NXT Inquest for 7/10/19 (Street Profits vs Lorcan/Burch)

We return to a new edition of NXT with the main event involving the street profits and Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. The show begins with a much darker Io Shirai coming to the ring with a new vibe and music for the Genius of the Sky. Shirai looks unhinged with new music and a new attitude. They replay the attack that she had on Candice LaRae with her beating her down with a chair. Shirai is jeered by the NXT faithful while “Io sucks” rang out as well. Shirai slowly holds the mic to her face and says “I don’t need any friends. I don’t need any of you”. She drops the mic and then leaves the ring walking back up the rampway.

A press conference takes place that Velveteen Dream conducting who his next challenger will be. His answer that he didn’t approve the question and when he was asked about Roderick Strong challenging him for the NXT North American Championship, but says Strong isn’t ready for him.

Damian Priest returns to action after a short break.

Damian Priest vs. Blanco Loco

After the break, the words LIVE FOREVER appear on the jumbotron and the name Damian Priest appears on the screen lit on fire. Priest came to the ring awaiting his newest challenger Blanco Loco. This is Loco’s first time on NXT television. Priest rocks Loco with a kick to start off the match then propels him across the ring with a suplex toss. Priest then hits Loco with a clothesline then follows that with another clothesline. Priest draws a bow and hits a cyclone kick followed by a wrecking ball cutter known as The Wreckening. Priest covers his opponent for a three count and a win. Ranallo was referring to him as the archer of infamy.

Winner: Damian Priest

After another break, another vignette features Killian Dain about the riots and violence that he faced as a child. He was speaking of the difference between his past and others is he hasn’t forgotten as he wears these stories as a badge of honor. Dain watches the film reel role and says that he is coming to do anything and everything he wants. The Beast of Belfast is returning to NXT.

NXT Breakout Tournament Round 1

Jordan Myles vs. BOA

BOA is addressing how he is doing this for the country of China. That he is going to make his country proud. It was at this point when Jordan Myles the former ACH makes his way to ring representing Austin, Texas. He feels that this moment is within his grasp and that everyone is ready for Jordan Myles. He addressed his 13-year road to this point. Myles and BOA take the fight to one another locking up in the middle in the ring and begin to feel their way out. BOA takes Myles down with a side headlock and down on the mat. Myles breaks it with a pair of head scissors and then blocks another side headlock takedown attempt by BOA. Myles uses the ropes to spring off and break the hold. Myles uses his athleticism to avoid BOA’s big boot with a cartwheel and handspring. Myles then locks in a hammerlock on BOA.

BOA then connects on a roundhouse kick on Myles taking him down. BOA then sits Myles on the middle rope and turnbuckle and then hits an ax kick taking him down to the mat. BOA locks in a standing triangle on Myles and then has it broken momentarily. BOA then hits a kick to the chest of Myles then hits a butterfly underhook suplex on him. Fans are behind Myles as BOA locks in a lock on Myles. BOA attempts a cross arm breaker but Myles breaks that. Myles attempts a kick but is hit with strikes by Myles himself. Myles regains control and is hit with a leg sweep and a nip up. Myles climbs the top rope and hits a 450 splash called Midnight Star for the three count and win.

Winner: Jordan Myles

Next week is the final match of the first round of the NXT Breakout Tournament with Dexter Lumis facing Bronson Reed.

Shayna Baszler is being interviewed as part of a scrum and asked about Mia Yim calling her out. Baszler addressed Yim’s comments of how she came up from the streets but thinks nothing of it. That its almost cliché ‘if I didn’t find this sport, I’d be in jail’. It is going to take more than a great story to do it for her. Baszler says that the story is the same for her, top, top, top.

We then see Burch and Lorcan and Burch and Street Profits warming up for their match up later on in the night.

Keith Lee is then shown in the WWE Performance Centre. Lee says that he wasn’t supposed to be the one on top, but the one that always ends up on top. He says that he is going to have to make some changes that he has to be more than Limitless. He will be the main event by becoming ‘infinite’.

Regal had an announcement for next week on NXT that Apollo Crews will come from Smackdown Live to face KUSHIDA to face the undefeated Japanese superstar. Adam Cole returns next week with his first NXT Championship title defense.

Street Profits Lorcan Burch
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NXT Tag Team Championship

Street Profits vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Ford of the Street Profits and Lorcan start off the match. Montez ties up Lorcan and then tags in Dawkins who is rolling Oney, around on the mat. Ranallo spoke of how Burch and Lorcan became a team out of mutual respect for one another. The challenger’s role to the outside and refocus their energy. Burch climbs back into the ring to which Dawkins of the Street Profits extends his hand and Burch drops in a boot and follows that up with a dropkick off the second rope and then a nip up.

A tag into Lorcan by Burch and a double leg sweep takes down Dawkins of the Street Profits. Another quick tag and a double suplex on Dawkins leads to a pinning attempt by Lorcan. Burch locks in a crossface on Dawkins who has the move broken up by Montez Ford. Burch and Ford lock eyes leading to Burch to mounting Dawkins and pounding on him. Burch attempted another dropkick, but Dawkins avoided it.

Both men make the tags to their respective corners and Ford comes in a house of fire. Ford hits a standing moonsault on Lorcan. Both men hit corkscrew splashes on Lorcan by the Street Profits. Ford screams its time and puts Lorcan on the electric chair, but fails to pay attention as Burch is tagged in. Burch makes a pin, but Ford kicks out at two. Dawkins is tagged in and all four men are hitting one another with bodies lying all over the ring. Ford and Lorcan go face-to-face with one another and Ford hits a somersault plancha over the top onto Burch. Burch is hit with a forward spin buster followed by a top rope splash by Montez Ford. Dawkins pins Burch for a count of three giving the Street Profits the win over Lorcan and Burch.

Winners: The Street Profits.

After the match, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish come out to the entranceway giving the champions the condescending slow clap of approval. Could the Undisputed Era be the next challengers for those titles? It appears as though they certainly may be.