NXT Inquisition for 10/30/19 (Lee/Riddle vs Undisputed Era)

This week’s episode of NXT opens to a live performance from Poppy, performing “I Disagree,” complete with an opening video package. She then sings Io Shirai to the ring, this time performing “Scary Mask.” Loud “Io” chants from the crowd follow before Candice LeRae makes her way to the ring for this opening contest. The main event of the evening features Keith Lee and Matt Riddle against the Undisputed Era.

Match 1: Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Shirai slaps LeRae across the face, to which LeRae responds with a forearm. The action spills to the outside. Shirai hits a tiger feint kick on LeRae before following up with a suicide dive! LeRae proceeds to hit a tope of her own! LeRae hits a neckbreaker from the ring apron, following up with a senton for the two-count. Shirai lands a lung blower from the middle rope! Shirai corners LeRae, choking her with her boot before executing a slingshot dropkick! 1… 2… LeRae kicks out! Shirai slams LeRae to the ground and follows up with a running basement dropkick. Shirai taunts LeRae with a series of light kicks, but LeRae rolls her up for a two-count.

Shirai escapes a hurricanrana attempt but LeRae follows up with an enziguri. They fight on the ring apron, LeRae escaping a German suplex attempt; by this point, LeRae is sporting a bloody nose. LeRae escapes a superplex attempt, but Shirai pushes her to the outside before the show cuts to commercial. The show returns to LeRae taking down Shirai with a series of strikes before following up with a running basement dropkick. Shirai continues the attack in the corner with a tornado DDT! 1… 2… Shirai kicks out! In the opposite corner, Shirai launches LeRae to the mat below and goes for the moonsault, but LeRae gets the knees up!

Shirai and LeRae exchange strikes before LeRae rolls up Shirai for the two-count.

Shirai executes a rolling armbar into the headscissors. Slowly, LeRae places her boot on the bottom rope. Shirai brings a steel chair from under the ring, but the official takes it away. LeRae rolls up Shirai! 1… 2… Shirai kicks out! LeRae lands a double underhook facebuster followed by a kick to the face. LeRae goes for the Quebrada, but Shirai moves, causing her to land on the chair! Shirai covers LeRae for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Io Shirai

Post-match, Shirai attacks LeRae. This brings out Rhea Ripley, who attacks Shirai. Ripley swings the chair, but LeRae escapes the ring, the former NXT UK Women’s Champion standing tall. We cut to a video package of Finn Balor, highlighting his attack on Johnny Gargano. It’s also announced that Pete Dunne and Damian Priest will face off next week.

Balor makes his entrance in darkness aside from a sole spotlight on him. He takes the mic, saying that two weeks ago, he laid down for the hottest new thing in the business because he wore a mask. Now, according to Balor, he’s the hottest thing in the business. Balor says that everyone has their opinions and that there are too many “fans” in the locker room. He doesn’t watch the business; it watches him. He turns his sights to Gargano, congratulating him on being released from the hospital and that he will send him back, calling him not “Johnny Wrestling” but “Johnny Watches Wrestling.” Balor makes his exit.

Match 2: Shane Thorne vs. Bronson Reed

Thorne explodes out of the corner with a series of running dropkicks followed by a cannonball! Reed catches Thorne with a big clothesline and a senton! They exchange chops in a fight for dominance. Reed lands an uppercut but Bronson hits a discus forearm in response. Thorne catches Reed with a sidekick followed by a back suplex for the two-count! Thorne lights up Reed with a series of kicks. Reed catches Thorne with forearms followed by a German suplex. Reed lands the Hangman Driver! 1… 2… Thorne kicks out!

Reed goes to the top rope, but Thorne catches him with a jumping enziguri. Reed launches Thorne down to the mat below and executes a flying body splash for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Bronson Reed

Backstage, Cathy Kelly interviews Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox, who will challenge Asuka and Kairi Sane for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Kai says that they came back from knee injuries to get here. Nox says that she will win the championship alongside her best friend, Kai.

Match 3: Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox vs. The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Nox and Asuka start the match. Asuka takes advantage early on, tagging Sane, who chops Nox across the chest. Nox returns fire with a chop of her own before an exchange ensues. Sane steps on Nox’s foot and slams her to the mat. Nox lands a dropkick on Sane before doing the same to Asuka. Nox and Kai follow The Kabuki Warriors to the outside, where they take advantage before cutting to commercial. The show returns to Nox tagging in Kai, the challengers following up with tandem offense in the corner. Kai lands a series of arm drags on Asuka before hitting a penalty kick for the two-count.

On the apron, Asuka catches Kai’s leg before landing a dragon screw. Asuka hits a hip attack, sending Kai to the outside. Asuka rolls Kai back inside and taunts her, hitting a series of kicks to the face after. Asuka cinches in a leglock. Kai tries to fight back, the two exchanging boots to the face. Asuka transitions into an ankle lock. Kai misses with an enziguri and Asuka continues the attack on the leg in the corner. Asuka tags Sane, who attacks her in the corner with a sliding basement forearm. 1… 2… Kai kicks out! Sane continues the focus on Kai’s leg. Asuka tags herself in and wrenches Kai’s leg around the middle rope. Asuka wrenches back on the chin, keeping pressure on the leg. Kai goes for a quick rollup! 1… 2… Asuka kicks out! Asuka cuts off Kai’s tag attempt!

Asuka pulls Kai back to the corner and Sane tags in.

Kai tries to fight back with forearms, the two exchanging strikes. Sane lands a palm strike to Kai’s chest to bring her down. Sane locks in a figure four leg scissors. Kai rolls back with a pin attempt, which Sane kicks out of before landing an ax kick. Sane tags in Asuka as The Kabuki Warriors continue to keep Kai away from her corner. Asuka hits a snap mare followed by a kick to the back. Asuka chokes Kai across the ropes and lands another series of kicks. The show cuts to commercial and comes back to Sane in control of Kai. Sane tags in Asuka, who continues to apply pressure to Kai’s knee. Asuka tags Sane, The Kabuki Warriors hitting tandem offense on Kai! 1… 2… Kai kicks out!

Kai fights back in the opposite corner and sends Sane to the outside. Kai lands a scorpion kick on the approaching Sane. Kai finally makes the tag to Nox! Nox attacks the legal woman in Asuka and Sane, serving a series of running uppercuts. Nox lands a flying cross body on Asuka for the two-count. Asuka counters the Shiniest Wizard with an ankle lock! Nox returns fire with a cross armbreaker of her own, to which Sane breaks up. Kai lands a kick on Sane, Asuka hits Kai with a German suplex, and finally, Nox takes out Asuka to a raucous crowd response!

Nox tags in Kai, who lands a flurry of strikes on Asuka followed by a running flush in the corner. Asuka sprays Kai with the green mist behind the official’s back! Asuka tags in Sane, who lands the In-Sane Elbow for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

After the match, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke make their way to the ring. Nox attacks Baszler but is quickly overwhelmed by the three Horsewomen. Baszler sends Kai to the outside before attempting to stomp the arm of Nox. Before she can, though, Ripley makes her entrance. With Baszler standing alone in the ring, Ripley approaches, but is blindsided by Shirai! Ripley and Shirai fight on the outside, but Belair attacks Ripley! This brings out LeRae, who targets Shirai in this chaotic brawl! Ripley takes down everyone else and stares down Baszler, who’s still standing in the ring. Ripley steps into the ring and takes down Baszler with a series of punches.

This brings out the rest of the competitors, including Nox and Kai, another brawl ensuing. With officials having to separate everyone, NXT General Manager William Regal arrives on the platform. Regal names his solution to this problem: WarGames! Ripley, LeRae, Nox, and Kai stand tall in the ring with Baszler, Shafir, Duke, Belair, and Shirai on the outside. Team Ripley will face Team Baszler.

Match 4: Tyler Bate vs. Cameron Grimes

The match starts with a tie-up, both men exchanging move attempts after. Grimes cinches in an armlock. Bate escapes the hold and executes an armbar of his own. Grimes corners Bate, who executes another armdrag. Grimes hooks in a headscissors, to which Bate escapes with a nip up. Bate evades a running Grimes and lands a dropkick. Bate follows up with the airplane spin followed by a dropkick that sends Grimes to the outside. Grimes catches Bate with a devastating slam to the mat for a two-count!

Back from commercial, Grimes catches Bate’s European uppercut attempt and lands a bridging German suplex for a two-count. Grimes lands a knee to the back of the head for another close pin attempt. Grimes manipulates the wrist and fingers of Bate before cinching an armbar. Bate lands a knee lift followed by a diving European uppercut. Bate hits a running uppercut into the corner and an exploding suplex, capping things off with a standing shooting press! Grimes hoists Bate onto his shoulders but Bate reverses with a hurricanrana! 1… 2… Grimes kicks out!

Grimes hits a Superman forearm, to which Bate responds with a left hand. Grimes catches Bate with the Collision Course! 1… 2… Bate kicks out! Bate hits a rebound lariat, but Grimes kicks out before the count of three. Grimes escapes a deadlift German suplex attempt, but Bate clotheslines him to the outside. Bate hits a rolling kick followed a tope on Grimes! Bate rolls Grimes back in the ring, but is distracted by Killian Dain, who appeared in the front row. Back in the ring, Grimes hits Bate with the Cave-In for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Dain enters the ring after the match, hitting a senton on Bate! Dain follows Bate to the outside and hits a cannonball against the steel steps! Dain tells Bate to tell Pete Dunne that they have unfinished business before taking his leave.

The show cuts to a video package featuring Angel Garza, focusing on his family background in wrestling.

Match 5: Keith Lee and Matt Riddle vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)
Lee Riddle Undisputed Era
Photo / F4Wonline

Fish and O’Reilly blindside Riddle and Lee to begin. Lee quickly regains momentum by hitting a standing cross body on the Undisputed Era while Riddle remains on the apron! With Fish as the other legal man in the match, Lee tosses him into the center of the ring. Fish escapes to the outside with O’Reilly, who Riddle nails with a kick to the chest! Fish reenters the ring, being taken down by Lee, who tags in Riddle. They chop Fish across the chest before doing the same to O’Reilly, Riddle landing a spear on him before executing a Jackhammer on Fish!

The show cuts to commercial and returns to Riddle catching Fish with a series of gutwrench suplexes before hitting one on O’Reilly. Fish takes control of the match and tags in O’Reilly, who attacks Riddle in the corner. O’Reilly tags in Fish as the attack in the corner continues. O’Reilly is tagged back in as he and Fish land a double suplex on Riddle. O’Reilly lands a series of strikes on Riddle before dragging him into the corner to tag Fish. He hits Riddle with a back suplex followed by a grounded sleeper hold. Riddle fires back with a sleeper hold, but Fish backs him into the corner before tagging O’Reilly.

O’Reilly inadvertently kicks Fish, sending him off the apron, before cinching in a leglock on Riddle. He tries to tag in Lee, but Fish kicks the latter off the apron while O’Reilly resumes the attack on Riddle.

With O’Reilly and Fish in the ring, they hit a kick/brainbuster combo. Fish goes for the pin, which Lee breaks up. Fish tags in O’Reilly, who locks in the guillotine. Fish attacks Lee on the apron, which he seems unphased by. Riddle makes the hot tag to Lee! He attacks the champions in opposite corners with splashes before hitting a double running clothesline! Lee catches Fish in the powerbomb position, but O’Reilly kicks Lee’s legs to bring him down.

O’Reilly tags in Fish, who’s immediately slammed by Lee. He goes for a moonsault, but Lee rolls out of the way and tags in O’Reilly. They attack with tandem offense, O’Reilly attempting a triangle lock. Lee hoists him up in a show of strength and slams him with a powerbomb! Lee tags in Riddle, who attacks the champions with a series of strikes, including gut-wrench suplexes and Bro-Tons! Riddle hits Fish with a German suplex before Adam Cole and Roderick Strong make their way to ringside! Riddle fights them off and lands an Asai moonsault on all four members of The Undisputed Era!

Back in the ring, Riddle hits the ripcord knee on Fish while Lee hits the pounce on the remaining members of The Undisputed Era. Meanwhile, Fish and O’Reilly hit the Total Elimination on Riddle for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Undisputed Era

Cole and Strong join their allies in their celebration in the ring. They then attack the fallen Lee and Riddle, which brings out Tommaso Ciampa! He attacks everyone with his crutch before staring down Cole, who quickly leaves the ring. Ciampa elects to attack O’Reilly before tossing him to Riddle, who nails the Final Flash! Lee presses O’Reilly over his head and tosses him onto The Undisputed Era on the outside! Lee, Riddle, and Ciampa stand tall before Ciampa motions to the NXT Championship in the corner. With a mic in his hand, Ciampa says, “Goldie, you’re going to have to wait. Daddy’s going to War!”