NXT Weekly for 3/4/20 (Steel Cage Matches)

NXT has two steel cage matches in this show! That’s right…TWO! And what a HUGE NXT show that was! Those two matches inside a Steel Cage, crazy Johnny Gargano and much more. And here to run you through what happened is our very own Chris Small. Take it away Chris!…

Live from Full Sail University, NXT this week sees two of the most personal rivalries seen for quite some time come to a head in the most decisive of fashions: inside the confines of a steel cage! As always, the inimitable Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to another riveting episode of action featuring the best of the black and gold brand. And to kick things off is the first of two steel cage matches for the evening. Tegan Nox makes her way out to face off against her friend-turned-enemy Dakota Kai.

NXT Rewind - 4/3/20 (Steel Cage Matches)

Steel Cage Match
Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai

As Kai enters the arena, her equalizer is right by her side in the form of Raquel Gonzales. As the crowd erupts in dueling chants of “Let’s go Tegan” and “Let’s go Kai,” Nox is explosive in the early stages with a Shiniest Wizard followed by a Cross Body. The aggression of Nox pays off in gaining the support of those in attendance. Thunderous “Tegan” chants echoing from the rafters.

Kai rallies after a while and begins some offense of her own. But is thwarted by a quick roll-up attempted by Tegan. Followed by an attempted escape from the cage. Kai is quick on the chase and tries to halt Nox, only to be thrown from the top rope by her former best friend! It’s Tegan’s time to ascend the cage, where she locks eyes with Gonzales on the outside. Nox decides that revenge is more important than the win. She turns her attention back to Dakota and flies through the air with a magnificent Cross Body onto the weakened Kiwi.

Tegan attempts to escape through the cage door but is thwarted by Gonzales. The Welsh native decides that’s perfectly fine, so long as she can dish out more punishment. Which she does via a Shiniest Wizard for a near-fall! Gonzales is now in the cage and makes her presence felt by trapping Nox long enough to allow Dakota to escape through the cage door.

Winner: Dakota Kai

Finn Balor Delivers a Message

We throw to backstage, where The Prince is seen sitting with his head down low. Balor says he’s used to making the first move, but last week’s attack by Imperium has forced his hand. A message from Balor to WALTER: “See you, sooner than you think.”

Rhea Ripley’s Wrestlemania Journey

Ripley is seen in the Raymond James Stadium, the home of this year’s Wrestlemania. As the NXT Women’s Champion takes it all in, she speculates that she used to wrestle in front of crowds of 50-100 people. During that time, she was labeled as a “mini Charlotte.”

Rhea quotes the Flairs’ iconic catchphrase: “to be the best you have to beat the best.” Ripley finishes the promo by simply claiming she will beat the best at Wrestlemania.

NXT Takeover Qualifying Match
Chelsea Green vs Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart out first to the ring, followed by Chelsea Green who is accompanied by Robert Stone. The crowd is firmly behind Blackheart throughout the match with “Let’s Go Shotzi” chants. Lots of back-and-forth action between these two future stars of the NXT women’s division.

Ultimately Green is able to take advantage with a face lock, which she turns into an I’m Prettier for the win. Green is advancing to the No. 1 Contender’s Ladder Match at NXT Takeover Tampa.

Winner: Chelsea Green

Bask in Keith Lee’s Glory

NXT North American Champion Keith Lee is out to the ring to let those in attendance know what’s on his mind. Before he can speak, he soaks up a much-deserved hero’s reception from the NXT Universe. He’s not able to get a word in for several moments as the crowd quite literally Basks In His Glory.

Keith begins with “Greetings and salutations from the Limitless One”. He then goes on to address the former contenders to his title; respected opponents such as Dominik Dijakovic and Damian Priest. Before he can get much further in his musings, Cameron Grimes’s music hits and the 2nd generation grappler makes his way to the ring. He tells the champ that he shouldn’t be talking about anyone but Grimes.

Grimes lets Lee know that GM William Regal has granted him a championship opportunity next week. Lee responds by shoving Grimes out of the ring, stating “If you’re a star and I’m a five star and everything in between, next week is an equal opportunity ass-whooping!”

Austin Theory’s Delusions of Grandeur

Austin is seen outside the arena from earlier in the day. He’s reflecting on how crazy it is that he’s already one of the greatest in NXT history. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott interrupts, challenging Theory to a match later in the evening.

NXT Rewind - 4/3/20 (Steel Cage Matches)

Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly vs Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Undisputed Era and 205 Live are both proudly on display in the beginning moments via kicks and chops between Fish and Lorcan. Fish gets the upper hand and unleashes on Lorcan until Oney begins to Hulk Up (but without the racism) with each strike Fish lands. Bobby goes for a top rope maneuver, but Lorcan gets his knees up. That allows the momentum to shift long enough for the opposing man on each team to tag in.

Despite the trusty hot tag momentum, the advantage quickly shifts to UE as Fish and O’Reilly isolate Burch. Eventually, Burch makes it to his corner to tag in the rejuvenated Lorcan. He hits the ring with a European Uppercut, a Running Blockbuster, and a dive to the outside onto both UE members!

Oney’s offense is quickly silenced, however, when Fish and O’Reilly execute a tandem finisher for the pinfall.

Winners: Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly

Post-match, UE get on the mics and speak about how, while it’s good to get back to their winning ways, something isn’t right. The fact that “The Loserweights” have their titles doesn’t sit well with O’Reilly and Fish.


The Broserweights come out to the ring to let UE know that they’re down for a Takeover rematch if Fish and O’Reilly are game. However, new challengers emerge in the form of the Grizzled Young Veterans. Gibson claims that he doesn’t care about the rematch clause, all that GYV care about are becoming the world’s number ones!

NXT Rewind - 4/3/20 (Steel Cage Matches)

Austin Theory vs Isaiah Scott 

A very even match up at the beginning as Swerve and Theory deliver a barrage of elbows and kicks to one another. Culminating in a slugfest in the middle of the ring.

Kicks to the midsection of Theory allows Swerve to hit a Flatliner, but Austin is able to kick out. Theory rallies and delivers a Buckle Bomb, but Swerve retaliates by going for a submission that proves unsuccessful.

When all is said and done Theory is able to land the ATL for the win, pushing his narrative and legacy forward in NXT.

Winner: Austin Theory

Why Johnny Why?

Back from commercial break, Mauro Ranallo is at the Performance Centre with Johnny Gargano. Mauro speaks to Johnny being the heart of NXT but he also needs to know why Gargano attacked Ciampa at Takeover Portland.

Johnny begins the interview by speaking about how important Mauro is to NXT, how he tells the world the fighters’ stories. He asks Mauro if he remembers that Gargano was the only NXT superstar to show up to the New York premiere of his documentary. Mauro tells Johnny it meant more to him than he’ll ever know. Gargano mimics some of Ranallo’s most iconic calls on commentary. He talks about how he loves the nicknames and monikers given. But then… “Is that it? Is that all I am?”

Mauro tells Gargano he would like to think he knows who Gargano is, but he still needs to know why the sneak attacks on Ciampa. Johnny takes offense to the term “sneak attack”. Proudly proclaiming that he looked Ciampa in the eye before he did what he had to do. Mauro tries to calm Gargano down by empathizing, telling him he understands what Ciampa and Johnny have been through together.

Gargano vehemently denies this and tells Mauro that he has no idea what he’s been through. He also tells Mauro that deep down, Mauro knows “why”. But if he admits it he’s a liar. Johnny: “Are you a liar Mauro? And did you reach out to me after Takeover? Days later? NO! But that didn’t stop you from calling me ‘Johnny Turncoat’ on the air now did it?”

Mauro leaves the interview, telling the film crew he’s feeling uncomfortable in the surroundings. Johnny then grabs the camera and speaks directly to Ciampa, telling him next week he’ll see him where it all began.


Velveteen Dream vs. Roderick Strong

Our main event is underway with the second steel cage match of the evening. Before the cage door can even close Strong is all over Dream. Hitting his opponent with violent strikes that convey a very personal vendetta.

Dream becomes twisted in the ropes as Strong unloads sickening chops to the chest of Velveteen, screaming “you did this” into his face. Strong’s wife makes her presence known in the NXT Arena by slipping a kendo stick between the bars of the cage. This unfortunately backfired for the Strongs as Dream takes hold of the weapon and uses it on Roderick several times.

The match moves forward with several escape attempts with both men vying for position with the weapon. Near the ending moments, The Undisputed Era make their way to the cage as Dream is climbing down the outside. UE begins to climb up themselves, which prompts Dream to make his way back into the ring. Dream is able to launch the NXT Champion Adam Cole into the ring as Strong is attempting to escape via the cage door. Shockingly, Dream pushes Strong through the door, costing himself the match!

Winner: Roderick Strong

However, Velveteen Dream’s master plan is quickly revealed as he swiftly locks the cage door with Adam Cole still inside! Grabbing the kendo stick, Dream unloads on Cole, finishing off with a Dream Valley Driver, and then a shot to the face with the NXT Title!

The crowd realizes they have just witnessed a master manipulator’s machinations come to fruition. They reward him with a raucous chant of “Velveteen!” as The Dream poses with the belt and the program fades to black.