NXT Inquest for 8/21/19 (Riddle vs Dain)

NXT begins with the Undisputed Era making their way to the ring and features a main event of Killian Dain and Matt Riddle. While in the ring all members spoke of their recent NXT TakeOver matches and the result. Fans heard of Cole address the prophesy that the entire faction will be draped in gold. They also spoke of how O’Reilly and Fish lost with the illegal man not being pinned since Kyle was in the midst of tagging in Bobby Fish, despite being pinned. Also, Roderick Strong said that the Velveteen Dream didn’t beat him for the championship so they should still have their opportunity to face one another. As all members of the Undisputed Era head back up the aisleway a new challenger confronts Adam Cole.

Jordan Myles came out with the NXT Breakout championship contract confronting Adam Cole. Myles stood there as Cole began to tell him who he should put his opportunity against anyone other than him. To which Myles stood there and handed Cole his contract and proceeded to drop it at his feet. Myles walked out as Cole and the rest of UE looked over the contract.

We then see Bronson Reed interviewed from earlier in the week until he was confronted by Shane Thorne whom he has a history with as part of TMDK in Australia. The two men will challenge one another later on in the show.

Mansoor vs. Damien Priest

The winner of the 50 man battle royal faces the rather dark Priest. Priest drills Mansoor and continues his onslaught on determined Mansoor. Damien throws Mansoor over the top rope only for him to hold on and is struck straight across the chest. Mansoor attempts to make a comeback and in the process infuriates Priest in the process.

Mansoor hits a slingshot neckbreaker and then attempts a tornado DDT and proceeds to hit a catapult on Mansoor followed by his finisher the wreckening. Priest covers Mansoor for the three count and the win.

Winner: Damien Priest

McGuiness shares that NXT will be moving to USA Network as of September 18th.

Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne w/Aliyah

Yim comes to the ring and we are reminded of her match at TakeOver against Shayna Baszler. The two women were going through a war of words via Twitter earlier in the day. Aliyah interferes from the outside preventing Yim to move forward. Borne continues to attempt to beat down on Yim who recovers and continues to beat on Borne. Mia works Borne back into the corner and hits a cannonball working on her. She finishes her off with the protect ya neck on Vanessa Borne. Yim covers her for the three count and the win.

Winner: Mia Yim

After the match, Shayna Baszler walks out with the mic in hand and addresses Yim. She compliments Yim and says they don’t need to stand across from one another, but stand next to one another. Baszler asks her what she thinks about that offering to have her join her. The result was Yim attacking the Horsewomen with everyone fighting Yim in return including Baszler beating down on the HBIC.

After the break, we are going to have Bronson Reed face-off against Shane Thorne. We then see that next week with Keith Lee and Dominick Dijakovich are set to face each other. Fans are shown how both men faced each other and weren’t able to gain a win over the other the last time they faced one another. The promotional video between them truly hyped up their rematch with one another.

Bronson Reed vs. Shane Thorne

Reed is being referred to as Bronzilla, which is quite clever. Reed waits in the ring as Thorne comes to the ring. We hear of the backstory between the two of how their passes have crossed. Reed and Thorne were part of the faction The Mighty Don’t Kneel in both Australia and Japan. Reed uses his strength and size on Thorne including a Gorilla press, but the smaller Thorne is able to break free from it as well and hit a chop block. Thorne then throws a stiff kick to the back of Reed.

Reed then gets to his feet and hits a chop but is stopped with a cannonball and a pinning attempt. Thorne then attempts a backdrop is caught with a snap power slam. Reed catches Thorne with a Samoan backdrop and then hits a standing senton drop. Reed hits multiple splashes on Thorne. After crawling out of the ring, Reed throws him back in and climbs to the top rope only for Thorne to knock him down. Thorne then hits a shining wizard on Reed for the three count and the win.

Winner: Shane Thorne

Velveteen Dream is then brought out on his couch and speaks of how his shirt is worth $30 and his sunglasses are $10, but his championship win is priceless. He said that the focus is on Roderick Strong and that he has to give the dream an experience he has never seen before. As this comes to an end we are reminded of the main event match taking place after the break between Matt Riddle and Killian Dain. In two weeks, Jordan Myles uses his championship opportunity against Adam Cole while the Street Profits will defend their titles next week against the Undisputed Era.

Killian Dain vs. Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle Killian Dain
Photo / Bleacher Report

The beast of Belfast makes his way to the ring and awaits the original bro who came from behind attacking Dain. Dain had been ambushing Riddle, but this time the original bro was bringing the fight to the beast. Riddle is kicking hard and kicking often taking out Dain. Dain is tossed back into the ring and Dain breaks up Riddle’s attempts to gain the advantage. Riddle is hit with a ripcord headbutt and then a running crossbody by Dain. While in the corner Dain continues to work on and beat down Matt Riddle. He hits a vertical suplex, but only for a count of two.

The beast of Belfast locks in an abdominal-like stretch. Dain stands on the injured ribs of Riddle who is crimsoning in pain. Killian Dain picks up Riddle and hits a gutbuster and then follows that up with armbar/abdominal stretch on Riddle. Dain attempts a suplex, but Riddle reverses it with a suplex of his own with a fisherman-like suplex. Riddle hits a combination of strikes and an exploder suplex and then a broton on Dain. After a pinning attempt, Dain kicks out at two.

Riddle begins to hit a collection of strikes on Dain, but the referee breaks it up. A kick to break off Dain from the ropes turns into a stalled German suplex on the beast of Belfast. Riddle hits a ripcord knee, but takes too much time and is hit with a cannonball by the big man. Riddle then kicks out at two. Riddle catches Dain and locks in a submission-like attempt and follows up with elbows on Dain including a powerbomb and a knee strike. Riddle attempts a twisting broton only for Dain to regain the advantage. Riddle avoided Dain charging into the steel steps. Riddle moves steps out of the way and is dropped face-first onto the steps. Killian Dain hits a senton onto Riddle who was resting, on the steel steps. The referee counts both men. Riddle is hit with two Vader bombs on a bleeding Matt Riddle and results in a pinfall win.

Winner: Killian Dain

After the match, Riddle attacks Killian Dain who was heading back, to the backstage area.