NXT Roadblock 2023 Review

The NXT Weekly runs into a NXT Roadblock 2023 this week on its way to Stand & Deliver. Who will break through? Tiffany Stratton opens the show by running down tonight’s card.

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NXT Roadblock 2023
Tony D’Angelo (w/Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo) v. Dijak
(Jailhouse Street Fight)

The jailhouse match sorta returns as the only way to win this street fight is to toss your opponent into the cell at ringside and lock the door. This was a good choice for the opener. It was very action-packed, with some big bumps. Stacks got involved in key moments to help D’Angelo out of a jam.

The finish was set up where Dijak wiped out D’Angelo with his Feast Your Eyes finisher and tossed D’Angelo into the cell. As Dijak went to slam the door shut, Stacks blocked it with his body. Dijak took out Stacks with another Feast Your Eyes, which gave D’Angelo time to recover and take out Dijak with his ever-trusty crowbar. D’Angelo knocked out Dijak inside the cell and slammed the door shut to pick up the win.

Winner – Tony D’Angelo

The match was really good, and either could have won it at several points. D’Angelo seems to be the one with the push right now, so it was fine for him to win. Dijak does need to start stringing some wins together, or we should just rebrand him back to T-Bar.

Roxanne Perez is interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell with some quick thoughts on her main event title match against Meiko Satomura. Perez showed great confidence heading into the match.

Josh Briggs was talking to Kiana James in her office, and he noticed flowers on her desk that Brooks Jensen likely did not send her. James got defensive when questioned about them but told Briggs she’d call Jensen. The love diamond continues.

The NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus come out to cut a babyface promo on Pretty Deadly that did not go well. Pretty Deadly came out to offer counterpoints but the whole segment did not work. Even against Pretty Deadly, Gallus, as faces, is still a stretch.

Dragon Lee is hanging out amongst the NXT Universe to mark his arrival to the brand.

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NXT Roadblock 2023
Bron Breakker and The Creed Brothers (w/Ivy Nile) v. Jinder Mahal and Indus Sher

Breakker and the Creeds are wearing matching singlets. That’s team spirit. Is Diamond Mine still a thing? It’s not really mentioned anymore. Anyway, the match starts off with a show of power from both sides, as there is a lot of beef in that ring. Both teams were impressive throughout.

The faces did impressive dives onto the heels, and things just seem to break down into a fight. The action was sorta all over the place, and a little hard to keep up with it. In the end, The Creeds picked up the win for their team.

Winners – Bron Breakker and The Creed Brothers

I really liked the match. The pace was kept to keep you engaged and the right team won. Indus Sher should be able to bounce back from this defeat in short order.

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The Grayson Waller Effect show was up next with your host Grayson Waller. This week’s special guest is Shawn Michaels. Waller tried to compare himself to HBK getting held down by Vince McMahon back in the day. Waller tried shooting on Michaels on several different points, trying to get under his skin.

HBK has enough and tells Waller there’s no I in NXT, but everyone contributes a piece to make it work as a team. Michaels says that for the last decade, people have been sending the Brinks truck his way for that one special dream match. The drivers keep going to him so often that they have the address memorized.

Waller is just the guy doing it in 2023. While they won’t fight at Stand & Deliver, Waller will have his match with this person. Johnny Gargano’s music hits, and here’s Johnny Wrestling. Gargano gets a couple of shots in before Waller scurries away.

This actually makes sense as Waller was the guy to put Gargano out when he left NXT/WWE. Now that he’s back, this can be revisited for a quick feud.

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NXT Roadblock 2023
Gigi Dolin v. Jacy Jayne

Toxic Attraction explodes into a hot mess? Something was just off with the match. It almost felt like they had some time cut because something ran over. Dolin didn’t get a TV entrance, and they went to a picture-in-picture break not too long into the match. The finish just fell flat, with Dolin picking up the win on a very weak-looking crucifix.

Winner – Gigi Dollin

After the match, Jayne attacked Dolin to try to revive their interest in the feud. I’m guessing a rematch will take place at Stand & Deliver, which Jayne should win. Hopefully, they get more time and put something better together.

Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley were making up backstage over the recent “misunderstandings” when Josh Briggs walked up to them and mentioned Kiana’s flowers. Jensen acted like he didn’t send them, and then James called. Henley and Briggs knew something was up, but what?

Let’s hope this love diamond doesn’t turn into another shape. It’s not all that interesting, but at least they are getting some TV time for character development.

Bron Breakker is out for “unscheduled” promo time. He calls out Carmelo Hayes. Hayes joins Breakker in the ring, and Breakker said that they needed to do this. So, we have the Stand & Deliver main event set, Bron Breakker v. Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship. This should be an excellent match. Too hard to call right now.

NXT Roadblock 2023
Andre Chase (w/Chase U – Duke Hudson and Thea Hail) v. Joe Gacy (w/Schism)

Before the match, Tyler Bate was backstage trying to help Hail get over her fear of Ava. The match didn’t go long and started in picture in picture. Chase and Gacy went back and forth before Hail went to confront Ava to tell her she wasn’t afraid anymore. Chase celebrated with Hail so Gacy could wipe out Chase for the win.

Winner – Joe Gacy

It went the way the story was going, I guess. Chase University’s losing ways continue. Backstage, Hudson was upset at another loss for the university. He said that they are not a university but a bloody joke. Perhaps this is going to transition Chase U into a more serious team on a quest to become tag team champions.

Wes Lee was backstage with McKenzie Mitchell that next week will see another North America Championship Open Challenge. Axiom showed up and challenged Lee.

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NXT Roadblock 2023
Rozanne Perez v. Meiko Satomura
(NXT Women’s Championship Match)

It’s main event time with the only title on the line. The match was really good and given sufficient time to tell the story. Satomura worked the Japanese Strong Style throughout the match, giving Perez hard shot after hard shot one after another. The end result was never in doubt, though.

No matter how hard Satomura knocked Perez down, she fought right back up like a true champion. Perez would pick up the win on a rollup instead of her Pop Rox finisher.

Winner – Roxanne Perez (still NXT Women’s Champion)

After the match, Satomura insisted on presenting the NXT Women’s Championship to Perez. Satomura helped Perez to her feet and raised her hand. Perez then collapsed and face-planted herself into the mat. Referees and medics rushed to the ring with HBK, and Booker T. Perez is stretchered out to close the show out.

I expected Perez to win, but I didn’t expect the after-match angle. It’ll be interesting to see where that leads us to. Satomura made Perez look great, which was the point of this match. It was a solid win for Perez.

Overall, NXT Roadblock was pretty good. The picture-in-picture breaks was nice, but a few felt out of place and hurt that particular match’s presentation a little bit. The six-man tag and NXT Women’s Championship matches were probably the best of the night. The Jailhouse Street Fight was really good too. I can’t wait to see Dragon Lee in the ring. I’ve heard good things about him but have not seen any of his work.

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