NXT Spring Breakin 2022

On the upcoming NXT 2.0 for 5/3/22, NXT presents Spring Breakin; five matches have been announced for the show. Of the matches included, one is a tag team match between a pair of brothers and former NXT Champions; another is a tag team grudge match between three emerging talents on the brand, a third is a newly transitioned NXT UK brand talent against one of the brands most disrespectful talents, another is a triple threat match for the NXT North American Championship and the main event is for the NXT Championship.

Within these five matches, which is the one that is likely to be the one the set forward plans for the future? Here is NXT Spring Breakin preview for 2022.

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NXT Spring Breakin
The Creed Brothers vs. The Viking Raiders

With the need to push Diamond Mine further, Roderick Strong was determined to set up the Creed Brothers to be tested. So on last week’s NXT 2.0, Strong put the Viking Raiders as the next challenge before the Creed’s. But unfortunately, both Julius and Brutus have come up short in their quest to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Despite winning the Dusty Classic this past year, they haven’t been able to get over the hump and bring gold to the faction. This hasn’t sat well with Strong, so it’s now crucial for the brothers to take this opportunity against Ivar and Erik to make a statement in the division. This battle of two tough and gritty teams will only benefit all involved, one being younger than the other.

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Nathan Frazer vs. Grayson Waller

Frazer’s recent transition to NXT 2.0 from NXT UK hasn’t been met favorably. Last week, Frazer was supposed to make his debut. However, Waller attacked Frazer’s opponent before the match began. After Waller’s attack on Guru Raaj (Frazer’s scheduled opponent), he ran down the entire NXT locker room before doing the same to Nathan Frazer. Waller is frustrated with the run of luck he’s received lately and won’t allow Frazer to walk in and assume his place.

To Frazer’s credit, he immediately made a statement. He went right after Waller with an impressive tope over the top rope onto Waller on the floor. Will Frazer add to Waller’s frustration in recent weeks in NXT 2.0?

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Tony D’Angelo & Santos Escobar
Sit Down Meeting

With the pride of Itay and Mexico behind them, D’Angelo and Escobar intend on settling their differences. But like any contract signing, the belief is that things will go awry. So Escobar gave a dose of D’Angelo’s own medicine. If things do go sideways and the two aren’t able to amicably manage to work things out between them, the risks for bedlam to take place are there.

Will the new Don of NXT manage to assert his place his new place on the roster? Or will the leader of Legado El Fantasmo ensure he is every bit the leader he ever was?

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NXT Spring Breakin
Cora Jade & Nikita Lyons vs. Natalya & Lash Legend

While Jade and Lyons can easily come together, the question is about their opponents. Natalya carries herself as the true Queen walking into the NXT women’s locker room. But can Natalya’s presence actually be a hindrance on Lash Legend? On the surface, the duo appears to have their sights set on taking on their foes. But if something doesn’t work out the way they plan for it to, will Natalya turn on Lash?

While that is a possibility, all eyes may be on Lyons and Jade. There is no question that Jade has been a threat for the NXT Women’s Championship. But the same could be said about Lyons. Nikita may be on a collision course to face Natalya, and that is a match fans may be excited about the possibilities.


NXT Spring Breakin
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NXT North American Championship
Triple Threat Match
Solo Sikoa vs. Cameron Grimes (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes

Of any match on the card that this previewer is excited about, it is this one. Two of the three involved are second-generation talents. Two of the three involved have held the NXT North American Championship as well. Grimes’ ascent to the top of the NXT North American Championship hasn’t been quick. After competing in the inaugural NXT Breakout tournament, Grimes has continued to battle to earn respect on the brand.

Grimes walks with confidence but not arrogance. For Carmelo Hayes, despite losing the title, doesn’t appear to have lost a step either. So while all attention could be paid to the former champion and the current champion is the Samoan Street Fighter that could walk in and beat both of them. So who walks out of NXT Spring Breakin as the NXT North American Champion?


NXT Spring Breakin
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NXT Spring Breakin
NXT Championship
Bron Breakker (c) vs. Joe Gacy

After weeks of tormenting Breakker’s father, Rick Steiner, and even capturing him at one point, the talking is done. All the mind games are over and it is Breakker’s time to assert himself and put Gacy in his place. Bron has seen how Gacy has dared to toy with family. Gacy has his work cut out for him. He may be able to try and get under the champion’s skin, but from a sheer size and strength standpoint, Gacy is outmatched.

Gacy now no longer has Harland at his side, and regardless of any faceless druids that may support him, Breakker has precisely what it takes to chew right through Gacy.

What To Expect

  • Toxic Attraction asserts itself in women’s tag team match.


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