NXT Inquest for 8/14/19 (Myles vs Grimes)

NXT Inquest returns this week featuring this past week’s results for NXT TakeOver Toronto and the main event of Jordan Myles and Cameron Grimes. The show highlighted the matches and the results that took place. We see the NXT Tag Team Championship, Shirai/LaRae, NXT North American Championship match, NXT Women’s Championship, and NXT Championship match. Viewers are shown the hell Gargano and Cole put themselves through as the third and deciding fall showcases both men’s willingness to put everything on the line in order to win.

Breezango vs Forgotten Sons

These two teams kick off the show that took place this past week at the Scotiabank Arena, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Breezango makes their way out to the ring much to the delight of the Toronto NXT faithful. Their appearance was followed by the trio of Ryker, Blake, and Cutler. Ryker follows Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake to the ring. As all three men stand in the ring, we get an up-close look at the dangerous Jaxson Ryker.  Fandango gets the early advantage in the ring and tags in Tyler Breeze.

Jaxson Ryker gets involved when the referee is distracted decking Breeze. Blake now has the advantage over Breeze. Once Cutler is tagged in he continues to work on Breeze. Blake is tagged in but Breeze is tagged in and attempts to tag in Fandango but the official throws out Ryker. Breeze finally tags in Fandango and is a house of fire. He is chopping Blake and then hits a snap power slam. He hits a tornado DDT on Blake after kicking off Cutler in the process. Wesley Blake hits a clothesline and then Frankensteiner into a diving headbutt by Steve Cutler. Fans are going nuts for this match up. Fandango tosses both members out of the ring and tags in Breeze who tags back in Fandango who hits a springboard elbow drop on a suspended Blake. Fandango covers him for the three count and the win.

Winners: Breezango

After the match, we get a replay of the NXT North American championship. The hits just kept on coming as all three members of the match were insanely a significant part of this match. Each one was on the verge of calling themselves champion. After the match, we get Cathy Kelly spoke to Pete Dunne who said he should be the NXT North American champion and that he will do anything it takes to become the North American champion.

We then see Jordan Myles warming up in preparation for his matchup in the finals of the NXT Breakout tournament. Regal recalls all those involved in the tournament. As each match drew to a close we witness how each man advanced getting to the final two of the tournament Cameron Grimes and Jordan Myles.

After a commercial break, viewers are privy to the NXT Tag Team championship and a spectacular contest amongst them. It was the Street Profits that were able to retain their tag team championship. During an NXT exclusive, we get O’Reilly and Fish absolutely are upset as the illegal man was pinned during the match. As someone who was in attendance, we weren’t aware that this was the angle that was being suggested in the ring.

The descent into darkness by Io Shirai has been ever so quick and intense. Shirai has brought a whole new level of aggression to the ring now with this new character. Io is frighteningly dangerous as we see a much more unhinged Shirai emerge from what was the genius of the sky.

After another break, McGuiness shows fans what took place between Yim and Baszler with the champion retaining. Once the match was over, Kelly asked Baszler if anyone has pushed her as hard as Yim to which she simply responded ‘And still…” and proceeded to walk off.

Fans are privy to Gargano and Cole highlighting their match with one another for the NXT Championship. We see Gargano beatdown Cole’s leg and having it beaten down. Cole attempts everything including getting himself disqualified and hitting each other with everything they possibly can. Through each fall we see things get progressively get more and more violent including both men hitting one another with kendo sticks, tables, steel chairs and ladders. The two men are beating down on each other senseless. Cole ultimately retains but the two men went through a war with one another.

We then see Cameron Grimes warming up backstage as the finals of the NXT Breakout tournament is up next after a commercial break. Once back from the break we see Riddle and Dain battled each other going through a stage as they will finally face one another next week.

NXT Breakout Tournament Finals

Jordan Myles vs. Cameron Grimes

Myles makes his way out to the ring first followed by Grimes. A very different temperament of both men in the ring. Grimes brings an intensity with Myles bringing with him a sheer joy to be in the ring. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring with Grimes getting the advantage. Myles then is able to regain control and works on the left knee of Grimes in the process.

With each move, Myles continues to work on Grimes until the country tough Cameron drops him with a punch on the outside. Both men are now back in the ring and Grimes continues to work on Myles. Grimes locks in an armbar and continues to work on Myles. Myles makes it back to his feet who once again returns to working on Grimes’ leg with another dragon screw leg whip. He hits a penalty kick on Grimes outside the ring. Myles then climbs the top rope and hits a crossbody. Myles then pulls Grimes over to the corner and starts to climb the top rope but jumps off avoiding Grimes. Grimes hits a release suplex on Myles.

After a pinning attempt, he picks up Myles and whips him into the ropes and then Myles attempted a German suplex with a bridge but only for a count of two. Grimes drags Myles throat across the middle rope and then turns a crossbody into a mid-air power slam. Grimes is frustrated and attempts his double thrust stomp on Myles but has it blocked. Myles hits a brainbuster and then climbs the top rope for a 450 splash for a three count and the win.

Winner: Jordan Myles

Gimes Myles
Photo / WWE NXT

An elated and yet stunned Myles stands in front of the entranceway as William Regal hands him his championship contract opportunity. Who will Myles challenge for the opportunity is really anyone’s guess but to threaten for the NXT North American championship seems more fitting.