NXT Inquest for 7/24/19 (Lee vs. Priest)

In the latest edition of the NXT Inquest, the show features the main event of Keith Lee and Damien Priest. With NXT TakeOver: Toronto only a few weeks away matches are beginning to take shape. They flashed back to last week with Adam Cole in the ring with how he will defend his title against anyone including Duane Tucker who said he didn’t come alone. To which Johnny Gargano comes down to the ring to rage war against the NXT Champion. We then see William Regal announced that it will be a ‘2 out of 3 Falls’ match taking place at NXT TakeOver: Toronto between Cole and Gargano with each man picking a stipulation for the first two falls and Regal deciding on the third fall stipulation.

The stipulation announcement will take place later tonight along with the Lee and Priest main event.

NXT Breakout Tournament (Semi-Finals)

Jordan Myles vs. Angel Garza

This is set to be an exciting match between these two seasoned veterans. Garza disses Myles right from the start only to lock up shortly after. Myles and Garza have a brief exchange, but then manage to stand each other up. Jordan wrenches on the wrist and arm until Garza reverses it on Myles. Myles returns the favor and does an arm drag and locks in an armbar. Garza is whipped into the ropes, but a standing backflip and a dropkick by Myles takes Garza down. Angel lares Myles outside the ring and sweeps the leg as he is coming out of the ring. A wounded Myles comes back into the ring while Garza lays in wait. Garza hits a double underhook backbreaker on Myles. Myles back is now a target of Garza in this match up.

As Myles attempts to reach for the ropes, Garza stops him and then hits a superkick and pin for a count of two. Angel is working on the back of Jordan. He drives his head into the bottom turnbuckle. Garza taunts Myles to get back up to his feet. Myles blocks it and drives Garza’s head repeatedly and follows up with repeated kicks on the Lucha Libre star. Myles appears to power up and loads up with a clothesline in the corner on Garza. As Myles climbs the top rope Garza hits a dropkick on the highflier. He hits a moonsault, but lands on his feet. Myles the hits a German suplex with bridge and a pin for a count of three.

Winner: Jordan Myles

Myles moves on to the finals to face the winner of Bronson Reed and Cameron Grimes. That match is likely to happen next week.

Shane Thorn comes to the NXT announce table to interrupt the discussion asking ‘what is the point of having an NXT Breakout Tournament when you already have Shane Thorne?”. He says on their best day they couldn’t beat him on his worst day. Thorne says he doesn’t need a tournament to breakout he is going to break out all on his own.  Shane throws down Mauro’s headset and walks off. Myles is making his way back up the ramp as the Bianca Belair and Xia Lit is slated to take place after the break.

After the commercial break, Johnny Gargano says that it’s personal as Adam Cole involved Gargano’s family. He said in Toronto that he will do whatever it takes because the stipulation he selects is a street fight for his fall when he challenges for the NXT Title.

Xia Li vs. Bianca Belair

Li makes her way to the ring followed by Belair. Once the bell sounds, Belair makes a beeline for Li. She hits her with shoulder tackles in the corner turnbuckle. Belair is relentless in this match trying to ragdoll Li and clutches her in a double chicken wing into a glam slam. She then hits a moonsault onto the beat Li. Li hits a back elbow, but Belair caught her in mid-air and hit a fallaway slam. Bianca stalks Li in the middle of the ring and lifts her up for a suplex and does squats while having her hoisted up. Li then hits a flurry of kicks on Belair. Bianca hoists her up with the KOD and covers her for a pinfall and a three count win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Killian Dain then is shown looking at footage of his attack on Matt Riddle. He said that Riddle isn’t just anybody he’s somebody and that Riddle is now in his world and when he put him through the stage he only had a glimpse of what was coming for him. He ensured that more is coming Riddle’s way.

Security camera shows Jessamyn Duke completing a training session with Mia Yim attacking her and leaving her beaten down. Yim is doing just what Nigel said is she’s going after everyone vigilante-style wiping out all of Shayna Baszler’s support.

Velveteen Dream comes out next much to the delight of those in attendance. Dream then addresses the crowd with a microphone in hand. Fans chant ‘Hollywood’. He said he will never step down as champion. Dream addresses his loss to Roderick Strong, but that’s because he sold his soul to the devil to achieve it. Velveteen Dream says maybe there is someone else out there that is big enough to challenge him to which Roderick Strong comes out and tells him he doesn’t think Dream can beat him. Strong calls Dream scared and that he can take the NXT North American title like that. Roderick says he wants Dream to give him a shot at the title at NXT TakeOver: Toronto. It was at that point when PETE DUNN’s music plays and the bruiserweight comes to the ring. Dunn takes the fingers of Roderick Strong and snaps them causing him to retreat. The Bruiserweight then eyes the NXT North American title as Dream backs away and leaves the ring.

We then get Strong with a camera coming backstage as he questions William Regal why is Pete Dunn in NXT? He said that after a discussion with NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint that Pete Dunn will be in NXT for a while and that Dunn will be part of a triple threat match for the NXT North American title. He then says that he wants Dunn next week in a match up.

Kacy Catanzaro vs. Io Shirai

Catanzaro comes to the ring followed by a much different Io Shirai. Shirai comes out draped in black with a much darker look and feel to her disposition. As soon as the bell rings, Shirai comes right at Catanzaro and follows up with double knees. She hits a double underhook backbreaker until Candice LaRae runs down to the ring and beats on Shirai. LaRae hits a tope suicido and then grabs a chair only for Shirai to retreat heading out to the back.

Winner: Via Disqualification Io Shirai

NXT Champion Adam Cole addresses how the other members of Undisputed Era are in line to all be champions. Cole said that his fall will be a classic one-on-one wrestling match and how he will beat Gargano. Up next is the main event of Keith Lee and Damian Priest, the archer of infamy.

Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest

Lee comes to the ring followed by Priest. Once in the ring fans chant for all to bask in his glory. Keith Lee stood in the ring soaking in the adulation while Damian Priest smirked at the reaction. Once they lock up Priest gains the early advantage until Lee locks in a side headlock on the larger Texan. Priest lays in a few strikes on Lee with kicks to the ribs. The two are at a stalemate with Lee knocking down Priest with a shoulder tackle. After a knuckle lock on Priest by Lee, we get the archer of infamy to regain the advantage. Priest attempts a suplex on Lee until the Limitless one prevents it. Priest goes for a cover, but only for a count of two. He then maintains the advantage with a rear chinlock. Lee whips Priest into the corner turnbuckle, but he then climbs the ropes and hits a cross body off the middle of the top rope.

Priest Lee
Photo / YouTube

Priest lays in a fist but then Lee clutches his wrist and won’t release the grip and hulks up going after Damian Priest. Lee then hits a clothesline off the rope and goes for a pinfall attempt, but only for a count of two. Priest escapes a clutch by Lee and then hits a falcon arrow on Lee. The two men exchange discus forearms and Lee follows up with a pounce on Priest. With Lee in pursuit, he whips Priest into the ring who prevents the big man from getting back into the ring. He then attempts a somersault plancha, but Lee catches him mid-air. Lee is then kicked and hit back first into the steel steps. Priest uses the referee as a shield and then hits a roundhouse kick followed by the wreckening finisher on Lee for a three count and a win.

Winner: Damian Priest

A shocking end to the match as many likely didn’t anticipate a win from Priest on this occasion. What happens now with Keith Lee and where does Damian Priest go from here?