NXT Inquest for 7/17/19 (KUSHIDA vs Crews)

We kick off this week’s edition of NXT with Adam Cole addressing his next NXT Championship match along with KUSHIDA facing Apollo Crews later, but Matt Riddle comes to the ring first.

Matt Riddle vs. Arturo Ruas

Riddle comes to the ring with an ovation and a chorus of bro chants by the fans in attendance. Ruas makes his way to the ring next with the newly named Arturo Ruas based on his MMA skills between the two men. The two men take it to the mat with both men trying to get the better of the other. Both men have a strong ground game with the two attempting to strike each other standing and then trying to synch in armbars themselves. Riddle recovers to attempt to lock in an armbar on Ruas and then a break is made. The two men are standing each other and both attempting a combination of strikes and kicks standing upward. IT really came across like an MMA fight in a wrestling ring. Riddle hits a high knee strike followed by a series of punches and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Riddle’s fan-based are called the stallion batallion, but he is attacked from behind by Killian Dain goes right at Riddle. The beast of Belfast has returned to lay waste to Riddle. Dain whips Riddle into the steel post and then continues ontop of him outside the ring. Dain is continuing to beat down Riddle with punches and kicks relentlessly. Dain is being beaten down and thrown up the entranceway ramp and is drops a senton on Riddle through the stage! Dain came across like an absolute monster here. He came to the ring sporting a TOOL t-shirt, jeans, and boots and simply looks to fight in his return to NXT.

Photo / YouTube

After the break, the Street Profits’ Street Talk are addressing the attempt of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish are calling them a joke and couldn’t beat them at all let alone at the ladder match. He then says that their reign as champions is undisputed.

A recording from a fan’s cell phone of Mia Yim attacking Marina Shafir by her car and leaving her laid out in the process.

NXT Breakout Tournament

Round 1

Dexter Lumis vs. Bronson Reed

Lumis comes to the ring first from an undisclosed location (brilliant!) and gives those watching the creeps with his stare and the way he caresses the ropes. Ranallo spoke about how Lumis gave him the creeps. Bronson Reed is next to the ring from Black Forest, Australia. He says no one spoke about Australian strong style. In the last of the opening matches from the first round, we get a side headlock who knocks Lumis down and then nips up. Lumis hits a back elbow and then hits a somersault plancha and lands on his feet on the floor.

Reed rolls Lumis back in the ring and the two men continue to hit each other with their best shots. Lumis gets the advantage and wrenches on the head and neck of Reed. He continues to slowly torque the neck of Reed. Reed eventually gets back to his feet and hits him with a power slam. Bronson hits a senton and pins Lumis but to no avail. Lumis recovers and hits a side suplex and then a leg drop on Reed. He attempts a pin, but Reed kicks out. Dexter Lumis climbs the top rope and attempts a senton bomb and Reed is all fired up. He climbs to the top rope and hits a splash from the top rope and pin for the three count.

Winner: Bronson Reed

They flash the graphic with the final four of the NXT Breakout Tournament being Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, Jordan Myles, and Angel Garza. We then get Tyler Breeze taking part in a photoshoot, but Cathy Kelly interviews. He said that he notices that everyone seems to have a group and that he needs to adapt to which the Forgotten Sons get in his face. Breeze leaves the conversation stating he’s seen everything there has been in NXT. After the break will be KUSHIDA and Apollo Crews.

After the break, we see how the new Io Shirai came out and says ‘I don’t need any friends and I don’t need any of you’. It was a great turn that will showcase her against Kacy Catanzaro next week. Fear for Kacy.

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KUSHIDA vs. Apollo Crews

KUSHIDA makes his way to the ring first much to the admiration of the fans. We then get NXT alumni Apollo Crews return to NXT to face the time splitter himself. Crews returns to a heroes welcome back in an NXT ring. Fans chant welcome back to the returning Crews while Ranallo calls this a dream match. The two men lock up with KUSHIDA gaining the early advantage and then misses a kick by just ‘that much’. Crews and KUSHIDA hit a number of moves avoiding one another and Crews is finally able to hit a dropkick until KUSHIDA hits a handspring off the ropes on Apollo. Crews counters an attack by KUSHIDA with knees on the ace of the Juniors in KUSHIDA. A delayed suplex on KUSHIDA by Crews then follows that up with a rear chinlock. A corner splash followed by a belly to belly over the head suplex by Crews on KUSHIDA is followed by a count of two.

Crews hits punches on KUSHIDA, but then has an attempted headscissors takedown reversed by a kick to the chest. KUSHIDA is attacking Crews from every which way. He then attempts a pin, but only for a count of two. KUSHIDA continues to lock into kicks on Crews who is caught with a bicycle kick by Apollo. Crews hits a deadlift German suplex twice with completely drops him on his face. Apollo Crews then hits a standing shooting star press. Crews attempts a Gorilla Press, but his arm doesn’t have the strength to elevate him. KUSHIDA then hits a Pele kick, but Crews hits an enziguri on KUSHIDA. Crews then climbs the top rope, but KUSHIDA stops him. Crews knock him down, but KUSHIDA hits a double heel strike. He then locks in a flying armbar and locks in a kimura / sakamora lock on Crews who tapped out.


After the match, we see a show of respect from both men who embrace after the match.

Cathy Kelly speaks to Keith Lee after the break and how he has opportunities will come his way time and time again and yet feels as though he’s been looked over and passed by. He finds it funny that Damian Priest is the one everyone is talking about. Lee said should be the one that changes the narrative having him be the one talked about. As next week that Keith Lee faces Damian Priest.

Adam Cole comes to the ring and comes on the mic speaking about the Bay Bay Championship Tour and what a true champion is. He said his boys are taking care of business and said he’s willing to face anyone anywhere and any time. Cole said he will put it on the line against this man, and it’s a video showing Johnny Gargano speaking in a gym in Cleveland. Cole said he was going to face Twan Tucker to come on down. Cole says that he is giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. Tucker said he didn’t come alone to which Johnny Gargano’s music hits and he comes to the ring and they exchange fists between the two.

Gargano hits Cole with superkick and fist after fist. Cole then attempts to escape through the crowd until he is stopped. Gargano hits chops on Cole leading him back towards the ring. Cole hits a back elbow but is then whipped into the barricade. Gargano beats down Cole time and time again as referees come in and drag Gargano away. This was until he comes back and hits a leap off the ramp leading him back to the ring. He hits a knee strike and then locks in the Gargano escape on Cole. Gargano then leaves holding three fingers up much as fans cheer him on and referees tend to Adam Cole.