NXT Inquest for 6/26/19 (Shirai vs. Baszler)

On this week’s edition of NXT fans are reminded of the NXT Women’s championship matchup at NXT TakeOver XXV between Io Shirai and Shayna Baszler and their subsequent rivalry that has followed. Tonight’s main event is a steel cage match between Shirai and Baszler.

The NXT Breakout tournament begins tonight. They begin by sharing how Wilde nearly died back in 2017 and showed off the scars on his stomach. This is followed up with Garza showcasing how his name Angel because his body and face reflect that.

Joaquin Wilde vs. Angel Garza

The matchup showcasing both men is nonstop action. Garza catches Wilde and kicks him repeatedly. After having Wilde in the corner, Garza then pulls his pants off ala Chippendales style to reveal the HG representing his name of ‘Hector’ as well. He then continues to work on Wilde causing him to be tied in a straightjacket. Garza is then caught in a straightjacket of his own with Wilde applying the punishment. We then get a creative combination of kicks on Garza and then an attempted dive through the ropes, but then proceeds to lunge between the turnbuckles.

Garza then attempts to hit a superplex only to hoist Wilde up and hits a Spanishfly from the top rope and a pin attempt only for Wilde to kick out. Wilde then reverses to a pinning attempt. However, Garza catches Wilde and clutches in a double underhook in a butterfly stunner as it was referred to for a three count and the win.

Winner: Angel Garza

We then are reminded of the main event along with an upcoming matchup between the Street Profits and the Forgotten Sons. However, before that, we get a vignette promo by KUSHIDA with him speaking of his aspirations for not just the present, but the future. He asks who will challenge him next. He says that this is his last slept. KUSHIDA speaks of being the best and will face everyone with the intention of proving that he is superior.

We then see an interview backstage that took place last week between Damien Priest and how his name will live forever.

NXT Tag Team Championship

Street Profits vs. Forgotten Sons

The tag team champions make their way to the ring capturing the excitement of the crowd in attendance at Full Sail upon their entry. It was after this when the Forgotten Sons make their way to the ring accompanied by Jaxson Ryker. Before the match, we get a promo from the Street Profits but said they are putting their titles on the line.

Io Shirai Shayna Baszler
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Once the bell rings the team of Cutler and Blake take the fight to Montez Ford. Early in this match Ford was caught in the corner and stuck in the corner. We had moments where early on where both members of the Forgotten Sons are now. Ryker gets involved in the match calling for the bell. All three members of the Forgotten Sons come to the ring.

Winners: Street Profits

After the bell, we get Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch coming to the ring to aid the new champs, but in the process make a statement.

This transitions to the backstage area with both Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai preparing for one another in a steel cage match. We then see footage of Killian Dain watching footage of what appears to be military training. This could be a rebirth/repackaging of Dain back in NXT.

A third backstage segment took place this time with Aliayah and Vanessa Bourne. They were addressing the Mia Yim story gave the previous week and how they mock it and can’t relate. Bourne shares that next week Yim will face Aliyah in a one-on-one matchup.

Nykos Rikos vs. Keith Lee

Rikos is clearly a proud Greek talent as he sports the Greek flag, colors all over his gear. We then get Keith Lee coming to the ring and learn something a little different. The Bask in My Glory mantra that Lee uses was inspired by the late American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Fans in uni since harmonize to bask in his glory. Lee then hits a massive pounce on Rikos after an initial couple of chops. Lee picks up Rikos and hits a fireman’s carry breaker power slam for a pin and three count win.

Winner: Keith Lee

After the break will be the NXT Women’s championship match in a steel cage.

Once back from break, Adam Cole is on a tour of the UK including a match at the Download Festival. It includes Cole visiting the Gargano family bakery.

Next week Roderick Strong will face Tyler Breeze and the NXT Breakout tournament continues as Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott faces Cameron Grimes in a first-round matchup.

Steel Cage NXT Women’s Championship

Io Shirai vs. Shayna Baszler

The ominous steel cage is already in place as the challenger first makes her way to the ring. This is the first time an NXT women’s championship match has been held in a steel cage. Up next is the NXT women’s champion in Shayna Baszler. Baszler arrives alone with neither Duke nor Shafir accompanying her. Once the match begins both women lock up, but both Shirai and Baszler exchange. Baszler gets the early advantage and appears to get the advantage by climbing the steel cage. The Champion beats down the challenger as the fans chant for Baszler.

Io Shirai Shayna Baszler
Photo / YouTube

Now the calls are split between both champ and challenger as Baszler has Shirai trapped between the cage and ropes. Shayna continues to work on the neck and head of Shirai and then driving her into the cage. Shirai locks in a small package, but only for a count of two. The champ has Shirai tied up and caught in a predicament. Shirai then struggles to fight back, but does. Shirai hits repeated dropkicks on Baszler who trapped between the cage and the ring ropes. We get two German suplex by Shirai and climbs the cage, but is stopped by Shayna Baszler.

Baszler locks in her finisher who is caught with a German Suplex, off the second rope. Shirai makes the cover, but only for a count of two. The challenger climbs to the door of the steel cage only to have Duke and Shafir stop her. We then get Shirai kicking the door taking out everyone including the outside official in the process. Baszler locks in another koqitufita clutch, but Shirai escapes it and hits a double stomp. Shafir locks the door so Shirai climbs the cage in an effort to escape, but Shafir stops her. Candice LaRae runs down to the ring and drives Duke into the steel cage from behind and then climbs the cage in an effort to stop Marina Shafir.

Duke then climbs in the cage trying to drag Baszler to the cage door, but LaRae hits a splash off the top of the cage onto Duke. Baszler stands and Shirai hits a moonsault from the top of the cage onto Baszler. Both women appear down and absolutely exhausted. Shirai is inching to the door, but Baszler stops her and Baszler stops her with the door open. Shirai drives the cage door repeatedly against the head of the champion that fell out of the cage first winning and unconscious in the process.

Winner: And still the NXT Women’s champion Shayna Baszler.

It was the reaction of the NXT faithful that is the most telling of this match. As the disappointment of Shirai losing after being at the cage door and in the throngs of fans see the championship win slip through her grasp. As LaRae tried to console Shirai attacks Candice with kicks and punches and then stopped only to return with a steel chair and attack her with it. LaRae is then suplexed on an open steel chair back first wiping her out in the process. A full turn by Shirai and we didn’t see it coming. All she could be said is ‘I don’t need friends’. The jeers for Shirai are quite telling as she went from heartbreak to creating heartache.

Io Shirai Shayna Baszler
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