NXT Inquest (Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders)

Welcome to the latest edition of the NXT Inquest. Right from the start of this week’s NXT TV, fans in attendance are faced with an interesting development as the NXT tag team champions’ music is played. The Viking Raiders come to the ring to discuss their move to the Raw roster and ask that NXT GM William Regal come to the ring. Regal comes out and addresses the fact that they still have the NXT Tag team championship. The Vikings respond that there is no one there that can take the titles from them, and thus they are there to relinquish them.

They are about to hand them over to William Regal when the Street Profits’ music hits and they appear on the ramp. The fans vocally show support for Dawkins and Ford. They begin to walk to the ring and say that they have brought the fight with them and that the NXT Universe and the Viking Raiders realize that they can be beaten. Ford blends humor and seriousness in his promo, while Dawkins referring to the Vikings by their names Erik and Ivar, adding ‘If that’s your real names.’ The champions take the titles back from Regal and ask him to make a match for the belts instead. Clearly, the Raiders are ready for war. Regal makes the match for later on in the night.

After the break, they replay what happened during last week’s Cole/Riddle match, with Cole verbally blasting Roderick Strong. Cathy Kelly interviews the Undisputed Era minus Strong. Cole says he doesn’t know where Strong is. In the background, people are running behind them into an area for unexplained reasons. However, Strong joins the interview and says he’s taken care of the Matt Riddle problem and hands over one of Riddle’s flip flops. They walk away, leaving fans with the impression that Strong took out the ‘Original Bro.’

Cezar Bononi vs. Keith Lee

This is the first time Lee has been seen on NXT TV in a while, and the matchup promises to be a pretty good one based on the size and stature of the combatants alone. The theme music seems new, but again, because of Lee’s absence, it may just feel that way. Fans are chanting ‘Oh, bask in his glory!’ to the tune of the bass riff from The White Stripe’s ‘Seven Nation Army.’ The bell rings and the two hear a collection of ‘two sweet, oo oo’ chants for some reason. Lee gets an early advantage until Bononi thwarts that and works on his massive opponent. Lee gets a grip on him, but he breaks free and strikes the big man repeatedly only to be stopped abruptly. Bonini then gets swatted and POUNCED across the ring. Lee hoists Bonini up and hits a spirit bomb to finish him off for a three-count win.

Winner: Keith Lee

As they go into the break they remind us that that there will be an NXT tag team championship match, and that KUSHIDA versus Kona Reeves is up next.

After the break. they show what took place the week before when Shayna Baszler was watching a sparring session between Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, only to have Shirai charge in and attack her. The two had to be separated. Cathy Kelly then stands outside William Regal’s office and announces that Shirai will challenge Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship. The Forgotten Sons interrupt the backstage segment and state they are there to confront Regal, demanding an answer as to why The Street Profits are getting a title match and they are being overlooked.

KUSHIDA vs Kona Reeves

It seems a little strange to see Reeves coming out in a hoodie, with wet hair and sporting sunglasses better suited for surfboarding. This is certainly a departure from his character of someone that appreciates the finest. Once he is in the ring the ominous music of KUSHIDA plays and Doc Brown’s favorite wrestler heads to the ring at 88 mph. Once in the ring, the bell rings and the fans begin to chant his name. KUSHIDA rides Reeves after taking the big man down. For each move Reeves attempts, KUSHIDA is able to counter. He hits a couple of deep armdrags and then an armbar, shifting into a hammerlock. Once again he is putting a clear emphasis on his opponent’s arm.

As KUSHIDA grinds in the hold, Drew Gulak walks out and stands at the top of the ramp. The distraction gives Reeves an opportunity to reverse his fortunes and start to beat down his opponent. He hits a snap suplex and covers, but only for a count of two. KUSHIDA counters and hits a springboard chop followed by kicks then hits a springboard elbow followed by a cartwheel and dropkick. Mauro Ranallo on commentary notes that Tajiri was KUSHIDA’s mentor, which is an interesting item. KUSHIDA then tries to apply the hoverboard lock, but Reeves counters it and attempts a clothesline. KUSHIDA climbs to the top rope and hits a somersault plancha to the floor. He then hits the penalty kick and locks in his submission finisher.


After the match, Gulak walks to the back. Beth Phoenix notes that he looked unimpressed.

Bianca Belair gets Cathy Kelly and a camera crew to follow her to the back. Once she rounds the corner she is stopped by Mia Yim. Yim tells her that she wants a rematch because Belair took a shortcut to win their previous match. Belair brushes it off and tells Cathy to keep following her.

After the commercial, Johnny Gargano is shown tending to a recovering Matt Riddle in the back. Gargano says that Riddle is going to be fine, but he responds that he’s angry and they won’t want to see him when he’s angry. Gargano, meanwhile, acknowledges that he has a target on his back and that it will be him and Adam Cole for the NXT championship at TakeOver XXV on June 1st.

‘The Vision’ Vanessa Borne w/ Alliyah vs. Jessie

The combination of Borne and Aliyah are being called NXT’s resident ‘Mean Girls.’ Nigel McGuinness sounds smitten with Borne. Jessie comes out and skips to the ring with a big smile, about as white meat babyface as we’ve seen. The two women lock up and Borne maintains the advantage. Borne beats down on Jessie and is relentless in beating on her in the corner turnbuckle. She puts Jessie on the canvas with her throat across the bottom rope, and then with the referee distracted Aliyah slaps her across the face. Borne uses her ‘assets’ to humiliate her opponent. Jessie finds an opportunity to retaliate and hits a standing heel kick. But Borne comes back and hits an uppercut/neckbreaker combination for the pinfall win.

Winner: Vanesa Borne

A banner on the screen announces that when they return from a commercial break it will be the Street Profits challenging for the NXT Tag team championships against the Viking Raiders.

NXT Tag Team Championship

The Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders

The challengers make their way to the ring first followed by the champions. There was certainly action from pillar to post happening in this one. Interesting to note that Mauro Ranallo referred to the Viking Raiders as Berserkers, the name that John Nord used in the WWF many years ago. Ivar is picked up and tossed rear first into Dawkins, who then counters a slam by Ivar. Dawkins and Ivar perform dueling cartwheels, and Ford hits a frog splash from what seems like Mars. The height he is able to achieve on his jumps is remarkable. Ivar is able to make the tag to Erik, who goes at Dawkins while Ford is spending time recovering, as the Vikings’ experience enables them to get the hot tag and identify a vulnerable opponent. At this point, the Forgotten Sons comes down to the ring and get involved.

Winners: No Contest

Erik comes to the aid of Ivar, who is being attacked, at ringside. Then Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan make their way to the ring. All three teams are battling, but the Viking Raiders clear the ring. Ivar hits a somersault plancha onto the Forgotten Sons and Burch and Lorcan. In the ring, Ford goes up to the top turnbuckle and with the help of Dawkins hits a tope. Dawkins counts three, but that doesn’t mean a thing as the match has already been thrown out. Ivar and Erik go after Burch and Lorcan and then the Forgotten Sons. Lorcan is tossed out of the ring as Wesley Blake is hit with a slam by Ivar. As the show goes off the air, the question remains, what happens to the NXT Tag team championships now?