NXT Level Up for 11/04/22 (Mensah vs. Quinn)

On Friday November 4th, 2022, NXT aired another episode of Level Up on Peacock & WWE Network as we review NXT Level Up for 11/04/22. On this night we had three matches, as we get Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile is in action against Sol Ruca, we also got Myles Borne facing off with Hank Walker & in the main event we have Oro Mensah goes one on 1 with Xyon Quinn.

NXT Level Up for 11/04/22
Ivy Nile vs. Sol Ruca

The match starts with a lock-up, and Ivy Nile immediately grabs an arm. Sol Ruca uses her flexibility to escape and takes things to the mat, but Nile reverses and goes back to the arm, but Ruca escapes, and we get dueling kip-ups as it’s a stalemate.

They shake hands, and Ruca gets a side headlock and returns to the mat. Nile breaks and gets a roll-up for a two-count. Ruca gets a pin attempt for two, then she drops Nile with a face plant which gets two. Nile tries a suplex but Ruca blocks and gets one of her own for two.

NXT Level Up for 11/04/22
[Photo: WWE]
Ruca gets close and gets trapped in a triangle, but Ruca can lift her off the mat and take her to the corner to force a break. Sol gets a swinging sidewalk slam and lands a leaping shoulder block.

Front flip into a splash in the corner, but a charge catches a back elbow. Nile comes off the middle rope with a Rana and lands a running kick.

Nile hits a suplex, and she tries another Rana but Ruca flips over on her feet. One too many flips from Sol though, as she gets caught in the Diamond Chain Lock & Ruca has no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Ivy Nile

Backstage Myles Borne cuts a promo about his match with Hank Walker later on tonight.

NXT Level Up for 11/04/22
Myles Borne vs. Hank Walker

We get this match started with a handshake, then Hank Walker sends Myles Borne to the floor with a pounce & Myles Borne gets a flash roll up back in the ring for two and then hooks a headlock transitioned into an armbar. Walker tries a splash in the corner but gets kicked.

WWE Photo
[Photo: WWE]
Borne comes off the middle rope, but Walker gets a foot up to block then they trade blows in the middle of the ring. Walker gets a modified Thesz Press and a series of running splashes in the corner.

Walker tears his shirt off as he means business, but Borne hits a northern lights suplex for a two-count. Borne charges but gets dumped on the apron. He floats back in over Walker, and they do a reversal sequence in the ropes, and Walker finishes with a crossbody for the win.

Winner: Hank Walker

NXT Level Up for 11/04/22
Oro Mensah vs. Xyon Quinn

Oro Mensah & Xyon Quinn lock up to start this match off, and Quinn pushes Mensah around the ring as he has the size and strength advantage. Mensah flips out of an armbar, lands an up kick, and hooks the arm of Quinn.

Mensah clowns Quinn a bit as he flips off him in the corner. Then, Mensah catches Quinn with a head scissors and takes Quinn back down by the arm. Quinn is close enough to land some strikes and tries a belly two-back suplex, but Mensah flips out and hits a dropkick that sends Quinn to the floor.

Mensah slings out with a dive but gets run back first into the ring apron. Quinn throws some forearms to the back and hits a backbreaker, then he follows with a jumping knee to the back and goes for a cover, but Mensah kicks out.

Quinn stomps away and talks some trash. Mensah tries a backslide but no dice. Then, Quinn hits a lariat followed by a swinging neckbreaker that only gets a two-count. After that, Quinn goes to a modified bear hug.

Mensah runs Quinn into the corner to break and starts firing with strikes. Mensah connects with a few forearms and hits a middle rope springboard moonsault. Mensah hits a flip kick and then a heel kick in the corner for the win.

Winner: Oro Mensah

NXT Level Up for 11/4/22
[Photo: WWE]
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