NXT Inquest for 9/4/19 (Cole vs Myles)

NXT begins this week with a recap of Jordan Myles winning of the NXT Breakout Tournament and a championship opportunity against Adam Cole. Ths match is slated for later on in the evening.

The sirens and sound of Breezango chimed in ushering the two men to the ring. It is a new entrance for both men as they fully embrace their Fashion Police characters to the ring

Breezango vs. Chase Parker and Matt Martel

Parker and Martel have been a duo for more than a decade according to the Mauro Ranallo. The duo is from Quebec, Canada and will have an opportunity to showcase their skills here. Ranallo reminds us that this is the newly reimagined Brezango. Parker and Fandango do battle in the ring until Breeze is tagged into the ring. Breeze hits a forearm strike off the ropes. Fandango prevents a sunset flip and turns it into a leg drop. Breeze showcases a bit of charisma resting on the top rope. After a bit of an exchange between Parker and Breeze, he drives Breeze’s head into the knee of Martel.

The advantage is momentary as Breeze regains control until Parker is tagged in. Parker attempts to stop Breeze after collapsing on him and then tries to use an armbar, but after he manages to break free he tags in Fandango. Fandango begins to lay in his attack on both Parker and Martel. He hits a falcon arrow on Parker. Fandango hits the Fashion Phopae finishing off their opposition.

Winner: Breezango

Photo / F4Wonline

Cathy Kelly is interviewing Jordan Myles earlier in the day as Keith Lee accompanies him and tells him he should have all the confidence in the world facing Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. We then see an attack in the parking lot by Io Shirai on Candice LaRae as cameras cut away from the announcement of a Velveteen Dream and Kona Reeves matchup.

Backstage Cameron Grimes is shown having a hard time coming to grips with having lost out on his opportunity but is determined to get back to the top. He screams that he didn’t win and that’s all he wanted and he says that he is back at the very bottom and his goal to the very top. An interesting character that repeats himself and talks in the third person.

Velveteen Dream vs. Kona Reeves

Dream begins to make his way to the ring with a robe and proudly comes in with his NXT North American championship around his waist. Ranallo called Kona Reeves, Dream’s spirit animal. It would be interesting to see if ‘the finest’ can step up to the challenge of the Velveteen Dream. Once in the ring, Reeves attempts to size up Dream. Fans begin to chant for Dream as the two men begin to lock up. It seems a bit awkward as both men are quite lanky making their exchanges are a bit harder to grasp.

Reeves attempts to ragdoll Dream and follows that up with a knee to the head of the champion. The two men begin to exchange fists with one another. Dream then hits a double axehandle. Reeves attempted to make a pinning attempt using the ring ropes for leverage. After two superkicks, while Reeves attempted to get into the face of the referee, Dream finishes him off with a Dream Valley Driver and a three-count pin.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

After the match, Roderick Strong was on the screen showing Dream’s couch on fire sending a message to the NXT North American champion. Strong asks him does he have his attention now? The answer appears to be yes.

NXT flashes back to last week when Shayna Baszler in the ring and Rhea Ripley coming out challenge the NXT Women’s Champion. We see how Ripley has ripped apart everyone in the division. Ripley is shown capturing the NXT UK Women’s championship and showcased her dominance throughout the UK brand. Next week Baszler faces Ripley one-on-one.

Bianca Belair vs. Taynara Conti

Conti makes her way out first followed by the former number one contender for the NXT women’s championship. Belair is referred to as one of the best pound-for-pound wrestlers in the Performance Centre. The two women lock up to start off the match involving Belair pushing Conti until Conti attempted a pinning predicament of her own. Belair uses her strength and size on Taynara. Conti tries to use her speed until we see Belair user athleticism. Bianca lands on her feet after a monkey flip, but Conti is using anything necessary to try to get the advantage. Conti hits a judo throw and then follows that up with a bicycle kick.

Taynara is frustrated and begins to show her emotion in this match and then locks in an armbar attempt on Belair. Belair catches Conti in mid-air and hits a fallaway slam on her onto the floor outside the ring. Bianca comes back in and brings the attack to Conti. She lifts up Conti up by Taynara avoids it, Belair then hits the KOD on Contin for a pinfall and the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Next week Johnny Gargano addresses future in NXT.

NXT General manager William Regal announces that in two weeks we will have a triple threat match to decide who will face Shayna Baszler between Bianca Belair, Mia Yim, and Io Shirai.

NXT Championship Match

Jordan Myles vs. Adam Cole

Myles makes his way out to the ring first followed by the NXT Champion, Adam Cole. Cole claims to be the walking Mount Rushmore which says a lot considering he was part of a faction known Mount Rushmore along with Kevin Owens and The Young Bucks. Once the bell rings Myles and Cole begin to lock up until Cole brings Myles into the corner turnbuckle. Cole eventually brings Myles down to the mat in a side headlock. Myles eventually makes his way back to his feet.

The champion doesn’t allow the challenge to one-up him. Cole appears to have the match in control with another side headlock on the mat working on Myles until the challenger attempts to make a comeback. Myles then gains control of the match working on the arm on Cole locking in a variation of an armbar. Cole attempts a comeback until Myles regains control with a dropkick forcing the champion to the outside. Cole, however, is caught and begins to catch Myles beating down on him time and time again. Cole is methodical in his attack beating down on the challenger. The comeback is short-lived as the champion whips Myles right into the ring ropes snapping the challenger back down to the mat. The champion begins to lay in the boots on the challenger. Cole locks in submission hold using his legs around the neck and throat of Myles. Despite being taunted Myles overcomes this and brings the fight back to the champion.

Jordan Myles Adam Cole
Photo / WrestleView

Cole then locks in a figure four leglock on Myles who eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. When Myles came off the top rope, Cole hits him with a bicycle kick off the top rope. Myles then hits a penalty kick on the champion. The challenger then hits a tope suicida like a torpedo onto Cole on the outside. Myles hits a splash from the top rope and then begins to climb once again and hits a superkick and then tries to hit the midnight star on Cole who had his knees up. Cole lowers his knee pad and hits his second attempt with the last shot to cover him and walk away with the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

We then see replays of Myles hitting a massive frog splash and the ultimate win by the champion. In the ring, Myles looks up at the champion who is up and walking away.  Fans chant Jordan as Myles makes his way to the back.