NXT Inquisition for 10/9/19 (KUSHIDA vs WALTER)

Last week on NXT, viewers saw the returns of former titleholders Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa. This show’s main event will pit KUSHIDA against WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter. Before we get to this, we kick off this week’s show proper with a fast-paced, exhilarating title match!

 Lio Rush vs. Drew Gulak (c) (NXT Cruiserweight Championship)

Rush gets the head start early on, hitting a Spanish Fly followed by a suicide dive! He nails an Asai moonsault in this already hellacious match but is taught by the larger Gulak with a slam. Rush goes for a rollup but Gulak counters into an arm wrench. Gulak executes a cradle, which Rush kicks out of, before continuing to focus on the arm. Rush starts to fight back with a series of strikes. Gulak counters with a chop followed by a scoop slam for a two-count. They fight on the top rope, which leads to Gulak kicking Rush, knocking him to the outside as we cut to commercial.

The show returns with Rush back in control, landing a series of kicks on Gulak. The champion nails a huge lariat on Rush for the two-count. Rush gets a close roll-up for a two-count as well. Gulak catches Rush with the Gulock! Rush counters with a pin attempt! 1… 2… Gulak kicks out! Rush cinches in a dragon sleeper, which Gulak counters with a Cyclone Crash! 1… 2… Rush gets the leg on the rope! 1… 2… Rush kicks out!

Gulak goes for a superplex, which Rush fights out of, hitting the Final Hour! Rush hits a springboard cutter! Off the top rope, Rush hits another Final Hour for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner and NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush

NXT General Manager William Regal presents Rush with the title, wrapping the title around his waist.

Gulak interrupts the session, taking the title. Gulak hands the title to Rush, shaking his hand in a show of respect before leaving the ring. Regal straps the title around Rush’s waist, raising his arm before leaving him to celebrate in the ring.

The show cuts to a video package highlighting Balor. From there, a video package featuring Tegan Nox plays; she will be in action next week!

Rhea Ripley vs. Aliyah (w/Vanessa Borne)

Ripley powerfully shoves Aliyah to begin the match. Aliyah goes for a sleeper hold, which Ripley counters by pulling her off. Aliyah strikes Ripley on the back, to which Ripley responds with a series of short-arm lariats followed by a dropkick. Ripley cinches in a tilt-a-whirl standing cloverleaf, transitioning into a faceplant buster, for the submission victory!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Following the match, Ripley takes the mic, focusing on NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, saying that she’s coming from her.

Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) vs. Ever-Rise?

Before the match can begin, Jackson Ryker of The Forgotten Sons drags out the conscious opponents for this match. Ryker is joined by Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake; the latter two will be wrestling Breezango!

The match begins with Fandango and Cutler as the legal participants. Following multiple distractions, Cutler gets the advantage, hitting a backbreaker. Cutler tags in Blake, who hits Fandango with a senton against the ropes. Blake tags in Cutler as they execute tandem offense on Fandango. Soon, Fandango starts to takes advantage, hitting a power slam. Breeze is soon tagged in, who takes most of the offense. From there, Fandango is given the hot tag, even laying out Ryker, on the outside, with a senton over the top rope! Ryker would prove to be Fandango’s undoing, however, as he was caught by The Forgotten Sons’ Memory Remains finisher for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Forgotten Sons

A video package of Keith Lee plays. Lee targets his rival, Dominik Dijakovic, who he will be facing next week!

Boa vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes hits the Cave-In for the quick pinfall victory!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Killian Dain makes his way into the ring, Grimes making his way up the ramp. Dain targets Boa, splashing him in the corner. He then hits a series of Vader Bombs before taking the punishment to the announce desk. Dain plants him with a slam across the desk, declaring that “this is just the beginning,” before making his exit.

Following this segment, Damian Priest expands on why he attacked Pete Dunne last week. Priest sees Dunne as a bullseye, and he took his shot. Priest declares that his name will live forever.

NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong vs. Isiah “Swerve” Scott

Both men jockey for position with an exchange of holds. Strong gives Scott the clean break before taunting him, to which Scott responds with a jumping sidekick! 1… 2… Strong kicks out! Scott continues the attack, hitting a series of chops, an inverted suplex, followed by a cartwheel moonsault! Strong takes advantage, but Scott counters with a leg scissors! He then follows up with a big basement dropkick for the two-count. Strong and Scott exchange strikes, Strong finally nailing a backbreaker. Scott starts to fight back, to which Strong responds with another backbreaker!

Strong lays in a series of punches in the corner. He catches Scott with another backbreaker, but it’s only good for a two-count. Following another commercial break, Strong has Scott trapped with a submission. Scott starts to fight back, nailing a huge forearm on Strong. With a burst of momentum, Scott hits a flying back elbow following a series of strikes. The other members of The Undisputed Era make their way to ringside as Scott remains in control of the match. Scott lands a huge German suplex, a flatliner, and a jumping sidekick! 1… 2… Strong kicks out!

Scott catches Strong off the apron with a slingshot double stomp! The Undisputed Era distract Scott, allowing Strong to hit End of Heartache, followed by the Stronghold, for the submission victory!

Winner: Roderick Strong

Following the match, Adam Cole takes the mic, saying that Scott, while good, isn’t near Strong’s level. Cole says that everyone is in NXT to measure up to The Undisputed Era, including Balor and Ciampa. However, no one will dethrone them. This brings out Velveteen Dream, who targets Strong, presenting a picture of the nude champion, his title covering his crotch. Dream then shifts the picture to one without the title, saying that Strong can’t “measure up.”

Ciampa makes his entrance, wielding a crutch. The Undisputed Era leaves the ring as Ciampa steps between the ropes. Ciampa sits down in the center of the ring with a mic in hand. He addresses the NXT Championship as “Goldie” before staying that “Daddy’s home.” During a commercial, Angel Garza Jr. approaches Ciampa, who lays him out with a stiff elbow.

Dakota Kai vs. Bianca Belair

Belair uses her strength early on, but Kai counters with her quickness. Kai lands a penalty kick followed by a double stomp, Belair rolling out of the ring. Kai hits a running kick on the apron before the action returns to the ring. Belair launches Kai into the turnbuckle before following up with a series of shoulder tackles. Belair slams Kai but not before performing a few squats. Kai counters with a small package, which Belair kicks out of at two. Belair hits a gutbuster for a two-count of her own as we cut to commercial.

From the break, Kai starts to take control, laying in a series of strikes followed by a running dropkick. On the outside, Kai lands another kick on Belair. In the ring, Kai lands a running face wash in the corner. Kai hits the double knees, but each move results in Belair kicking out at two. Kai rolls up Belair for another close fall. Belair catches Kai with a double chicken wing followed by a standing shooting star press! 1… 2… Kai kicks out! Kai counters Belair’s powerbomb attempt with a series of pin attempts. Belair catches Kai with the K.O.D. for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Bianca Belair

Belair takes the mic, saying that Ripley won’t be the one to beat Baszler. Belair says that Ripley will have to go through her first.

We cut to a segment featuring Dijakovic, who says that he and Lee seem to be meant to fight forever. However, he knows Lee’s limits and doesn’t intend on losing next week.

From there, a segment is presented featuring Dunne, who says that Priest won’t make a name for himself at his expense. Dunne says that Priest won’t shoot a bow with broken fingers and he may not make it through their match next week.

KUSHIDA vs. WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER

WALTER tosses KUSHIDA to begin the match. WALTER lays KUSHIDA on the apron, patting him on the head tauntingly. In the ring, WALTER takes down KUSHIDA, to which KUSHIDA counters with a series of quick holds, followed by a head pat of his own. KUSHIDA chops WALTER, bating him to dump him to the outside before the show cuts to commercial. Back from the break, KUSHIDA remains in control, only to be caught with a big kick by WALTER. WALTER cinches in a single leg Boston crab, but KUSHIDA grabs the bottom rope to escape.


..across the ropes, laying in clubbing blows across his opponent’s chest. KUSHIDA starts to fight back, but WALTER takes control again, chopping his chest. KUSHIDA counters a powerbomb attempt into a DDT! KUSHIDA hits a big tomahawk chop from the top before flooring WALTER with a basement dropkick. KUSHIDA targets the arm before going from a sunset powerbomb. WALTER counters by stomping on KUSHIDA’s face! On the apron, KUSHIDA and WALTER exchange strikes, but WALTER inadvertently charges into the ring post. KUSHIDA hits a DDT from the apron onto the floor!

Kushida Walter
Photo / CBS Sports

Back in the ring, KUSHIDA hits a series of kicks before going for the Hoverboard Lock. WALTER counters with a sleeper hold, but KUSHIDA makes it to the ropes. KUSHIDA rolls up WALTER, but WALTER kicks out. KUSHIDA goes for the cross arm breaker, to which WALTER powers out of. KUSHIDA goes for another rollup. WALTER catches KUSHIDA with a release German suplex followed by a bridging pump handle slam! 1… 2… KUSHIDA kicks out!

KUSHIDA and WALTER fight on the top turnbuckle. KUSHIDA executes the leaping Hoverboard Lock! WALTER manages to get his foot on the bottom rope! KUSHIDA dropkicks WALTER’s arm shakes off a chop and follows up with several kicks. WALTER nails the shotgun dropkick followed by the powerbomb! 1… 2… KUSHIDA kicks out! WALTER hits a ripcord lariat for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: WALTER

WALTER meets his Imperium teammates up the ramp, the four members of the stable posing to close out this week’s edition of NXT.