NXT Inquisition for 9/25/19 (Imperium vs KUSHIDA/Breezango)

Following a video package showcasing last week’s events from NXT, the first hour of this week’s show on the USA Network kicks off but will feature a main event of Imperium against KUSHIDA and Breezango! We begin with The Undisputed Era, all members holding gold. From there, we start with our first match of the night.

Match 1: Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

“Bask in his glory” chants directed at Lee begin the match. They exchange strike attempts, including a spin kick by Lee, which garners a cheer from the crowd. Finally, Lee levels Dijakovic with a crossbody. Lee pounces Dijakovic over the top rope and onto the apron. Lee attempts to suplex Dijakovic, but after a struggle, headbutts his opponent. Dijakovic delivers a big clothesline on the apron to Lee before we cut to commercial.

Back from commercial, Lee spikes Dijakovic with a slam. Dijakovic starts to take advantage with a series of slaps to Lee’s chest and slamming his head into the turnbuckle. However, Lee quickly recovers and sends Dijakovic to the outside before landing a corkscrew splash to the outside! Dijakovic cinches in the guillotine before rolling into a small package, sending them into the ropes. Lee takes down Dijakovic with numerous strikes and lands a moonsault from the middle rope! 1… 2… Dijakovic kicks out!

From the top rope, Dijakovic lands an avalanche Canadian Destroyer! 1… 2… Lee kicks out! Dijakovic lands a big moonsault after, but Lee sits up, his opponent in his arms. Lee hoists him up and hits the fireman’s carry power slam for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Keith Lee

The show returns from commercial with a promo by Street Profits. They hype their NXT Tag Team Championship match against Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish next week.

Match 2: Dakota Kai vs. Taynara

Taynara prefaces Kai, who returns fire with a bicycle kick. Kai goes to the top, but Taynara intercepts. Taynara lands a judo toss and goes for the pin, but Kai gets the arm up. Kai takes advantage again, hitting a bicycle kick on the outside. Kai continues an onslaught of kicks in the ring. Kai lands a running kick in the corner before following up with the GTK for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Dakota Kai

Cathy Kelly reveals that in hour two of NXT, KUSHIDA will team with two mystery partners to challenge Imperium members Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, and Marcel Barthel.

Match 3: Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain (Street Fight, Winner Becomes Number One Contender for the NXT Championship)

Strikes are exchanged to begin. Riddle takes down Dain and goes for a cross arm breaker, but Dain rolls him up for a pin attempt. Riddle nails a deadlift German suplex! On the outside, Riddle hits a leaping forearm as we cut to our next commercial break. We return to Dain being in control, keeping Riddle seated in the corner. Riddle returns fire with a knee to the face and several forearm splashes, before finishing with an exploder suplex. Riddle lands two Bro-Tons followed by a penalty kick. 1… 2… Dain kicks out!

Dain drops Riddle before landing a senton of his own. Dain then follows up with a powerbomb elbow drop combo for a two-count. Riddle hits the Alabama Slam before landing the Floating Bro! 1… 2… Dain kicks out! With Riddle on the outside, Dain lands a suicide dive. Dain throws a steel chair at Riddle, laying him out. The action spills into the crowd, where Riddle hits Dain with several kicks to the chest. Dain hits a running crossbody on Riddle, sending them through the nearby wall, before rolling to commercial.

The show returns to Riddle hitting a Bro-Ton on Dain through a table! Riddle lands more seated kicks as the action returns to the ring. Riddle grabs the chair, but Dain hits him with a running crossbody. Dain lands a trio of Vader Bombs! 1… 2… Riddle just gets the shoulder up! Dain hits Riddle with a kendo stick across a steel chair. Dain goes for another Vader Bomb, but Riddle hits him with a chair before following up with a powerbomb. Final Flash through the steel chair on Dain! 1… 2… Dain kicks out! Riddle nails Dain with the kendo stick before laying in with several strikes. Riddle locks in the Fujiwara Armbar, Dain having no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Matt Riddle

NXT Champion Adam Cole makes his way to the ring to taunt Riddle. The challenger responds with a quick Fujiwara Armbar, Cole tapping out. The rest of The Undisputed Era run out as Riddle makes his escape up the ramp. Riddle challenges Cole for the championship next week!

Match 4: Rhea Ripley vs. Kayden Carter

Carter runs at Ripley with a running dropkick for the quick start. However, Ripley quickly returns fire with a dropkick of her own. Ripley continues with an onslaught of strikes, following up with a delayed vertical suplex. 1… 2… Carter kicks out! Carter gets the quick rollup and reverses a powerbomb attempt with a hurricanrana. Carter hits another impressive hurricanrana followed by a kick to the face. Ripley catches Carter and drops her with the Riptide for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Match 4: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel)

Lorcan and Martel start things off, with Martel working on the wrist. Lorcan takes advantage, though, and tags in Burch before executing a double chop. Martel tags in Parker, who is quickly trapped in a headlock takedown. Burch catches the leg of Parker before swatting Martel away. Burch tags in Lorcan before landing a double Russian leg sweep. Parker throws Lorcan out of the ring before making the tag to Martel. In the ring, Martel tags in Parker as they attack a weakened Lorcan. Parker goes for a snap suplex and a quick pin, but Lorcan kicks out at two.

Martel hits the pendulum backbreaker on Lorcan, but it’s only good for a two-count. Parker is tagged in as they land a double team maneuver on Lorcan. Ever-Rise continues the attack, keeping Lorcan away from his corner. Lorcan finally gets the advantage and tags in Burch, who cleans house off the hot tag. Burch hits a dropkick from the middle rope on Parker. Burch tags in Lorcan, the team hitting an assisted DDT for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Match 5: Cameron Grimes vs. Raul Mendoza

Mendoza evades Grimes’ leaping stomp at the start, controlling the wrist. Mendoza goes for a sunset flip, but Grimes kicks out at two. Mendoza lands a hurricanrana followed by a springboard headlock takedown. Grimes catches Mendoza’s crossbody with a Spanish fly-like slam for the two-count. Grimes continues the onslaught with stomps. Grimes whips Mendoza into the corner, causing him to hit the mat hard. Grimes cinches in an armbar. Mendoza hits a crucifix pin attempt, but Grimes comes back with a big punch. Grimes returns to the armbar. Mendoza starts to fight back, hitting a running enziguri! Mendoza lands an enziguri in the corner followed by a springboard dropkick! Mendoza catches Grimes on the top rope with an avalanche Frankenstein! 1… 2… Grimes kicks out!

They exchange pin attempts, but Grimes hits the leaping stomp for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Match 6: KUSHIDA and Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) vs. Imperium (Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, and Marcel Barthel)

The match begins with KUSHIDA and Aichner of Imperium while Breezango looks on. Aichner tosses KUSHIDA in the corner. KUSHIDA returns fire with a cartwheel dropkick. Aichner makes the tag, Wolfe becoming the legal man. KUSHIDA makes the tag to Fandango, who catches Wolfe with a dropkick. Fandango hangs Wolfe on the top rope before tagging in Breeze. Soon, Wolfe forces Breeze into the opposing corner. However, they take advantage, the legal man in Aichner tossing Breeze over the top rope. On the outside, Barthel attacks Breeze before tossing him back in the ring.

Imperium KUSHIDA Breezango
Photo / YouTube

Back in the ring, Barthel of Imperium stomps away on Breeze of Breezango before tagging in Wolfe as KUSHIDA awaits at ringside. Wolfe cinches in a chinlock on Breeze, who slowly starts to fight back. However, Wolfe quickly regains control before tagging in Aichner. Imperium hangs Breeze by the top rope, hitting stereo dropkicks on him. The action returns to the ring, where Barthel tags in Wolfe. Aichner tags himself in as the crowd loudly boos Imperium. Aichner goes for the pin off a high angle back suplex, but it’s only good for a two-count. Barthel is tagged back in as the attack on Breeze continues. Breeze starts to fight back and crawls to his corner, but Barthel intercepts. The other members of Imperium pull KUSHIDA and Fandango from their corner before attacking Breeze relentlessly in the opposite corner.

Soon, Breeze makes the tag to Fandango, who starts to attack off the hot tag, lighting up everyone with chops. He also executes a falcon arrow and a tornado DDT. With the bling tag to KUSHIDA, Fandango of Breezango follows up with plancha to the outside on Imperium! In the ring, KUSHIDA cinches in the cross arm breaker on Barthel before the move is broken up by the other Imperium members. The match concludes with KUSHIDA rolling up with Barthel of Imperium for the surprise 123 and giving him and Breezango the win!

Winners: KUSHIDA and Breezango

Following the match, KUSHIDA is attacked by WALTER on the stage! The four members of Imperium pose on the stage, over a fallen KUSHIDA, as this week’s episode comes to a close.