NXT Inquest for 8/28/19 (Street Profits vs. Undisputed Era)

We get an early video preview of the main event for NXT of an NXT Tag Team Championship match between the Street Profits and the Undisputed Era. Anticipation will build as the match is based on the argument that O’Reilly wasn’t the legal man in their TakeOver match that was pinned.

Io Shirai vs. Cami Fields

The show then begins with Io Shirai coming out and her descent into the darkness within a manner almost reminiscent of the black swan. Fields comes in and Shirai is on the attack almost immediately. Phoenix shares that Fields had competed previously on Raw. Shirai hits a palm strike knocking Fields down and into the corner turnbuckle. She then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a moonsault and lifts her up after a count of two. The sick and disturbing look on Shirai’s face then leads her to lock in a submission on Fields causing her to tap out.

Winner via submission: Io Shirai

We are then showed replays of Shirai showing her versatility in the ring. After leaving the ring, she then picks up a kendo stick and climbs back into the ring. Candice LaRae comes in and begins to unload on Shirai with the kendo stick in hand. Shirai scurries from the ring in complete frustration. There is then backstage footage shown of both Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish preparing for their NXT Tag team championship match later on in the evening.

An NXT exclusive interview with Pete Dunne is slated to take place later on in the show. An NXT career retrospective of Johnny Gargano is set to take place after the break. Nigel McGuiness states that it was following a career crossroads for Johnny Wrestling.

After the break, we then see KUSHIDA’s success in NXT, but surprisingly haven’t seen him at all in the past few weeks.

Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Keith Lee comes out as fans show their appreciation as the limitless one comes to the ring as all are asked to bask in his glory. While in the ring, Lee awaits Dijakovic who makes his return to in-ring action after recovering from injury. There was no resolution to their previous confrontation in NXT allowing for now to be this time. Fans chant in unison to ‘feast your eyes’ as Dijakovic instructs the crowd. Ranallo shares how Lee is recovering from a recent loss to Damien Priest. Dijakovic locks in a side headlock on Lee who then takes down Dijakovic with a shoulder tackle. Lee is flattened by a big boot that came seemingly out of nowhere. Dijakovic has Lee in the corner and lays-in a couple of back elbows and then attempts to suplex Lee.

Lee peels Dijakovic’s arm off him and then locks in a couple of forearm strikes. Dijakovic blocks Lee’s attempt to drive his head into the top turnbuckle. Lee then hits a springboard crossbody on Dijakovic, but only manages a count of two. Dijakovic and Lee then exchange blows on the apron with Dijakovic catching his back first onto the frame of the ring apron. Lee picks up a limp Dijakovic and tosses him into the ring. However, Lee is caught off guard with consecutive strikes only to stare down at Dijakovic, but ultimately hits a moonsault plancha over the top rope onto Lee. Lee is whipped into the ring and Dijakovic then climbs the rope only to be caught by Keith Lee.

Keith Lee Dominik Dijakovic Street Profits Undisputed Era
Photo / YouTube

A series of strikes by Dijakovic onto Lee is followed by a throwaway suplex. He then climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault, but only for a count of two. Dijakovic then comes to a separate turnbuckle, but this time Lee catches him and hits him with fist after fist. Lee climbs the top turnbuckle as both men are on the top rope. Lee then hits a Spanish fly on Dijakovic, but only for a count of two. That was an outstanding demonstration of athleticism by both men. Lee then climbs the top rope as fans chant ‘fight forever’ only for Dijakovic stops him while he is on the second rope. Lee fights off Dijakovic who falls to the mat and then Lee is caught and then put in the torture rack and then the feast your eyes finisher. Dijakovic pins Lee for the three count and the win.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

After the match, replays show what took place as a battered Dijakovic has his hand raised in victory as Lee is recovering on the mat.

A video package is shown with Johnny Gargano’s father voiceover as it shows his journey throughout the company. We see DIY’s championship reign and Johnny Gargano’s pursuit for NXT Championship gold. He is NXT’s first-ever triple-crown winner showcasing each of his title reigns. We then get thank you Johnny chants at the end of NXT TakeOver. Even now the commentary team questions what the future holds for Johnny Wrestling in NXT. At that point, Shane Thorne comes out and interrupts and discusses his win streak as Mauro Ranallo shares that they need to go to commercial.

Once back from commercial we get Shayna Baszler coming out from last week and offering Mia Yim a member of the Horsewomen only to face the wrath of the champion. Yim stops William Regal in a moment shared earlier in the day and says she needs Shayna. He says what did you expect, you attacked two of them and walks away. A frustrated Yim looks-on unable to express her desire further. Back in the arena, the familiar music of the Queen of Spades plays as Baszler, Shafir, and Duke all come to the ring.

Baszler Ripley
Photo / YouTube

Once in the ring, Baszler receives a microphone and before she can even utter a word the screeching lyrics THIS IS MY BRUTALITY is played ushering in former NXT UK Women‘s Champion Rhea Ripley. Ripley comes to the ring much to the chagrin of Baszler who screams that this is her time. Ripley goes face-to-face with Baszler and says ‘I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say that you’ve beaten everyone here. However, you haven’t beaten me…bitch‘. Ripley throws down the mic and continues to stare down Baszler who fall back with Duke and Shafir and leave the ring. Fans chant Rhea as Baszler, Shafir, and Duke all make their way back to the backstage area.

Pete Dunne is then interviewed speaking of what he’s achieved by almost 25 years of age. His appearance in the Royal Rumble, his NXT UK title reign, his pursuit of the NXT North American championship match. He says that if anyone wants to step to him he will break their fingers and break their spirit.

Backstage we see Dawkins and Ford preparing for their upcoming NXT tag team title defense after the commercial break.

After the break, we see that Kona Reeves will have a non-title match against The Velveteen Dream but also Jordan Myles will put his NXT Championship match opportunity up against the reigning NXT Champion Adam Cole.

NXT Tag Team Championship

Street Profits vs. Undisputed Era

The Undisputed Era makes their way to the ring first then followed by the NXT tag team champions the Street Profits. The commentary team discusses how this rematch came about as O’Reilly and Fish disputed that a tag was made in their NXT TakeOver match and that O’Reilly shouldn’t have been pinned since he wasn’t the legal man. As soon as the bell rings Fish and Ford jockey for position early in this match. Fish wears down Ford and into a side headlock. Dual chants of Street Profits and Undisputed go out by the fans. Fish tags in O’Reilly who locks in a side headlock on Ford of his own. O’Reilly then returns to another side headlock after taking down Ford.

Dawkins is tagged in much to the surprise of O’Reilly. Dawkins locks in a waist lock, but Bobby Fish is tagged in and then is caught in a rear waist lock. Ford is then tagged in and both men work on UE and settle on an armbar on Bobby Fish. Fish gets back to his feet and attempts to fight off Ford after bringing him into the corner. Ford kicks both Fish and O’Reilly. Montez Ford follows up with another armbar, but a distraction leads to the referee’s view being obstructed giving O’Reilly and Fish the advantage. O’Reilly locks in a Dragonscrew leg whip on Ford who was caught, in the corner turnbuckle.

Fish is then tagged in and continues to work on Ford working on his right leg. Ford then reverses it and, but only momentarily as O’Reilly regains the advantage and then tags in Fish. Fish continues to work on the leg of Ford who manages to leap over them and tags in Angelo Dawkins and goes after both members of the Undisputed Era. He attempts to finish Fish off after spearing him, but only for a count of two.

After a fireman’s carry, Fish locks in a sleeper hold on Dawkins, but O’Reilly is tagged in and hits a chop block on Dawkins. The hit the Chase the Dragon, but Dawkins kicks out. Ford comes in and helps break up the submission move on Dawkins by pushing Fish onto both Montez Ford and Kyle O’Reilly. All four men make it to their feet for all men to hit each other with an array of strikes. O’Reilly is caught in a leg capture, but Dawkins is caught in a triangle and then tags into Montez Ford. Ford hits a uranagi but can’t finish off both men. The action in the ring is fast and furious. Fish catches Dawkins with a knee strike while O’Reilly lures in Montez Ford who tries and misses hitting a frog splash. Once he is up they hit high low on Ford for a count of three. The Undisputed Era are the new NXT tag team champions over the Street Profits.

Winners: And NEW NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era

Street Profits Undisputed Era
Photo / Wrestleview

We then get replays of the Undisputed Era defeating the Street Profits to capture the NXT Tag team champions for the third time. The reign of the Street Profits is over and the prophecy of the Undisputed Era appears all but complete.