NXT Preview for 8/17/21 (NXT TakeOver 36 Go-Home Edition)

On the 8/17/21 edition of NXT, we preview what will be the NXT TakeOver 36 go-home show. As of this posting, three matches have been announced for the show. On top of the matches announced for the show, we also have a face-to-face meeting between Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross. Will their confrontation prove to be simply an address leading into their match this weekend? Only time will tell when these two stand across from each other this coming Tuesday.


Of the three matches announced, two of them have championship implications. First, will there be new NXT Tag Team Champions? Second, can Roderick Strong get the better KUSHIDA for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship? Finally, the NXT Breakout tournament will move into the semi-finals as Carmelo Hayes and Duke Hudson face each other to decide who will face Odyessy Jones in the finals. Here is the NXT preview for 8/17/21, NXT TakeOver 36 go-home edition.


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Karrion Kross & Samoa Joe

This will be the night where all the talking will finally be over. While both men have done everything in their power to better of the other, tonight will be different. Ahead of their show this coming Sunday, Joe, and Kross will stand across the ring from one another to talk about their upcoming match. Unfortunately, it feels as though there is little that either man could say at this point. They’ve either tried to take out the other, attack each other, avoid one another and make claims towards each other from a distance.

What could either man possibly say at this point? This could be a moment where what they say does get ‘personal.’ Kross could comment about Joe and his inability to compete over the last year. Will Joe remind Kross of his initial losses appearing on Raw? All will become clear this coming Tuesday.

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NXT Breakout Tournament
Carmelo Hayes vs. Duke Hudson

This match is going to be fun to watch. A striker in Hudson and an aerialist in Hayes will offer viewers a fun ride as they head to the tournament finals. While Odyessy Jones may await the winner, these two men may put on the match of the tournament. Hudson has shown a confidence that is crucial in a tournament such as this. He stands across the ring from one of NXT’s fastest-rising faces on the brand.

As a reminder to those who haven’t been watching NXT regularly, Hayes stood up to challenge KUSHIDA for the NXT Cruiserweight title and confront Adam Cole for a match. The keys for either man to walk out victorious in this matchup is simple. They need to stick to their strengths. At the same time, they could try and wrestle their opposition’s game that isn’t to their benefit. So who walks into the finals in this one?


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NXT Preview for 8/17/21
NXT Cruiserweight Championship

KUSHIDA (c) vs. Roderick Strong

Their issues aren’t over, and this match is just another reminder of that. From a post-match attack by Strong and the Diamond Mine to a backstage interview with Wade Barrett and Malcolm Bivens and Strong, KUSHIDA has had a target on his back. It will be key to see who among them will strike each other to the point of no return. Both men are known for their striking ability. For Strong, he’s also earned the Messiah of the backbreaker moniker, which is tied to his incredible ability to hit an array of backbreakers.

KUSHIDA has had just about enough of Bivens and the Diamond Mine. The sneak attacks and attempts to prove that he was better than Strong clearly haven’t been enough. On Tuesday’s episode of NXT, KUSHIDA will have to definitively defeat Roderick Strong to show how he stands alone in the Cruiserweight division.


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NXT Preview for 8/17/21
NXT Tag Team Title Match

MSK (c) vs. Imperium

It is time to put the fun to the side. In the case of the NXT Tag Team Champions, MSK will have to show their challengers that they are capable of showing how serious they can be. While Imperium will often call the mat sacred on this night, they will be sure to hold that to be true. Carter and Lee have faced several challenges for the titles, but in this matchup, it will be important for them to avoid the strength that Bartel and Aichner can exhibit each time they are in the ring.

Much like any of the champions, it is key for them to stick to wrestling their type of match. If they don’t, they run the risk of losing their championships. So despite having the champion’s advantage (in that the challengers have to make they submit or get pinned), MSK will go full speed ahead at Imperium, showcasing why they are the NXT Tag Team Champions.

What To Expect:

  • Will Raquel Gonzalez get her hands on Dakota Kai ahead of NXT TakeOver 36?
  • Is Adam Cole or Kyle O’Reilly going to make one last-ditch effort to plant their flag in the sand against the other ahead of Sunday?
  • What is next for Timothy Thatcher and Tomasso Ciampa?


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