NXT Today for 11/29/22 (Six Women Tag Team Match)

In the upcoming of NXT Today for 11/29/22, we preview three matches slated to take place. Among these matches include a six-woman tag team match and two grudge matches between two women working their way to emerging as contenders for the women’s championship.

Although only three matches are being announced as of the time of this writing doesn’t mean there is still a great deal ahead of in preparation for NXT Deadline. We saw last week a challenge issued by The Creed Brothers against Indur Sheer. There was also further build towards Bron Breakker’s upcoming title defense against Apollo Crews.

However, the growing feud between Zoey Stark and Nikkta Lyons could prove to be the match to keep our eyes on. Fans can also expect to hear who the competitors in both the Men’s and Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge matches will be. Shawn Michaels will be joined by Road Dogg, Alundra Blayze, and Molly Holly to help in that announcement. Here is the preview for NXT Today for 11/29/22.

NXT Today for 11/29/22
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NXT Today for 11/29/22
Roxanne Perez vs. Indi Hartwell

After bantering back and forth, what appeared to be two fan favorites became a battle between two women, one of which didn’t feel she needed the help of the other. However, if the decision is to turn this into more than simply a one-off match between them, it could become something more.

One of the angles they could take with this match is that it becomes a case of how Hartwell was once considered the hot young prospect only to be usurped by Perez. Is this match more about not needing someone else’s help or simply being jealous of the opportunities others are being granted?

NXT Today for 11/29/22
Nikkita Lyons, Kayden Carter, and Katana Chance vs. Toxic Attraction

After an attack by Gigi Dolin, Jacey Jayne, and Mandy Rose on the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, the odds were in favor of Toxic Attraction. It would be during a backstage segment where Lyons offered to help them out as a means to even the odds. Lyons is fully aware of how Stark betrayed her.

Lyons also realized that she and Zoey Stark weren’t a real team. She knows full well that her time to exact revenge against Stark is coming. The question is will that time be on this night? Starks was tired of having to carry the baggage that was Nikkita Lyons. On this night, will it be about costing her team a chance to exact revenge against Toxic Attraction because the champions are ‘carrying’ her?

That said, a distraction can present itself in many different ways. Stark could show up, and her presence may be enough to cause Lyons to lose focus, let alone her physically getting involved in the match.

NXT Today for 11/29/22
Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James

After James recently got involved in Briggs and Jensen’s NXT Tag Team Championship match, enough was enough for Fallon Henley. She has grown tired of her getting involved and making her presence felt in matches that didn’t involve her. This match here against Henley provides James the vehicle to put her money where his mouth is.

In the case of Henley, she is as prepared as anyone to shut James up and move on. But will Henley be able to? Will her anger towards James blind her? Could, in fact, her frustration with James’ presence be enough to cause Henley to lose focus?

What To Expect

  • Wes Lee addresses the attack by Dijack after he successfully defended the NXT North American Championship.
  • Zoey Stark and Nikkta Lyons continue to build to their upcoming match at NXT Deadline.
  • Pretty Deadly and Mandy Rose to address potential opponents for their NXT Tag Team and NXT Women’s Championships, respectively.
  • We learn more about SCRYPTS.

What do you anticipate will happen this week in what could be a new era in NXT Today for the 11/29/22 edition of the show? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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