NXT Inquisition for (1/15/20) (Women’s Battle Royal)

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic continues on this episode of NXT. In the women’s scene, Rhea Ripley reigns as its champion. Thus, a battle royal will be held to determine the new number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. Who will go on to challenge Ripley? This, and more, will be discussed in the Inquisition!

This week’s show opens with an in-ring promo from Keith Lee. The Limitless One takes the mic, proudly declaring himself the number one contender for the North American Championship. He gives The Undisputed Era credit for having a great 2019, not to mention holding all NXT gold. However, they’ve reached their limit, while he is limitless. He promises to defeat Roderick Strong and become champion.

Enter The Undisputed Era, who storm the ring. They attack Lee, who fends off all four members of the stable. However, Strong attacks Lee with a steel chair to the legs, giving them the advantage. They beat him down, Strong concluding by wrapping the chair around Lee’s leg and stomping on it! Tommaso Ciampa rushes down to Lee’s aid, The Undisputed Era escaping. Ciampa moves to the side of Lee, who is clearly favoring his leg.

Cut to an interview done earlier today with Tegan Nox. As Nox talks about Dakota Kai, she’s greeted with a hug by Candice LeRae. They are just a few of the competitors involved in tonight’s battle royal.

Match 1: The BroserWeights (Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle) vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

Dunne and Andrews start things off. Riddle tags himself in while Webster makes the tag. The action starts quick before we cut to commercial. NXT returns to Dunne in control of Webster, planting him with a suplex. Riddle is tagged in as he hits the Bro-Ton on Webster. Riddle tags Dunne. Webster escapes and tags Andrews, who comes out strong with a flurry of strikes. Andrews rolls up Dunne before transitioning to a DDT on Riddle! Webster is tagged in as the NXT UK team hits stereo tope con hilos!

Back in the ring, Andrews hits an assisted 450 splash on Dunne for a two-count. Dunne catches a flying Webster with a right hand. Webster tags Andrews, who is met with a series of kicks by Dunne. The Bruiserweight tags Riddle as they hit stereo kicks on Andrews. Riddle hits Andrews with a bridging German suplex for a two-count. Following another Bro-Ton, Riddle tags Dunne, who stomps Andrews’ ankles. Dunne transitions into an ankle lock, which Andrews escapes before landing a northern lights suplex and a stomp!

NXT goes to commercial before returning to Webster landing a moonsault on Dunne and Riddle. Webster dropkicks them off separate ring aprons before hitting a flying senton to the outside on them! Webster makes the tag to Andrews, who goes for a flying crossbody. Riddle catches him, but Webster helps Andrews execute a poisonrana! On the outside, Andrews plants Dunne with a tornado DDT! Meanwhile, Riddle lands a series of spears on his opponents. Webster rolls up Riddle! 1… 2… Riddle kicks out! Riddle tags Dunne as they hit a combination move! 1… 2… Webster kicks out!

Webster catches Riddle with a roll-up! Dunne breaks it up by decking Andrews, causing him to fall and break the pin! From there, Dunne and Andrews are tagged in. Dunne hits Andrews with a kick to the head. Andrews counters with the stunner! Webster goes for a low dive on Riddle, who catches him with a driver! Back in the ring, the BroserWeights hit tandem offense on Andrews for the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The BroserWeights

NXT cuts to the backstage area. Cathy Kelly is waiting outside the trainer’s room for an update on Lee’s condition.

Ciampa makes his way to the ring for a promo. He believes that The Undisputed Era has a hit list, but so does he, Cole being on there. Ciampa demands his life back; he is taking back the NXT Championship! The Undisputed Era storm the ring to attack Ciampa, the numbers game becoming too much. Johnny Gargano storms the ring to even the odds! He attacks everyone in sight as he and Ciampa execute their signatures. With Bobby Fish weakened in the ring, the former DIY lay him out as well! “DIY” chants are loud in Full Sail as Gargano and Ciampa stand tall in the ring.

Match 2: The Time Splitters (Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match)

Shelley, making his NXT debut, and Gibson start things off. Gibson corners Shelley early before Drake makes the tag. Shelley fights back with a series of chops. KUSHIDA joins in as The Time Splitters hit tandem offense. KUSHIDA is on the defense, but Shelley tags himself in, the tandem offense continuing on Drake. Gibson tags in, but KUSHIDA makes another blind tag, The Time Splitters focusing on Gibson’s arm. Shelley is tagged in as he and KUSHIDA hit a double suplex on Gibson. 1… 2… Gibson kicks out!

Drake makes the blind tag as Grizzled Young Veterans take the fight to Shelley and KUSHIDA. NXT goes to commercial, returning to Shelley attempting to fight back against Drake. Gibson is tagged in as Grizzled Young Veterans attack Shelley on the outside. Back in the ring, Gibson lands a back suplex for a two-count. Drake tags himself in, but Shelley finally makes the tag to KUSHIDA. Off the hot tag, KUSHIDA hits a handspring back elbow on Gibson before clocking Drake with a hook. KUSHIDA transitions into a cross armbreaker on Drake!

Gibson makes the tag. KUSHIDA traps his arm, but Drake is able to break up the hold. Gibson tags Drake again as they go for tandem offense. KUSHIDA fights back with a hurricanrana on Gibson. KUSHIDA tags Shelley, The Time Splitters hitting tandem offense on Drake. They double team Gibson to the delight of the NXT crowd. KUSHIDA goes to the top rope, only for Gibson to push him to the outside. This gives Grizzled Young Veterans the chance to hit Ticket to Mayhem on Shelley for the pinfall victory!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans

Post-match, Grizzled Young Veterans reject the handshake from The Time Splitters. While leaving up the ramp, Gibson takes a mic, saying they’ve derailed their reunion tour. Gibson calls them a great tag team past of the match, but Grizzled Young Veterans are the present and the future. He declares that they will win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Earlier today, Robert Stone and Chelsea Green are seen outside the venue. Stone says that he’s pulling Green from the women’s battle royal tonight; NXT will have to wait longer to see the hottest free agent of the Robert Stone Brand.

After the commercial break, Finn Balor speaks of Ilja Dragunov. Balor says Dragunov reminds him of himself. He says that when Dragunov steps up to him at Worlds Collide, Balor will put him down.

Match 3: Tyler Breeze vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Lio Rush

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza joins the commentary team for this match. The match starts with a standoff. However, the action kicks off with Breeze taking control early on. Scott takes control next, flooring Breeze and Rush with different maneuvers. Scott lays into Breeze with kicks, but Rush attacks from behind. Rush uses his quickness to take control of Breeze. He avoids a dive by Scott by backflipping off the apron! Rush takes down Scott only to be kicked by Breeze from the apron. NXT comes back from commercial to Scott in control of the match. However, Breeze takes control in a German/vertical suplex encounter!

Breeze starts to build momentum with strikes being delivered to Scott and Rush. However, Rush hits Breeze with a tope suicida, only for Scott to hit Rush with a dive of his own! In the ring, Rush catches Scott with a standing Spanish Fly for a two-count. Rush and Scott exchange strikes before Breeze catches the former with a Supermodel Kick! Breeze catches Scott on the turnbuckle with a kick as well! 1… 2… Scott kicks out!

With Breeze on the outside, Rush hits a poisonrana on Scott before diving out onto Prince Pretty! Rush hits the Final Hour on Scott! 1… 2… Breeze breaks up the pin! Exhausted, the three competitors lay into one another. Breeze hits a series of kicks, but fights back with a Supermodel Kick on Scott. Rush hits a spinning heel kick on Breeze and follows up with a Final Hour! Rush follows up with a Come-Up on Scott! Breeze attempts to pin Rush for a two-count of his own. The match concludes with Scott hitting the JML Driver on Breeze for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

With this victory, Scott will be one of the men to compete at Worlds Collide for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Backstage, Ripley is interviewed regarding the upcoming battle royal. Ripley says whoever wins, she will go straight through them. The women’s division is hers and “The Nightmare” is just beginning. From commercial, we cut to another interview, this time with Gargano and Ciampa. They agree to become DIY once more “for old times’ sake;” they will face Moustache Mountain at Worlds Collide. This leads to The Undisputed Era confronting DIY. Suddenly, Lee rushes through, tackling bodies through shrubs and throwing others with sheer strength!

Photo / World Wrestling Entertainment
Match 4: Women’s Battle Royal (Number One Contender’s Match for the NXT Women’s Championship)

This match features the NXT returns of Kacy Catanzaro, Mercedes Martinez, and Shayna Baszler. The match begins with everyone attacking one another in battle royal fashion. Baszler eliminates MJ Jenkins first, manipulating her joints to do so. Bianca Belair eliminates Jessie Kamea. The third to go is Catalina, courtesy of Baszler. From there, Kayden Carter is out fourth due to a forearm by Baszler. From break, Baszler eliminates another competitor: the surprise entrant, Santana Garrett. During the break, Indi Hartwell was taken out of the match.

Vanessa Borne is taken out next, courtesy of Mia Yim. Deonna Purrazzo is eliminated next, but not to take it lightly, she attacks Shotzi Blackheart. Belair, Baszler, and Io Shirai triple team Xia Li. Fighting back, Li executes a series of kicks. Despite this, Li is eliminated by Baszler. Shirai dropkicks Catanzaro off the apron, eliminating her. Belair eliminates LeRae to the boos of the Full Sail crowd. Martinez suplexes Yim over the top rope, eliminating her. This leads to a showdown between Martinez and Baszler, both of whom slug it out to an ovation from the crowd. Martinez attempts to dump out Baszler, only for the former champion to maneuver, causing Martinez to be eliminated!

This leads to Nox, Belair, Shirai and Baszler alone in the ring. Nox takes control with a series of offensive maneuvers, including running corner sentons. She attempts to eliminate Belair, who catches herself. Nox chokeslams Shirai onto Baszler. Belair inadvertently spears Baszler. Nox hits the Shiniest Wizard on Belair! Nox avoids elimination at first, but a sneak attack by Dakota Kai sends her to the floor, eliminating her! Baszler catches Shirai with a sleeper hold on the apron. Suddenly, Blackheart rushes back into the ring, dumping Baszler over the top rope! Distracted, Blackheart is eliminated by Belair!

Belair and Shirai are the final two. Using her power, Belair tosses Shirai around the ring. Shirai avoids a powerbomb to the outside, hitting a 619. Belair catches an airborne Shirai and slams her to the mat. Shirai rolls up Belair, causing her to hit the middle turnbuckle. The action goes to the top rope. Shirai attempts a hurricanrana, but Belair catches her. Shirai lands an enziguri, causing Belair to land on the apron. Belair sends Shirai to the apron as well. After a struggle on the apron, the action returns to the ring. Finally, Belair manages to hoist Shirai in the torture rack position before dumping her over the top rope to win the battle royal!

Winner: Bianca Belair

Belair celebrates in the ring, as the new number one contender, as this week’s episode of NXT comes to a close.