Drake tags himself back in. They keep Williams away from his corner. Drake hits a snap suplex and floats over into a cover, only for Williams to kick out at two. Drake executes a chinlock on Williams, who is able to escape. Williams attempts to fight off the champions to get to his corner, but Drake cuts him off at the pass. Drake hits a backbreaker and goes for the cover, but Williams kicks out again. Meanwhile, Gibson remains out of the ring, seemingly injured. Jordan makes the hot tag and takes the offense to Drake. Jordan rolls into the ring and hits a neckbreaker! 1… 2… Drake kicks out!

Jordan and Williams hit a double team maneuver on Drake! 1… 2… Gibson breaks up the pin! Drake rolls up Williams from behind, but he kicks out at two. Jordan hits a big senton on Drake and goes for the pin, but once again, Gibson drags his partner out. The champions start to be counted out, and while Drake attempts to make his way back into the ring, Gibson stops him and leads him up the ramp. The referee has no choice but to count out the champions.

Winners: Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan

Following the match, we cut to a backstage interview with Dunne. He says that he’s not simply going to walk away from the United Kingdom Championship after the loss. He also mentioned that he didn’t forget about the chase, back when he first challenged Tyler Bate. He lists off his various accomplishments and says that Walter was the man to give him the fight of his life. Now, Dunne knows what to expect and how to beat him. He vows to win back the championship. Dunne demands his rematch to close out this episode of NXT UK.