NXT Preview for 9/14/21 (NXT Championship Fatal Four-Way)

On the 9/14/21 edition of NXT, we preview the show and what is expected to take place. With only one match announced for the show, several surprises could take place. That one match scheduled to take place is for non-other than the NXT Championship. This past weekend, NXT Champion Samoa Joe announced that he would be relinquishing the Championship due to injuries. Whether these injuries were previously known and simply not undisclosed or they materialized recently, the result has left Samoa Joe off-screen. How soon will he return to action? While that remains to be seen, fans can anticipate that a new NXT Champion was slated to be claimed.

Fans can anticipate that the fatal four-way will be the match where everyone involved in this match is deserving of that opportunity. Who has the best opportunity of them all on this night? LA Knight may talk himself into a situation that isn’t likely to help his case. O’Reilly will likely scrap his way through the match. Pete Dunne will methodically tear apart his other competitors as he has in the past. Each of these men are hungry because with that hunger comes a new opportunity before them. Here is our NXT 2.0 to crown a new preview for 9/14/21.

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NXT Preview for 9/14/21
Fatal Four-Way

NXT Championship
Tomasso Ciampa vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne vs. LA Knight

As mentioned earlier, with Samoa Joe’s relinquishing of the NXT Championship, a new champion was slated to be crowned. What was determined was this number one contender’s match would now become a championship match-up. Of all four of these men, two have held either the NXT or NXT UK Championship at some point in their careers. Additionally, each of these men has held championships in NXT. With that in mind, they are easily considered threats for the title as none of these men are strangers to having gold.

Also, while the odds are even in this match, each of these men has the same chance as the other two men may be perennial frontrunners to hold the championship. Pete Dunne and Kyle O’Reilly were the most active in their quest to capture the title. However, Tomasso Ciampa and Kyle O’Reilly equally have a score to settle in regards to Dunne’s faction. Could we see Ridge Holland play a part in this match, and will it be given ample time to draw in the interest from those looking on? Who will walk out the next NXT Champion?

What to Expect

  • Kay Lee Ray and Raquel Gonzalez to have a confrontation
  • Next challenger in Roderick Strong’s Diamond Mine Challenge
  • The next confrontation between Hit Row and Legado del Fantasma


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