NXT Inquisition for 11/7/19 (The OC vs Lee/Riddle/Ciampa)

This week’s edition of NXT opens with breaking news by Mauro Ranallo. Earlier in the night, The OC viciously attacked The Undisputed Era outside of Full Sail University! The trio of Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles make their way to the ring, Gallows assaulting a stagehand for good measure. Styles takes the mic, saying that The Undisputed Era tried to take over RAW to start a war, but The OC will bring the war to them and take over NXT. Could the likes of Lee, Riddle and Ciampa step up to face The OC?

Tommaso Ciampa makes his entrance. He says that he’s been constantly asked when he will go up to the main roster. Ciampa welcomes The OC to “the main roster,” NXT. He calls NXT’s “the show” and “Daddy’s home.” Ciampa states that he has a problem with The OC trying to take over. Styles replies, saying that Ciampa is the only one who has big enough balls to say anything. This brings out Keith Lee and Matt Riddle. Ciampa states that they “have plenty of balls.” At NXT TakeOver: WarGames, they face The Undisputed Era, but tonight, they go to war with The OC!

NXT Inquisition for 11/7/19
Match 1: Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest

These two rivals lock up to begin, Priest, going for The Reckoning Early on. Dunne attempts The Bitter End, but Priest quickly escapes. Both men exchange strikes, continuing to evade, as we cut to commercial. The show returns to Priest in control, dropping Dunne with a falcon arrow for a two-count. Priest continues the attack, kicking Dunne across the back before cinching in a chinlock. Dunne leaps toward Priest, wrenching on the wrist, before landing an X-Plex! Dunne lights up Priest with chops before hitting an enziguri followed by a missile dropkick to the legs! Dunne evades a German suplex and kicks Priest across the back, sending him out of the ring.

Dunne lands a flying moonsault to Priest outside of the ring! Priest takes control with a chokeslam on the ring apron! Back in the ring, Dunne matches Priest with an elbow followed by a sit-out powerbomb! 1… 2… Priest kicks out! Dunne stomps on the hands and kicks Priest in the head. Priest lands a roundhouse kick, sending Dunne to the outside. Priest hits a springboard senton to Dunne on the outside before we cut to commercial again. We return to Dunne and Priest exchanging lefts and rights before dropping at the same time. Priest drops Dunne with a big clothesline. Priest lands a crucifix powerbomb! 1… 2… Dunne kicks out!

Dunne catches Priest’s fingers as he poses. Dunne counters Priest’s low blow attempt with one of his own behind the official’s back, locking in a cross armbreaker for the submission victory!

Winner: Pete Dunne

Post-match, Killian Dain attacks Dunne from behind! Priest pulls Dain off and assaults Dunne. This causes Dain to headbutt Priest out of the ring before landing a corner splash followed by a Vader Bomb! As Dain leaves the ring, Priest attacks! Dain lays him out next by shoving him into the steel steps and landing a running cannonball!

Backstage, Cathy Kelly interviews Dakota Kai, who recalls the history she has with Shayna Baszler. Kai admits that she was once intimidated, but now she has more aggression and fire. She will prove why she belongs on Rhea Ripley’s team come NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Match 2: Taynara vs. Santana Garrett

The match begins with Taynara going for a rolling armbar, which Garrett reverses with a pin attempt. They jockey for position, Taynara focusing on the arm. Garrett reverses with a legscissors followed by a pair of arm drags. Santana hits a Russian leg sweep, but Taynara catches her with an overhead suplex. Taynara lands a devastating running knee strike on Santana! Taynara kicks the arm of Santana, to which the latter responds with a series of elbows. Taynara tosses Santana numerous times before locking in the Rings of Saturn! Garrett rolls out of the move and takes control with offense of her own.

Garrett lands a handspring back elbow in the corner and levels Taynara with a big forearm! 1… 2… Taynara kicks out! Garrett misses a handspring moonsault and Taynara levels her with a Brazilian kick for the pin!

Winner: Taynara
Match 3: Dakota Kai vs. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler (w/Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke)

Shayna powers Kai into the corner early on, to which Kai responds with a shove. Kai pie-faces Baszler and taunts the champion with a light shove of the boot. Kai boots goes for a quick rollup from the corner! Kai lands a flying snapmare followed by a kick, causing Baszler to roll to the outside. Kai follows and goes for a running kick, but Baszler catches her leg, sending her into the ring apron! Back in the ring, Baszler focuses on the leg, stomping and wrenching on it. Baszler stomps on the leg of Kai as we cut to commercial.

Returning from break, Kai starts to fight back with a big stomp in the corner! Kai follows up with clotheslines, kicks, and a boot from the outside! Baszler catches Kai on the top rope and hits a gutwrench superplex! 1… 2… Kai kicks out! Kai and Baszler exchange strikes before Kai lands a big headbutt! Baszler catches Kai with a roundhouse kick, but Kai follows up with a discus forearm. Baszler lands another roundhouse, but Kai is able to land awash in the corner as both competitors collapse to the mat!

Kai hits a series of kicks and hoists Baszler on her shoulders. Baszler lands a step-up knee! 1… 2… Kai kicks out! Baszler transitions into the Kirifuda Clutch, but Kai rolls through and hits a kick to the back of the head! Baszler catches Kai with another Kirifuda Clutch. Kai rolls to the ropes, but Baszler traps her arms! Kai has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the match, Baszler, Shafir, and Duke assault Kai! This brings out the rest of the female WarGames competitors are they brawl outside! Mia Yim makes her way to the ring with a kendo stick, attacking every member of Team Baszler with ferocity! Team Baszler exits through the crowd as Team Ripley stands tall in the ring with Yim.

Cathy Kelly interviews Ciampa, Lee, and Riddle backstage. She asks Ciampa if he found the fourth member of Team Ciampa, which he says that they will find out when they need to know. He focuses on The OC, who they will face later tonight.

Match 4: Tony Nese vs. Angel Garza (#1 Contender Match for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship)

Both men lock up, pulling at one another’s hair. Garza cinches in a leglock, which Nese escapes in the ensuing scramble. Nese takes control of Garza’s arm, but Garza reverses. Nese takes down Garza and flexes. Garza lands a headscissors and goes to tear off his pants. They exchange chops before Nese takes down Garza, the two exchanging punches. In the corner, Garza catches Nese with an enziguri on the top turnbuckle. Nese goes for the sunset bomb but tears off Garza’s pants instead! Garza takes control as we go to commercial.

The show returns to Garza lighting up Nese with a flurry of offense before dropkicking him out of the ring. Garza follows up with a second rope moonsault to the outside on Nese! He lands a double underhook backbreaker on Nese for a two-count. Nese counters with a seated powerslam for a two-count of his own. Garza avoids another slam attempt and executes a lungblower! Garza goes to the top rope, but is caught with a slap by Nese, sending him on the apron. Nese sweeps Garza’s legs from underneath him and lands a DDT on the mat outside!

Back in the ring, Nese executes a 450 splash for the 1… 2… Garza gets his leg on the rope! They exchange strikes, including stereo chops, before Nese hits a sit-out powerbomb! 1… 2… Nese powers out! Garza catches Nese with a kick to the face and hits the Wingclipper for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Angel Garza

As Garza makes his way up the ramp, he’s approached by NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush. The champion extends his hand, but Garza responds by slapping him across the face! Rush simply laughs as it’s announced that they will face off next week with the title on the line!

Team Ripley is interviewed backstage regarding the fourth, and final member, of the team for NXT TakeOver: War Games. Ripley says that the fourth member will be Mia Yim! Ripley turns to Kai, apologizing and saying she didn’t make the cut. Kai walks off dejected.

Match 5: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Scott targets the arm of Dijakovic early on. Scott evades Dijakovic and taunts his opponent before following up with a series of quick strikes. Scott continues his attack until getting caught by a throw by Dijakovic. He stomps and punches away at Scott. Dijakovic lands a big toss for a one-count. Dijakovic elbows Scott in the corner and lands a backbreaker before hitting a dive off the second rope for a two-count. Scott starts to pick up momentum with a leaping flatliner! Scott lands a leaping back elbow and follows with a release German suplex! Scott catches Dijakovic in the ropes with a DDT! 1… 2… Dijakovic kicks out!

Dijakovic catches Scott on the top rope and goes for Feast Your Eyes, but Scott reverses into a pin attempt! Scott goes to attack Dijakovic in the corner, but Dijakovic explodes with a spinning kick followed by a chokebomb! 1… 2… Scott kicks out! Scott catches the dominant Dijakovic with a poisonrana! Scott lands a double stomp from the top on the apron! Scott follows up with a big discus clothesline! 1… 2… Dijakovic kicks out! Scott blocks a choke attempt and kicks Dijakovic in the face! They exchange big maneuvers until Dijakovic finally lands Feast Your Eyes for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

Next week, Io Shirai will face Mia Yim in a ladder match with the winner receiving a WarGames advantage for their team!

Match 6: The OC (Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles) vs. Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, and Tommaso Ciampa

The match starts hot with a brawl, which spills to the outside! Back in the ring, Styles squares off with Ciampa, exchanging strikes. Styles lands a dropkick, causing Ciampa to fall to the outside. Styles goes for a springboard forearm to the outside, which hits Riddle! Ciampa hits Widow’s Bell on Styles! 1… 2… Styles kicks out! Ciampa tags in Lee, but Styles chop blocks the legs. Styles tags in Gallows, who stands off with Lee. They exchange shoulder tackles, neither man backing down. Lee finally pounces Gallows, sending him to the outside!

Back in the ring, Gallows tags in Anderson, who is caught with a crossbody by Lee before we cut to commercial. The match continues with Styles in control of Ciampa before tagging in Anderson. The attack continues on Ciampa in the corner. Anderson cinches in a headlock, but Ciampa fights back, Anderson cutting off his momentum quickly with a spinebuster. Anderson tags in Gallows, who nails a suplex on Ciampa before attacking the shoulder. Ciampa fights back, dumping Gallows to the outside. Gallows attacks Lee on the outside and pulls Ciampa back to his corner, where he tags Anderson. Ciampa lands a jumping knee on an airborne Anderson! Ciampa tags in Middle while Anderson tags in Styles!

Riddle comes in hot with a series of strikes and exploder suplexes alike! He follows up with Bro-Tons and knee strikes before landing a bridging German suplex on Styles. Anderson and Gallows go for Magic Killer on Lee, but Ciampa breaks it up. Lee lifts Gallows for a big slam! Styles plants Lee with a DDT! Styles lands a brainbuster on Riddle! 1… 2… Riddle kicks out! Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but is pounced by Styles, the referee caught in the line of fire! Lee clotheslines Anderson out of the ring. Riddle hits a big moonsault over the top rope! In the ring, Ciampa hits Styles with a knee and goes for the Fairytale Ending!

Cue Finn Balor, who makes his way down the ramp. Styles takes advantage with a Pele kick while Balor hits 1916 on Riddle! Styles and Balor stare down before exchanging poses in a nostalgic way. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but is caught with a superkick by Adam Cole! He follows up by hitting the Last Shot on Ciampa, staring down Balor as this week’s episode of NXT comes to a close.