NXT Inquest for 6/5/10 (Yim vs. Belair)

In the latest edition of the NXT Inquest, we look at a show that features highlights from NXT TakeOver XXV and the main event featuring the third, rubber match between Mia Yim and Bianca Belair.

Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves

The show kicks off with Keith Lee facing Kona Reeves. Reeves proclaims says that he’s the finest and as Mauro Ranallo says he doesn’t back down. Fans chant ‘Oh, bask in his glory!’ for Lee. This matched was taped on the evening of NXT TakeOver XXV. Both men lock up with Reeves getting the upper hand, but Lee breaks free and reverses it. Beth Phoenix is correct that Reeves is big in his own right, but Lee makes him look small in comparison.

Reeves appears to tweak his knee, but it turns out he is playing possum, and he hits a head butt on the Limitless one, followed by an elbow to the back of the head and neck. He hits a stiff knee strike and then locks in a rear chinlock. Lee is hit with punch after punch, but then clutches the hand of Reeves. Reeves tries to break free but is himself hit by a series of punches followed by a diving crossbody. They get tied up in the ropes and Reeves breaks free, hits a ‘Rock Bottom’ and covers, but only for a count of two. Reeves appears ready to pounce only for Lee to POUNCE. From there he hits a fireman’s carry into a modified Death Valley Drive, which he calls the limit breaker. Lee gets a three count win.

Winner: Keith Lee

They replay Io Shirai and Shayna Baszler going at it with one another and showed how outside interference was attempted in order to turn the match in the champ’s favor. After the match, Shirai completely snapped as hit a moonsault while holding a chair. They then remind the audience that Mia Yim will take on Bianca Belair, and promise exclusive footage of the NXT tag team championship ladder match.

After the commercial break, they show what took place in the fatal-four way ladder match to crown new tag team champions. They showed how Jaxon Ryker would get involved just for everyone to eliminate him. It seemed like the Forgotten Sons would come out on top, but Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford pulled off the win.

Highlights from the NXT North American championship match were then shown, in which Tyler Breeze faced champion The Velveteen Dream. They showed how the Velveteen Dream ultimately came through. After the match, Breeze gave an interview in which he said he said that he is in NXT to stay.

Next up is Yim against Belair.

Before the matchup, we get a vignette of Damien Priest, who is coming, to NXT. Priest was formerly known as Punishment Martinez on the independent circuit and in Ring of Honor.

Mia Yim Bianca Belair
Photo / Fightful

Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair

Yim makes her way out first followed by Belair. The two women have exchanged words with one another online, leading to this tie-breaking match. They lock up and Yim applies an armbar to take her opponent down, followed by a dropkick and a pinning attempt, but only for a count of two. Yim recovers to hit a tilt a whirl headscissors. Belair then goes for a pinning attempt, but only gets two. She locks in an abdominal stretch and then a gutbuster, into a pinning attempt. Next is a bow and arrow on Yim, but she turned it into a pinning attempt on Belair. Belair attacks the lower back and then lands an S.0.S like move leading to another unsuccessful pinning attempt.

Yim locks in a guillotine choke, but Belair gets free and drops her down to the mat. She stretches Yim by wrapping her body around the ring post. Yim counters and both are outside the ring in a weakened state. Both women are getting in the ring before the count of ten. Yim locks in a tarantula and then hits a ‘Code Blue.’ Belair tries to come back, but Yim gets another guillotine and while kicking Belair in the process. She hits ‘Protect Ya Neck’ from the second rope which leads to the winning pinfall.

Winner: Mia Yim

After the match, Yim appears quite emotional over her win.

Exclusive footage of the NXT championship change at NXT TakeOver XXV is promised. But before that, it is pointed out how KUSHIDA continued his streak last week. Drew Gulak is interviewed and challenges KUSHIDA to a submission only match. The match is made official and will take place on NXT television. A match pitting Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch against the Undisputed Era is another one to look forward to next week.

We are then shown Cole’s entrance from TakeOver, where he was accompanied by Josiah Wilson. Clips are shown of the back and forth match, wherein both men hit each other time and time again. The win came when Cole hits the ‘Last Shot’ after a ‘Panama City sunrise.’ After the match was finished and the show went off the air, the Undisputed Era came to the ring to celebrate Cole’s most recent accomplishment.